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How does an intelligent, international model, and female entrepreneur approach dating? Nathalie Dahn shares her top tips.




Nathalie Dahn, based in New York, is a successful, top model, successful at academics, successful at entrepreneurship, polylingual, and continually studying and landing new deals. It’s amazing she finds time to date.

“Modelling has been a blessing. I get to travel and am exposed to inspiring cultures and new interests,” says Nathalie, “Europe is a favourite as I love that each country has such an intense representation of their culture.” Meeting people sometimes includes going on a date.

Not surprisingly Nathalie is very measured in her approach to dating. Here are her personal insights for all you gorgeous, eligible ladies of the world.

Dating Tips

For starters, she shares a quote: “Where you are a year from now is a reflection of the decisions you make today.”

Her first dating tip is to read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Nathalie explains that the book unpacks five ways that people experience love; through service, gift-giving, physical touch, quality time, or words of affirmation. She highly recommends it.

Secondly, be friends first – Nathalie grew up in Europe where the social culture amongst girls and guys is non-gender focused. The boys and girls hang out and have fun without any sexual undertones. This is good training for later years.

Next, she advises to stay true to the facts – don’t have expectations of changing your potential partner. If all the boxes aren’t ticked then move on. Use your energy on something else, don’t wait for a change that the person was not born to deliver.

Here’s an interesting tip – treat it like an interview. You are the boss of your own life. Think of it as: “I have a position in my life that I would like to fill. Do you meet those criteria?” Stick to your original values, tick the boxes, and don’t take a non-fit partner thinking “it might get better.” Don’t spend that emotional investment immediately. Move on sooner rather than later.

Then, wait – Take time. It takes time because “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.” You can see their values by how they judge people or treat you over time.

What If The Boxes Are Being Ticked Or Not?

If the boxes are being ticked then it’s time to consider an exclusive relationship status. If you are playing the field you don’t have the opportunity to see the deeper side of each person.

Even at this stage, advises Nathalie, never over-invest your emotions until you have spent enough time getting to know the person.

If it’s a no-go? “If something doesn’t work out,” says Nathalie, “I am sad for a few days and I lean heavily on my girlfriends who are strong and independent. Together we pick me up and I refocus my energy on a positive project.”

“Be the phoenix that rises from the ashes,” beams Nathalie, “The best part about being down is the amazing feeling that you experience as you rise above it. It is important for inspiration and for your depth of character to have knocks and positives in life.”

How To Meet People

Nathalie says her first port of call has always been via friends. Then she would consider common interest places like Jazz Clubs or Church.

On online dating: “I don’t do it as I am flooded with Insta DMs as I am a public face. For those who don’t have a public face then maybe consider it but be VERY, very careful. I definitely recommend going via friends first then common interest places.”

The First Meeting

“If you’re on a date and things are going badly, offer them friendship if they are interesting. Otherwise, just be honest and say this is not working out for you. Don’t waste your time or theirs”, says Nathalie.

Nathalie is an old fashioned girl at heart and prefers the man to make the first move after she has shown him a glance and a smile. She believes this is a good indicator of his confidence. “I can also tell a lot from how he approaches me and introduces himself,” smiles Nathalie.

Know what you are looking for: Be very clear with YOURSELF about what you want. Nathalie wants funny, kind, spontaneous, intelligent, independent, polite and an animal lover.

Be confident and stick to your values. Bragging and price listing is a massive turn-off so avoid that. How does it add value to your dates enjoyment? It is a big sign of insecurity.

Dating + COVID is tricky. Nathalie says, “This is a great time to have pen-pals. It’s a lost communication form. Also, check old digital messages. Maybe there is someone that you forgot/overlooked and you want to pick something up with them.”

Most importantly take it slow. That would be for your heart, body and mind. Be yourself, be clear and meet your needs. Now, GO GIRLS, find the best that you can find!

You can follow Nathalie Dahn on Instagram.

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Tips for Saving Money on Daily Living Expenses




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Cutting these costs may not be fun and you may have to make some sacrifices along the way. But if you manage to follow these strategies consistently, you could greatly improve your financial position – and set yourself up for a much brighter future.

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