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The Best Of Both Worlds: Legion X Branches Out Into SOLANA




LEGION X is one of the most anticipated NFT projects of the summer. It is a unique 2D collection of 7,070 Panthers on the Ethereum blockchain with outstanding real life utilities. Holders get access to exclusive play and earn gaming that plans to bridge the gap between the world of traditional Web2.0 gaming and the advanced technologies of Web3.0, making it home to Web3.0 veterans. 

As minting day gets closer, LEGION X NFT collection continues to drop surprises that shake the Panther community. After massive giveaways to the community from different major NFT projects such as VeeFriends, Imaginary Ones, and AlienFrens, it was recently announced that LEGION X will be releasing 3,000 NFT Panthers onto the Solana blockchain in collaboration with an incredibly talented young artist, Grace Hasrouny. 

Grace Hasrouny is a talented artist with her own sold out alien themed NFT collections titled ‘Aliens of Today’ and ‘Spaced Women’ which supports women empowerment. 

The LEGION X team reached out to Grace after witnessing her great talent and her quick success in the NFT community. Grace took over the Panthers with her unique galactic style and elevated the art not only into another universe, but to the Solana blockchain as well. 

The unique Solana collection will be accessible to mint for free for the first 3,000 ETH X Panther holders. LEGION X is one of the very few NFT collections to introduce a hybrid drop, making the collection accessible to all. 

LEGION X has always shown its support to global causes such as UNHCR for refugees by animal conservation through Panthera. Therefore, LEGION X will also donate part of the proceeds of the Solana collection to organizations tackling women’s rights and empowerment through KAFA. 

Make sure to stay up to date as whitelist mint day takes place Jul 14, 2022 while the public sale is set to take place on  Jul 17, 2022.

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What Is a Cloud Phone? Features, Benefits, and How to Choose the Best




Many entrepreneurs today look for ways to better communication in their companies. Maybe you are one of them. This article will make you understand what cloud phone is. Many phone systems are available to small and big companies today. A cloud-based system is one of them. This system is reliable, has a low cost, and has many business-friendly features.

What Is a Cloud Phone?

A cloud phone, also known as a cloud-based phone system, is a phone that allows the user to make calls over the internet. Cloud phones are entirely different from traditional phones that use copper wire to make a connection. Instead, all you need is to have a stable network to access the system.

Features Found on a Cloud Phone

Customers highly prefer cloud phone systems because of the features found in the package. Here are some of the significant features of a cloud-based phone system:


The voice mail feature converts voicemails into text. So you don’t need to listen to every voice mail message. Instead, voicemail transcription helps you read through voicemail messages and grab essential particulars.

Call Forwarding

This feature helps the user direct a call to the desired party. In addition, it makes communication more manageable because it gets to the desired destination.

Auto Replies

In a cloud-based phone system, having your device in hand to reply to a message is not a must. Responses can be made to the sender automatically based on the destined set-off, even when you are far from your device. This makes your client get instant replies when they text.

MMS Support

A multimedia messaging service is used to send multimedia content. For example, it can send GIFS, videos, audio files, and messages with more than 160 characters. This enchants customers who get to view the content.

Scalable Virtual Number Options

The scalable number option is another significant feature of a cloud-based phone system. Growing businesses need more team members; thus, more numbers are required for additional members. You can add more numbers to the account with the scalable number option.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Phones?

Below are the benefits of a cloud-based phone.

Low Cost

The cost of using a cloud phone is low compared to the traditional phone system. The pricing depends on the features and the number of connected lines.


Having a reliable line is key to any business. Data stored in the cloud cannot be lost once there is a power failure or other problems associated with the system. In addition, the cloud ensures that the data is backed up and stored in a safe location. Finally, assessing your data keeps you at work, thus minimizing any downtime and increasing productivity.

Scalability and Control

With a traditional phone system, you will find it hard to add a user. But with the cloud phone system, you add a user and are ready to go. Furthermore, the cloud phone system allows you to only pay and use what you need.


When choosing the right service provider to engage with, you should consider reliability, user-friendliness, cost, customer support, and value for money. With all these considerations and sound research, there is no doubt that you will land the best cloud-based phone system that suits your company.

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