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Measuring Your Vertical Jump at Home has Become Easy Now




Have you ever imagined how much you can jump vertically? You might have known this during your school time jumping measurement but not now. If you want to stay fit after your school days’ practices, jumping is very essential. But be aware that you might not be equipped with proper measuring equipment. BigTimeDaily team had a talk with professional jumpers about their jumping measurements. Most of them suggested a simple method named, best vertical jump program to measure vertical jump at home, which they follow during their practice.

They told us to first of all find a smooth wall that is high enough for your jump. The wall should be straight with no baseboard, to avoid potential injury and to get an accurate measurement. The jumpers suggested us not to buy any special equipment, but you need two items that you mostly use in your house. You just need a measuring tape and a roll of tape. If you don’t have these items at your home, your nearest store would provide you the same.

The jumpers told that the jump measurement is a process which should be followed. First of all, stick a piece of tape on the wall at as much height as you can without being on your tippy-toes. Then take another piece of tape and stick it on your middle fingertip. Further, take a vertical jump with full-body strength and try to stick the finger tape on the wall. Once you have stuck the finger tape on the wall, measure the distance between both the tapes, this is your vertical jump height. Click here to know more about vertical jump program.

According to the professional jumpers, the average vertical jump for men is about 15 -20 inches. For a man, a jump more than 25 inches is considered as a great vertical jump. While for women, the average vertical jump is about 12-15 inches and the jump more than 20 inches is considered a great jump for women.

The idea of Bigtime Daily landed this engineer cum journalist from a multi-national company to the digital avenue. Matthew brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the platform, he also contributes his expertise in business niche.

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Lars Dybkjær is very Annoyed with Rude Travelers




Lars Dybkjær

We do have rude and arrogant people in our societies. They live on their own and care about no one around. You and the others of the society might be habituated with those people. But unknown people of a new place would not accept rudeness and arrogance very easily. It is a matter of your reputation when there is a rude traveler with you on a trip. Lars Dybkjær hates those people who do not have respects for others.

You have to keep all of your egos aside while traveling to somewhere new. Not for Lars, you have to do it for your own. Having a wrong relationship with the locals will not give you well results. Even when you are rude to the hotel staff where you are staying, it will not end well for you. According to Lars, there are a few important aspects of showing good behavior. He mainly chooses them from his personal experiences. We are going to discuss them in the following with proper description. Once you go through this article, the benefits of good behaviors will be clear to you.

Do have control over your drinking habit?

When you travel, the idea is having the most recreation it is possible. Some travelers take this idea in the wrong way and plan about drinking most of the days. It may give you a little bit of relaxation but you can hardly get any benefit from it. Lars Dybkjær mentioned the drunk travelers are both rude to their traveling partners as well as the locals.

If your wife watches you misbehaving with a random traveler or a local, she would easily be embarrassed. The same idea goes for your friends as well. On the other hand, drinking excessively increases the chances of getting robbed. Besides spending money on doing nothing, you are going to get bare recreation from drinking.

Instead of drinking, Lars would suggest looking for new experiences like bungee jumping, sky diving. When you are sailing in the sea, it is good to have experience in sea diving. All of the simple things can bring good memories for your travel book. It will increase your interest in traveling. So, follow Lars Dybkjær and you would never be disappointed with traveling at all.  

Follow the advice of the locals

It is very common to get scammed while traveling to somewhere new. That does not mean every people in this world are bad. There are a lot of good people who are present to help you without any conditions. If you are rude to those people, there will be no one wanting to help you. And when you are in a new place, it is very much important to get help.

That is why Lars suggests travelers to be good to the locals. When you will get a piece of advice, you will have the liberty to evaluate it. If it sounds legit to follow, there may not be any harm. It may save you from getting robbed as well as saving a couple of bucks. Lars Dybkjær would still suggest doing some proper research on the local environment of the place you are visiting.

Behave properly with the people around you

Lars Dybkjær always advises travelers to be good to others. You never know who will turn out good for you. From his experience of traveling the world, he has seen a lot of people. Some were scammers and some were good people. The number of good people is still greater than the scammers in almost every regions.

If you ever get betrayed from believing someone, there is no need to behave poorly with others for that. Coincidentally you may also lose the chance of getting help from the good guys too. Lars Dybkjær spends extend the amount of time researching and also act well to others. It helps him to stay secured in every possible way.

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