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What is a Periodontist, and What Can He Do for Me?




A periodontist comes in handy in matters of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease and dental implant placement. Adults can receive all types of periodontal services at Scott Young DDS. The Woodlands periodontist specialist has a board-certified periodontist on-site to conduct surgeries and effectively address gum disease. To get the most of your periodontal treatment and other services, call the office or use the online scheduling tool today.

What Does a Periodontist Do?

A periodontist is a medical practitioner who specializes in oral surgeries and treating oral soft tissue conditions such as periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontists are also experts in the art of placement of dental implants for crowns or dentures. They can also diagnose the cause of oral inflammation. Generally, periodontists address more complex dental issues, such as severe gum disease or if you have a complicated medical health history.

When Should I See a Periodontist?

You may never have to see a periodontist if you maintain regular dentist visits for cleaning, oral exams, and keep to an effective oral hygiene at-home routine. However, suppose you have gum disease or are considering dental implants. In that case, your team of general dentists at Scott Young DDS recommends you schedule an appointment with their in-house periodontist, Dr. Akers.

What Treatments Does a Periodontist Perform?

Since a board-certified periodontist specializes in addressing gum disease, Dr. Akers offers both surgical and nonsurgical treatments to sustain your oral health, including:

  •       Dental implants
  •       Gum graft surgery
  •       Laser treatments to remove tartar beneath your gum line
  •       Regenerative procedures
  •       Dental crown lengthening
  •       Pocket reduction in the gums

Dr. Akers applies the latest technology and methods to ensure your comfort while restoring your gum and oral health.

Gum Disease Treatment

If gum inflammation or gingivitis is identified early, dental cleaning can offer relief. In other cases, your dentist may prescribe an antibiotic to eradicate the infection. However, if unchecked, gingivitis can advance into periodontitis. In this case, inflammation spreads around the tooth and beneath the gums, allowing bones and bacteria into the bone.

Periodontitis can be addressed with nonsurgical procedures known as scaling and root planing, which works by removing plaque and tartar on the tooth’s surface and root. When the inflammation is too severe, periodontal surgery is required to save the tooth and its surrounding structures. Where necessary, Scott Young DDS specialists provide sedation dentistry to offer comfort during these procedures.

If you suffer from a recurring gum problem or are considering dentures or dental implants, book an appointment with Dr. Young’s office. If your medical providers believe that you need a specialist, they refer you to an in-office periodontist that works at your convenience to eliminate separate office visits to other locations.

Other Services

New and existing patients can also contact Scott Young DDS experts for various quality services, including:

  •       Oral surgery
  •       Dental crowns
  •       Sedation dentistry
  •       Sleep apnea
  •       TMJ treatment
  •       Teeth whitening
  •       Cosmetic veneers

Your oral needs demand the services of a competent service provider. To get exceptional dental results, contact cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Young on the phone or use the online booking tool.

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The True Benefits of Decluttering for Your Mental Health and Wellness




There’s no doubt that we are all busy with things to do and tasks to accomplish, not just in our work but also, more importantly, in our personal lives. And in our increasingly busy and demanding lives, clutter can accumulate quickly. This clutter can be overwhelming and contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety, especially over time. It can- and will- affect us greatly if we’re constantly surrounded by it, whether in our workspaces or living spaces. On the other hand, it’s no secret that a tidy working and living space can create a sense of calm – but the benefits of decluttering go far beyond just having a neat workspace and home. So what are the true benefits of decluttering for your mental health and wellness? Let’s find out.

Reduced anxiety and stress

Clutter can be a significant source of our stress and anxiety. Imagine how a cluttered space can make it difficult to find what you need, and being surrounded by chaos and disorder can quickly overwhelm us. But when you declutter your space, you can reduce the visual stimuli around you and create a more calming environment. You’ll be able to find what you need more easily, and you’ll feel more in control of your surroundings. And it’s easier to declutter nowadays with help from a skip hire service (such as, which will remove all the clutter and clear out your surroundings much faster.

Enhanced creativity

You can also enhance your creativity when you are not surrounded by clutter at all hours of the day. A cluttered space can stifle creativity, and when there’s too much clutter around, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas, much less think clearly! But by decluttering your space, you’ll have more room to think and create. You’ll be able to see things more clearly, which can lead to new and more innovative ideas.

Improved focus and productivity

It can be a real challenge to focus on the task at hand when your space is cluttered. The clutter can distract you, and you may find yourself constantly shifting your attention to different items or belongings around the room. But when you declutter, you can create a more focused environment that allows you to concentrate on what you’re doing. 

Improved sleep quality

Did you know that too much clutter can also impact the quality of your sleep? A cluttered bedroom can make it difficult to relax, and it can even contribute to insomnia. But when you have a cleaner and more organized bedroom, it results in a more serene environment conducive to rest and relaxation. You’ll be able to fall asleep more easily (and stay asleep for a longer time), which can lead to greater energy and productivity during the day.

Increased mindfulness

Decluttering your space requires a certain level of mindfulness because it involves being aware of your surroundings, identifying what’s important (and what’s not), and making intentional decisions about what to keep and what to let go of. This level of mindfulness can extend beyond just decluttering your space and can help you cultivate greater mindfulness in other areas of your life! By being more mindful, you’ll be able to make better decisions and live a more intentional, fruitful life.

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