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Berlin School of Business and Innovation is Officially Opened with Ceremonial Event




BERLIN – Berlin School of Busines and Innovation officially opened in Berlin in November has been functioning on a great note. Earlier in 2018, it was launched with Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degrees in various fields such as business administration, event management, marketing, finance, and fashion retail, etc. The opening took place with the ceremonial event in which many chief guests were present. Not only the achievements of this young institution but also the future developments were also discussed during the opening ceremony. Alexander Zeitelhack, the Associate Dean at BSBI, highlighted the vision of the institution and welcomed new students from various countries across the world. He also pointed out that there will be an expansion of courses in the school with the passage of time.

While addressing the gathering in the ceremonial event, Alexander Zeitelhack pointed out that the mission of BSBI is to invite the students from all over the world into the German culture and economic landscape to provide them education and training. Through this educational platform, BSBI school would provide employment and career growth opportunities for students who come here from across the world. Many renowned educationists were present during the ceremony who shared their views on the school’s efforts for innovation. Among the speakers, Professor Marco De Marco, who serves as a Dean at International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and Andreas Gall, CIO at Red Bull Media House shared the stage. Also, the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the official opening of BSBI was done by Prince Philippe Hohenzollern and Princess Lia of Romania.

The school has also launched BSBI Patron Scholarship to give an opportunity to domestic, European and international students the opportunity to gain the education as well as training in Berlin. BSBI would combine traditional classroom-based teaching with new techniques of learning. Also, apart from this, there will be some outside services as well as resources that will be provided to students to help them find new career opportunities.

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Jobs That May be Under Your Radar




According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the average worker can expect to sit nearly 45% of the work day. On the surface, that doesn’t sound so bad. However, what isn’t considered is the effect that having a college degree has on that percentage. 

Despite lengthy research, there simply isn’t much data on how much people tend to sit at work if they have a college degree versus not having one.  However, looking at specific occupations does show data. 

Jobs including accounting, business, and tech tend to lead to workers sitting anywhere from 70-80% of the time. 

In fact, with an exception to a few areas where a degree is required, most of the post-college workforce appears to be in a position where they spend most of their day at a desk. 

For some, this is not an issue. For many others, it can lead to increased stress, dissatisfaction at work, weight gain, and a repetition of tasks that get old after a few days. So why do people continue to work in these environments? Part of it may be our tendency to follow the crowd, and college programs often funnel their graduates to these kinds of jobs. 

What if someone wants to break away from the norm? There are certainly options, and here are just three of them. 


Coaching a sport can be one of the most satisfying and productive jobs that exist. On top of the satisfaction of helping athletes improve their skills, depending on the coach, it can also serve as a workout and a way to stay active. 

This option can be especially good in unique sports such as rowing, pole vault, or Irish dance. Many potential clients/athletes may not know about these opportunities, but once word gets out, there may be a lot of interest. Moving up in these specific fields is much easier than trying to go the route of a football or basketball coach. If a rowing team is looking for a coach, and you’ve got the experience, you may end up in a small candidate pool for a great job. 

Run an Excursion

Everyone loves excursions while on vacation. It’s a market that’s growing every year, and with the right equipment and skills, it’s very possible to have success here. The best part is that almost no matter where you go, the market will be there. 

In a tourist area like Orlando, Florida, so many people go that despite a lot of excursion options, opportunity is still there. On the flip side, in a small town in Kansas, the market may be small, but there won’t be any competition. 

The key is to be unique. If close to a desert, a dune buggy adventure will catch a lot of people’s attention. If there are already a lot of those excursions available, have a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars. The possibilities are endless. If you decide that you want an excursion that will keep you up on your feet and active, that’s totally up to you. 

Start a Business

Starting a company can be stressful and overwhelming, especially with zero experience. One key is to utilize resources and not pretend that you know how to do everything. Just as you wouldn’t have a plumber frame a house, a dentist perform brain surgery, or an engineer file your taxes, running everything for your business alone will likely not be successful.  

Odds are, you may be able to do the business part, but utilizing resources for other areas can help make a business successful. 

What does this have to do with not sitting all day? Similar to the excursion idea, starting your own business means choosing your hours, and the work style. You may decide that 7-10 AM is a great time to do all the paperwork and desk-related tasks, take a break from 10-11 AM, and then spend 11-4 PM doing active tasks related to the business. You can decide to work late at night and keep the mornings open. 

With few exceptions, a self-business allows you to work when, where, and how you want.  

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