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Listen To The Wealth Witch: Money Is Just A Conversation Women Need To Have




Wealth Witch and holistic wealth strategist Leah Steele wants to unleash the magic that exists in women – and help them achieve a potential that has been trapped by dominant discourse that goes back centuries.

Leah manifests this conversation in many ways through her programs that include Ouroboros: Quantum Wealth Repatterning, a course that helps women who are ready to break out live their lives in empowerment and financial sovereignty.

“I’m delighted to take this amazing journey with women from around the world – women who are ready to shed their emotional conditioning and limiting beliefs around money, wealth, and receiving. People willing to deep dive into all the fields and realms of possibility where blocks and conditioning are holding them back.”

Leah says women can create whatever they put their hearts and minds to if they are willing to do whatever it takes. 

“Self-doubt comes up when we start to talk about this kind of stuff,” she says. “The truth is you do not fully have to believe that you are going to reach the destination. But you do have to show up until you do. That is how you become your own return on investment,” she adds. 

“You are the most powerful creator in your reality,  all it takes is you deciding to be. In truly backing yourself in a decision, you can change everything in an instant.”

Changing women’s attitudes to money

Leah is upfront about the fact that her intensive emotional clearing program is not for everyone. She says it requires a deep level of introspection and a willingness to move through fear and discomfort.

“This work demands an all-the-way-in mentality for four months. I can promise it will get hard, it will get uncomfortable, and you will want to quit but on the other side is a level of energetic and financial freedom many have never experienced before.”

Ouroboros involves deep introspective work that will change how women relate to money and increase their ability to manifest wealth. 

“While there is a mindset component to this work, this is not a ‘mindset your way to millions’ program. It is deep emotional clearing designed to deconstruct and neutralize conditioning and programming across multiple lifetimes, timelines, and paradigms,” Leah says.

“The program is physical and spiritual in nature, working concurrently with the physical body (brain, organs, and meridian systems) and the spiritual body (mindset, chakra system, multi-dimensional timelines) so that you can call in all the prosperity and abundance you desire.” 

It uses Leah’s own modality called Emotional Resonance Clearing that is based on and inspired by Five Element Theory and Philosophy – a 4,000-plus-year-old body of wisdom and teaching.

Freedom from mental slavery

Leah Steele is not a woman who minces her words; she doesn’t promise easy solutions, but she does promise results for those who are willing to take a chance on themselves, to see the bigger picture, and to shake off everything that holds them back.

“I was always interested in money and I made lots of it,” she says. “I had high-flying corporate jobs before I went home to Salt Lake City in the USA and opened my own successful addiction treatment centers.” 

It was only when she lost everything – the business collapsed, her marriage crumbled, and her kids rarely saw her – that she woke up. 

“It truly was a spiritual awakening; suddenly I was free and I knew which path I wanted to take. I wanted to work with women, to show them how they too could gain more than financial freedom – they could find their true purpose in life,” Leah says. 

She took a chance and moved her family to Bali. Her business took a giant leap forward and everything began to make sense. Finally, she had found the balance she was seeking. 

The move was more than a geographical shift for The Wealth Witch; it was a life-energy shift that placed her exactly where she needed to be, aligning all her beliefs in the company of other amazing women. 

It has brought her the success she dreamed of – a story that aligns with her higher purpose and ultimately the contentment and freedom to be divinely herself.

A journey towards a better life

Leah’s latest program, Becoming Immortal, was created with friend and fellow healer, Michelle Patrick. The six-month program works on blockages and addictions to reveal healthier and happier women who are free to take the journey toward a better life. 

“I tell people that while I believe self-mastery is for everyone, Becoming Immortal is not. You have to be ready to have your ass kicked; it’s not easy to deconstruct years of programming around health and wellness; it’s not easy to shake off old habits and build new, healthier ones, but it is possible if you are willing,” Leah says.

She is quick to point out that she personally follows this program and is healthier than she’s ever been, and she doesn’t do without. 

Michele and I still drink alcohol. We still eat cheese. We also know exactly what we need to do to get back in balance when we indulge,” she says.

Her latest endeavor brings her into the spotlight with some amazing women who have built successful businesses and practices. The Witches of Wall Street is a talk show and reality television show scheduled to begin filming in the coming months.

“This is such a great thrill for me. We are all women who have created our success stories by following our belief systems. We have discovered our ‘why’ and I believe we can impact so many women with our inspiring stories,” she says. 

From her sun-drenched Bali home overlooking the ocean, life couldn’t be better. Her kids and her husband love it as much as she does. The family is thriving, as is the business and the satisfaction she derives from doing this work radiates from her. 

The Wealth Witch is in good company in a growing community of women who view success differently from that which was prevalent in the past. The benefits are palpable: when women succeed, they create full, happy, and balanced lives. Everyone wins.

Michelle has been a part of the journey ever since Bigtime Daily started. As a strong learner and passionate writer, she contributes her editing skills for the news agency. She also jots down intellectual pieces from categories such as science and health.

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Sustainable Animal Management Practices for Small Farms: Minimizing Environmental Impact and Maximizing Profits




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Small farmers can also benefit from networking with other farmers and industry professionals to share knowledge and resources. This can include attending workshops and conferences, joining farmer networks and associations, and connecting with other farmers online. By working together and sharing ideas, small farmers can learn from each other and develop sustainable animal management practices that are tailored to their specific needs and resources. Moreover, collaborating with other farmers can help small farms gain access to new markets, shared resources such as equipment, and increased bargaining power with suppliers and buyers.


In conclusion, sustainable animal management practices are crucial for small farms to minimize their environmental impact and maximize their profits. By implementing strategies such as rotational grazing, natural remedies, efficient infrastructure, and networking with other farmers, small farms can thrive while also contributing to a more sustainable and resilient food system. And with tools like the cattle gate system, small farmers can manage their livestock with ease and efficiency, allowing them to focus on what really matters: growing healthy, happy animals and producing high-quality, locally grown food.

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