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How Justin Goff Writes Copy For Cold Traffic-Scaling Non-writers Beyond Imagination




Copywriting is the technique of selling a brand or idea to people. The main aim of copywriting is to make those people use the product or service that you offer. Its focus is on website content, sales emails, sales letters, ads, PPC landing pages, among others. Besides, good copywriters are in huge demand because they show their capability to increase the sales of a company with their quality copies. According to statistics, 73% of companies in the world employ copywriters to help them market their products and increase brand awareness. Also, the statistics show that 60.8% of marketers in the world embrace copywriting in their businesses.

Justin Goff is a professional copywriter who helps non-writers make over six figures a year through the copywriting business. Besides, one of his trainees in copywriting known as Tanner Henkel was working at Abercrombie while another one called Alec Rosa was a financial advisor. Therefore, he mentors them, and now they work as freelance copywriters making $100,000 a year. 

Strategies By Justin For Business Owners Who Want To Write A Compelling Copy

Justin, 35 years old, says that his present copywriting business has enabled him to increase his rates from $500 for selling a 30- page sales letter to a 5 figure amount and more, which is determined by the project given. The following are the strategies to follow for entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses through a compelling copy:

Dedicate to continuous practice

Going to school is not just enough to be a professional copywriter, but you need to write every day for you to gain the experience. Besides, Justin also asks his apprentice, Henkel, and Rosa to write three emails daily so that they may improve their skills even more.

Bridge on an emotional level

When writing the copies, you should acknowledge the emotions of your customers, such as fear and also bring up a dream or goal that he or she has. This will enable you to express their feelings and desires.

Market research

Justin suggests that you first need to research what you are going to write about. You can visit different sites and social media platforms to get the relevant information. Also, you can watch videos that talk about what you are planning to write. Besides, by reading the comments on those videos, you can come up with ideas and solutions about the related topic.

Get feedback from your customers

The language you use to write determines the quality of the copies. It would help if you always looked forward to getting feedback from your customers to know whether you are using the right language or not. Therefore, you will understand what your audience wants and adequately express yourself while writing.

Make reading your thing

If you want to grow your business and make customers be at your doorstep always, you must invest in reading. Besides, reading helps you to learn the tactics of writing your copies to make them grab the attention of the one reading them.

How Justin helps non-writers 

Imagine making a 6 figure in a year. Justin is helping ordinary people leave their current Jobs and embrace copywriting that enables them to make six figures a year. Copywriting is a new tool that allows business owners to scale their business. Also, becoming a copywriter requires you to go through training by experts, for you to know. Therefore, Justin is here to help you become a genius of copywriting. Many entrepreneurs have approached him, and to learn more, gain more experience that leads to real-time results. Moreover, he helps entrepreneurs convert offers on cold traffic.

How Copywriting Helps You Reach The Cold Traffic

Copywriting is an effective medium to reach out to your target audience to help them know your brand. It also enables you to get connected to potential customers who can buy your products or services. Besides, it helps in increasing digital sales funnels since you can market and advertise your products quickly, thus giving solutions to your customers. Therefore, copywriting is appropriate in assisting entrepreneurs to associate with the cold traffic and build a lasting relationship.

If you want to scale in copywriting, you can connect with Justin Goff and learn more.

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