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3 Reasons Content Writing May be More Important Than Ever




When the Covid-19 pandemic first began, businesses across virtually all industries were forced to limit spending however possible. This naturally impacted content writers. Many business owners, from the heads of major corporations to local shop owners, felt they could reduce spending by limiting their content marketing efforts until they were able to financially recover.

This worried many content writers. However, current trends indicate content writing is poised for a major comeback. 

This is relevant news for both writers and business owners. For writers, this trend indicates more work will be available in the coming months. For business owners, the resurgence of content writing illustrates the value of coordinating with strong writers to publish valuable content. This can give a business a significant edge over the competition, when many have scaled back their content publishing.

The following points all support the belief that content writing and publishing will become increasingly important in the near future:

Increased Internet Usage

Content writing has long been valuable in the digital age because people tend to find businesses by conducting relevant online searches. When a business publishes strong content, its pages have a better chance of ranking high in search results, leads will be more likely to perceive a business as authoritative, and the business can cast a wider net in general.

These points may be truer than ever. Research indicates that Internet usage surged during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many Internet services seeing usage rise by 40% to 100%.

This surge likely impacted the degree to which Internet users engage with content. Quite simply, the more time someone spends on the Internet, the more digital content they’re going to consume.

The Startup Boom

Given the degree to which the pandemic has impacted businesses across the globe, understandably, many assume that fewer startups are emerging in recent months when compared to pre-pandemic trends.

Surprisingly, though, we appear to be in a “startup boom.” In fact, according to John Haltiwanger, an economist at the University of Maryland who coordinates with the U.S. Census Bureau to monitor new business creation, applications for new businesses reached a record high in the third quarter of 2020.

Those businesses will rely on content marketers to help them grow their customer bases. Thus, the current startup boom is likely to provide content marketers with abundant work opportunities. 

Limited Experiential Marketing

Content writing is likely to play a critical role in the marketing strategy of any successful business for decades to come. Publishing quality content for Internet users to engage with is an affordable and effective way for a brand to attract and retain customers. With smartphone ownership growing more ubiquitous, leads also have more chances than ever to discover and read content online.

That said, before the pandemic, business owners were also experimenting with other marketing strategies, such as experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing often involves hosting events or setting up branded exhibits that leads can interact with in the real world, rather than the digital world. Predictably, Covid-19 had a significant effect on the experiential marketing trend. While some businesses and marketers are adjusting their strategies by organizing online and virtual reality experiences, experiential marketing has still taken an undeniable hit.

It’s unclear how post-pandemic behaviors will affect experiential marketing in the long term, but it is clear that written content will play a greater role in marketing plans now that in-person experiences are less viable.

Again, both content writers and business owners should prepare for these developments. While the immediate effects of the pandemic may have yielded a reduction in the demand for content writing services, there’s good reason to believe that trend is reversing already.

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Transforming Sales: Tips from Gene Slade’s Student on Lead Ninja System




Corbin Allen’s journey from a troubled past to a successful sales professional shows how resilience and good mentorship can change a life. With the help of Gene Slade, CEO of Lead Ninja System and Lead Ninja AI, Allen improved his sales skills and used new strategies to perform much better.

Lead Ninja System is a training program that helps improve sales skills, especially for people in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trades. It focuses on making sales more efficient and keeping customers happy through Slade’s proven strategies and hands-on training sessions. Lead Ninja AI is part of the Lead Ninja System and can have long, human-like phone conversations. It remembers details from past talks, making each call personal and consistent. This AI is flexible and works well for sales calls and customer support in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trades.

Here, Mr. Allen shares the important lessons he learned from Slade and how he used them to succeed. He gives practical advice for new salespeople. Allen keeps learning from Slade and now also teaches others at Slade’s live events.

Road to Victory

Allen’s journey is truly amazing. He was born into a tough situation and faced many difficulties from a young age.

“I was a product of a broken home,” he shares. “I never really had a mom physically present, and this led to some poor choices. I found myself in prison at 18.”

When Allen was 20 and got out, he decided to change his life. He started working on air conditioners, not knowing at first how much money he could make in sales.

“I was hired as a technician, but I realized the guys selling air conditioners were making significantly more money,” he says. “This moment was the start of my journey in sales.”

Discovering Gene Slade and Lead Ninja System

Allen’s career took a huge turn when he found Slade and the Lead Ninja System.

“Gene is the real deal,” Allen says. “Unlike many sales trainers who haven’t ‘walked the walk,’ Gene’s advice is practical and — most importantly — rooted in real experience.”

Allen first heard about Slade through a podcast and was immediately impressed by his insights.

“I decided to try his techniques, and they worked,” Allen says. “This was a total game-changer for me.”

Top Tips from Corbin Allen

Drawing from his experiences and the invaluable lessons learned from Slade, Allen shared his top sales tips with us to help our readers succeed.

1. Establish a Routine

Allen insists on the importance of a good routine.

“How you do anything is how you do everything,” he says. “Having a routine, setting aside time for yourself, and keeping a positive mindset are super important. Whether it’s going to the gym, meditating, or grounding yourself, find something that centers you and make it part of every single day.”

2. Adopt a Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to life and work is essential.

“You need to look at your life from all angles,” Allen says. “Focus on improving yourself in all areas of your life, not just in sales. When you feel good, you do well. This means you will have better interactions with clients and more successful sales. But you have to give all aspects of your life equal value.”

3. Develop a Solid Process

One of the most impactful lessons Allen learned from Slade is the importance of having a structured sales process.

“Most salespeople don’t have a clear process that they can use with every potential client,” he notes. “Gene taught me that having a standard process allows you to track what works and what doesn’t. It’s important to follow a consistent process in every interaction.”

4. Focus on Helping Others

Allen advises changing the perspective from selling to helping.

“Ask yourself, ‘How can I help this person today?’” he says. “When you really focus on providing help and solving problems for your clients, the sales will naturally follow!”

5. Continuous Learning and Adaptation

As a forever student of Slade’s teachings, Allen shares the importance of always learning and being open to adapt.

“Sales is always changing,” he says. “Stay updated with Gene’s latest techniques, attend his bi-weekly training sessions, through the Mastermind, and always be open to learning new things. Gene’s Lead Ninja Mastermind sessions are so great, and the Mansion Events are even better, because we practice in real life, just like it would be with a potential client.”

Allen’s Credentials and Achievements

Allen’s success under Slade’s mentorship is easy to see from his big achievements.

“From making $50,000 a year as a technician to earning over $200,000 in my first year in sales, the change has been incredible,” he shares. “This year, I’m on track to make over $300,000.”

Allen is also successful in his personal life. He built a stable and loving family, raising four boys with his wife, whom he met just three months after his getting out of prison. They were wed six months later.

“We’ve been together for over five years, and it’s been a steady climb,” he says proudly. “I hope through Lead Ninja, many men can bring together beautiful families like I did. I didn’t think it was possible when I was at my lowest. Now, I think anyone can do it if they work hard and believe in themselves. It helps to have Gene in your corner, too.”

The Power of Mentorship

Allen attributes much of his success to the mentorship he received from Slade.

“Lead NInja is ultra transformative,” he states. “Gene provides practical advice that is easy to implement from the jump. Plus, his process works for everyone, regardless of personality type.”

For those looking to copy Allen’s success, he offers this final piece of advice: “Find a mentor who has walked the path you want to take. Learn from them, implement their strategies, and always strive to better yourself. With the right guidance, anything is possible. I believe in us.”

Corbin Allen’s journey from adversity to success underscores the profound impact of effective mentorship and the power of resilience. By following his advice and adopting a holistic approach to life and work, aspiring salespeople can achieve remarkable success in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trades.

About Gene Slade

Gene Slade, CEO of Lead Ninja System, is a pioneering force in the realm of sales training and business development. With a steadfast commitment to empowering professionals in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trades, Gene offers transformative coaching experiences that revolutionize the way business owners approach sales and growth through personalized guidance, community support, and access to exclusive resources. For more information, please visit

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