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3 Tips for Ordering Wholesale Customized Clothing




Whether you are ordering clothing for your business or simply to stock up on your favorite color of t-shirt, ordering wholesale is usually the best way to go. This offers you the best value for money, as the price is lowered the more you buy.

However, if you want to buy customized clothing wholesale, say polo shirts emblazoned with your business name and branding. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Let’s find out more.

Shop with a Reputable Merchant

The power of digital technology means that we now have endless options for online shopping available to us. However, ensuring you are safe and secure when you are shopping online is vital, so you need to learn how to spot the signs of a fraudulent merchant.

Legitimate websites will look clean, neat, and professional. You won’t get any surprise pop-ups, and the website will function smoothly and without glitching or freezing. Poor spelling and grammar can also indicate that a website is fraudulent, as can poor quality or even a complete absence of images.

Legitimate online stores will offer various methods of payment and will have security systems. Scam platforms will offer only a limited amount, usually just bank transfer, with limited information on the security processes in place.

Think About What You Need

Once you have found a reputable merchant and are confident that the platform is legitimate, next you’ll need to start thinking about exactly what wholesale clothing you need.

The last thing you want to do is to order a huge shipment of products you don’t actually need. Similarly, you don’t want to find yourself caught short by forgetting to order a certain item.

Think carefully about your particular needs and requirements and start drawing up a list. Don’t move forward straight away, review your list several times to ensure you’re going to get everything you need when you need it.

Double Check Your Spelling

There’s a lot to think about when ordering wholesale clothing. When you’re ordering customized wholesale clothing, there’s even more to think about.

If, for example, you are a business owner and you’re ordering hats that display your business name and branding, ensuring grammar is correct is absolutely essential.

Poor spelling can have a detrimental effect on business. It can make your brand seem unprofessional and even lazy in the eyes of consumers, not what you want when you’re trying to attract and convert new customers.

Ordering a huge number of customized clothing items only to realize there is a spelling mistake is a nightmare scenario. Double, triple, and even quadruple-check your spelling before you place your order to avoid a disaster situation.  


If you’re looking to order customized wholesale clothing, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always make sure you are shopping with a reputable and legitimate merchant, make sure you know exactly what you need, and always check your spelling before placing an order to avoid any embarrassing mistakes occurring.

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