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Prominent Entertainment icon Craig Cavanagh, now a Transpiring Global Brand




Craig Cavanagh is getting motivated for a comeback this time with his existing EP ‘Green Eyed Soul’ in the music industry.

Craig was born and raised in Liverpool, UK. A blend of singer and songwriter who has written/co-written all his singles. He’s in perfect harmony with an inspirational inked fit body. His love for music came when he was a child. He used to attend some weekly cabaret stage shows. This all made his interests, his passion, and his pursuit of his future which he did. He accomplished certain things which he always wished to.
Pursuing his love and passion for music, Craig tried and auditioned for different stage performances. In 2012, Cavanagh was shortlisted for the final selection stages of the MTV Brand New Unsigned competition. Post this, his first debut EP got released on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming services in 2013. His work cemented him as a performer at Liverpool gay pride in 2013.
The ‘Green Eyed Soul’ is one of the greatest EP’s, co-written and produced by Mairco Music and Extenso Music unlimited with Bradley Mair. He got this chance when Bradley Mair himself heard him singing ‘Rise Again’ at the MTV competition. Bradley decided to offer him a collaboration and re-record the song with him. Albeit, Cavanagh was doing wonders but this collaboration added more stars to his career.

Extenso/Mairco music worked with Stevie Wonder, Danna Summer, Mary J Blige, Sting, Connie Talbot (Britain’s Got Talent), and Adam Lambert (American Idol). This is no less for the lover of music who always wanted to work and shine like a star.

All along with this, Cavanagh is the brand ambassador for Smith Bros CBD oil UK.

His immense love for music is obvious through his achievements but one more thing that makes him crazy is his love for tattoos. He’s currently the bar manager of an admired nightclub in Liverpool, named Ink Bar. Ink Bar is Liverpool’s first tattoo-inspired nightspot. Decorated with a variety of stunning tattoo visuals from some of Liverpool’s finest artists.
Not just this, he has engraved immensely beautiful tattoos on himself to show his affection towards these artistic features of the world.

With the good comes the bad, as we have all experienced and a few years ago, there came a point in his life where Craig was plagued with weight gain, health issues, pre-cancerous vocal cord cysts, and family turmoil. But again, as things don’t remain the same and worse if we are experiencing it, Craig dedicated the last 4 years of life towards his fitness and accomplished his goal of becoming a fitness enthusiast. This developed and boosted up his confidence in himself again and let him lead a better healthy life.

Along with his current role at Ink Bar, Craig is finally planning his return to the studio this year where he’ll follow up his EP “Green Eyed Soul”. All prepared and motivated, Craig, is set for a comeback.

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Retro-Inspired Rock…Nathalie Miranda With New Single ‘Battle Scars’




Powerful Music By Nathalie Miranda In Her New Single ‘Battle Scars’

The emerging artistic force Nathalie Miranda is notable for her unique, soulful voice and extremely high energy performances. Nathalie is known for her engaging music and social media posts with numerous fans on Patreon, StageIt and Instagram. She has performed several special live streams and exclusive online performances on the platforms. Her singles ‘Poltergeist’, ‘Catch-22’, and ‘Battle Scars’ are all out now and available on all streaming platforms.

‘Battle Scars’ Is Out Now!

This song is about a woman who has been hurt and is back to let the guy know that she won’t let him get away with hurting her. The retro and soulful vibe of ‘Battle Scars’ is what grabs your attention in this powerful song. Taking inspiration from the music and TV shows of the 70s, the song is a tribute to classic rock music and fashion of a time gone by.

Pop-star Nathalie Miranda’s Start In The Music World

Nathalie Miranda is a London-based music star born to Greek-Cypriot parents.

Music is so deeply ingrained in Nathalie. Her grandfather was a violinist and she has cousins in Cyprus who are also professional musicians.

Singing has always been Nathalie’s passion. When she was 15, she decided to get up and sing ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ at a karaoke night. This was the turning point where she got a great response from her parents and the audience who were truly shocked. That’s when she realised she was going to be a singer, and she would do everything to make that happen.

Nathalie also collaborates with other writers and features as a vocalist on several House tracks. She also appeared on a ‘Later… with Jools’ show in 2018 as a backing vocalist for the British band James. With her true ambition to be on centre stage and releasing her own music for the world to enjoy, she slowly pursued it with more expertise, creativity and time. Her first release was in 2017. It was an EP called ‘Bulletproof’ which contained the songs ‘Red Light’, ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘We Got It Right’. The singles ‘Poltergeist’, ‘Catch-22’, and ‘Battle Scars’ are some of Nathalie’s fans favourite songs to date.

Nathalie shares her best tip on how to get closer to your goals – ‘I’d say to surround yourself with positive people, believe in yourself, and never give up on your dreams, whatever they are.’

To check out Nathalie’s discography click on the Website.

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