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Sanitation Zone Helps Empower Businesses, Facilities and Organizations to Instill Public Confidence as More Venues Begin To Open




Matthew Wiles recently sat down in a telephone interview with Sanitation Zone, to learn more about how they are helping empower businesses to instill public confidence in them. This interview is a BigTimeDaily exclusive.

Please tell us about yourself.

We are a group of entrepreneurs who believe, now more than ever, that it’s our shared responsibility to create a healthier world around us. 

What is SanitationZone?

SanitationZone believes that, in today’s world, what we do is now as important as what we say. Businesses, organizations and nonprofits should lead by example, empowering customers and members to make a difference, where they are.

That’s why we created SanitationZone stations: the world’s only, true all-in-one sanitizing station that allows you to offer sanitizer, wipes, disposable masks and more to customers and members, with a built-in trash box.

Who is the team behind the creation of the Sanitation Station?

Co-Founder Shaun Roberts has built and owned a number of e-commerce brands in the last several years. Shaun is a retired lawyer and politician.

Greg Swafford is a former agency owner who has strong expertise in marketing along with operational execution.

Can you tell us about what prompted the development of the Sanitation Stations?

Before COVID-19, a safe, clean and healthy environment seemed to be a bonus feature offered for many facilities. However, since COVID-19, it’s clear that going forward businesses and organizations will need to make the safety and health of its patrons a part of the brand.

We saw too many places taking a random sanitizer jug and placing it on racks, or pretty much whatever they could get their hands on, to make it work. These places would have beautifully designed physical spaces but then this eyesore of a “band-aid” fix to offer sanitizer.

We believed that a place could offer these newly needed sanitizing options to customers without sacrificing their brand. So we created SanitationZone to help.

The Sanitation Station’s response to the pandemic was quick. During the evolution of the product, did you face any challenges due to time constraints?

We believe that you move fast, and if there is collateral, fix it later. Every business must constantly adapt to ensure it meets the needs of its customers. SanitationZone is no different. 

One of the challenges we face is the constant battle between small retail and large entities (i.e. colleges) wanting SanitationZone but having different needs. A small retailer may only use a limited number of wipes but a college may need wipes by the gallons.

These two situations require totally different structures to SanitationZone. Accommodating both ends of the spectrum can be challenging, but we are committed to making it work for anyone.

What different options are available for your Sanitation Stations? How can customers customize their individual Stations?

On the website, we offer a few color variations and offer a branded logo for free.

With larger volume orders, we can customize more parts of SanitationZone to fit the organization’s needs.

What features of Sanitation Zone make it the top choice in comparison to other competitors in the industry?

We are the only true all-in-one sanitation station on the market. Our stations allow you to offer sanitizer, wipes, disposable masks and other PPE equipment, all with a built-in trash box.

What industries do you think will benefit the most from the Sanitation Zone Sanitation Stations? Who are your customers?

Anyone who has decision-making authority over a physical space and wants to ensure that space has a consistent brand message, including how they present and offer sanitizer and wipes.

Our customers vary from small businesses, facilities operations, colleges, churches, manufacturing plants, schools and more!

Your Sanitation Stations recently launched, can you tell us about the success you are seeing in the early stages, so far?

Our experience and expertise in terms of marketing is digital. We are able to launch and move very quickly in this space due to our exceptional marketing capabilities.

Rather than rely on traditional marketing, like this industry typically does, we are able to use cutting edge methods in unique ways to penetrate the market. Consequently, we’ve sold hundreds of units strictly using this digital marketing approach.

When we add our sales team and other traditional methods, we expect the growth to continue upwards in larger waves.

How is the Sanitation Zone helping empower people as they begin to return to life as “normal?”

We want to empower businesses and organizations to instill confidence in the public to return to a life they once knew. By having the right tools, such as SanitationZone stations, with all its capabilities, people can feel more comfortable and confident visiting places knowing businesses care about their health and are taking steps to protect it.

Are there any future expansion plans for the Sanitation Zone you would like to share with us?

Absolutely! We are looking to expand to some new fun and exciting avenues. More on this later!  As always, we will be able to penetrate them quickly with our digital marketing expertise in this domain.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Life has certainly changed, whether or not we wanted it to happen, or how we feel about it. Life is not about what happens to you, but how you respond. If you are trying to figure out how to best respond to this new normal, as long as you have the goal in mind of making people feel comfortable and confident to restore a life they once knew, you are doing your part to helping continue to build a better place around you.

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Business Strategies of Michael Gastauer




Michael Gastauer, a German billionaire and entrepreneur, has led Black Banx to remarkable heights with his innovative strategies in the digital banking sector. As the founder and CEO, his vision has transformed Black Banx into a significant player in the global financial industry, serving millions and revolutionizing banking practices. 

Gastauer’s approach has been distinctly customer-centric, focusing on solving real-world problems through accessible financial services. This strategy has not only captured a vast market share but also established Black Banx as a model of innovative fintech success.

Innovate Early and Often, Invest Strategically

Gastauer’s journey began with a robust foundation in the fintech sector, where he initially created and later sold a payment services company for US$480 million. 

This significant capital boost allowed him to invest in his next venture: Black Banx. Launched in 2014, Black Banx differentiated itself by offering real-time account opening and cross-border payment solutions to a global audience, addressing major inefficiencies in traditional banking. 

Gastauer’s foresight in identifying and investing in these key areas early on allowed Black Banx to scale quickly and efficiently. His strategy was clear: leverage high initial investment to accelerate growth and secure a substantial market presence before competitors could catch up.

Within a year of its inception, Black Banx expanded rapidly, reaching over 1 million customers. This was just the beginning, as the platform soon integrated cryptocurrency options, enhancing its appeal and utility for a broader client base. By the end of 2018, Black Banx was valued at US$9.8 billion, a testament to its rapid growth and the successful implementation of its business model. 

Gastauer’s bold move to integrate cryptocurrencies early in the game positioned Black Banx as a pioneering force in fintech, well ahead of traditional banks.

Pinpoint Problems and/or Challenges

One of the core components of Gastauer’s strategy was to tackle financial exclusion head-on. Black Banx made significant strides in offering banking solutions to the unbanked and underbanked, particularly in regions with limited access to traditional banking services. 

By leveraging technology and strategic partnerships with mobile network operators, Black Banx has been able to extend its reach and offer innovative banking solutions to millions worldwide. This strategic alignment with mobile operators has been crucial, as it taps into an existing infrastructure to reach remote areas, significantly lowering the cost of expansion.

The platform’s ability to facilitate quick, cost-effective international money transfers has been a game-changer, particularly in markets like the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. This not only supports individuals and businesses in these regions but also contributes to the overall growth and stability of the global economy. 

Gastauer’s focus on simplifying and reducing the cost of these transactions demonstrates a deep understanding of the core needs of his customers, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and trust in the brand.

Take a Tech-Driven Approach

Under Gastauer’s leadership, Black Banx has remained at the forefront of technological integration within the banking sector. The adoption of blockchain, AI, and data analytics has enabled the platform to offer personalized financial services, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. 

This technology-driven approach ensures that Black Banx stays ahead of industry trends and continues to offer relevant and secure banking options. Gastauer’s commitment to integrating advanced technology not only streamlines operations but also provides a scalable model that supports continuous growth and adaptation in a rapidly evolving market.

Leave No Market Unturned

Gastauer’s vision for Black Banx was never limited to a single region. By 2023, the company had expanded its services to include 28 FIAT and two cryptocurrencies, with a robust presence in over 180 countries. This global approach has not only diversified the company’s customer base but also minimized regional economic risks, allowing Black Banx to thrive in a competitive and fast-changing financial landscape. 

The strategic decision to operate across diverse markets also mitigates the risk of localized economic downturns affecting the overall health of the company.

Set Milestones

The year 2023 was a landmark year for Black Banx, as it reached 39 million customers and reported revenues of US$2.3 billion. The company’s ability to maintain a high rate of customer acquisition and satisfaction speaks volumes about its effective strategies and customer-focused approach. 

The first quarter of 2024 continued this trend, with Black Banx announcing a pre-tax profit of US$639 million and revenues of US$2.1 billion, driven by strategic implementations like fixed monthly account maintenance fees. Gastauer’s strategy to introduce fixed fees was a calculated risk that paid off, providing stable revenue streams and further solidifying Black Banx’s financial foundation.

Michael Gastauer’s strategic foresight and relentless innovation have propelled Black Banx to new heights, making it a leader in the digital banking sector. His commitment to financial inclusion, coupled with an aggressive expansion strategy and technological integration, has not only shaped the future of Black Banx but has also set a new standard in the industry. 

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