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4 Incredible Ways to Consume CBD to Get the Most Out of It




With legalization in several states, cannabis is making history being indulged by every other person and included in households for its numerous physical and mental health benefits. Although the acclaimed benefits were in doubt in the past, today they are being prescribed by physicians and given out by health practitioners. The industry is so settled that you can find any kind of edible product infused with CBD to get some of its goodness.

So we thought that if this plant has such benefits and effects on health, what would be the best ways to devour them? And hence, here we gathered all the best methods on getting the best of CBD so read on below:

Take a Whole Plant

No doubt, CBD is a well-rounded product that is found in various edible products, drinks, and oil and can be consumed in numerous ways to get the best of health effects. However, the outcomes are increased when other components of a cannabis plant are also used with it. Take THC, for example, a constituent that is misunderstood only to create euphoria but provides much of the benefits of a strain. So it’s best to get the whole plant than just the CBD in some circumstances to get the full advantage of cannabis. Search and buy cannabis strains like the hindu kush strain and various other legal ones in your state. You can grow them or get the cultivated product and consume it with food items and drinks or orally.

Vape It

If you didn’t know, vaping is a method of consuming CBD and other beneficial oils through electronic steams. Even though the device gives off a smoke-like vibe, it is quite a robust method of ingesting CBD and getting the aid. So when CBD is induced in the body through a vape pen, it is the fastest way that the components are administered into the body and are able to make changes. So in this way, you get to take in all the properties of CBD and get it most quickly.

Seek Full Spectrum Products

So previously, we told you about consuming the whole of a cannabis plant than just the CBD component to get the entire benefits. Well, you can do it with products too. You might have seen labels like ‘isolate’ and ‘full spectrum’ cannabis products. And while isolated CBD is also good to consume to get some of the therapeutic properties, the full spectrum items can give you a good dosage of all valuable components of cannabis and their healing chattels.

Ingest CBD Oil

The term CBD oil is on everyone’s mouth these days and for all the right reasons. Cannabis oil contains tremendous properties as compared to other products. It is truly a magical product and provides several ways of consuming for anxiety and pain relief. It can be ingested raw or cooked with food. As mentioned above, it can be vaped to get quick effects. It is the best product from all others out there to provide health benefits but can be slow to react.

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Ellen Alexander: 3 Supplements to boost immunity you need to know about




Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc – this is the golden triad we hear about pretty much every day as they are recommended both to boost immunity and reduce the severity of the symptoms in Covid patients. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to get in line with the recommendations. However, there are other supplements that are worth talking about during this troubled time. We just got to discover and read tons of studies about Bromelain, Quercetin, and Resveratrol. And they are all worthwhile if you want to boost immunity and even increase longevity. Let’s have a look at the details:


It’s extracted from pineapple but mostly from the stalk of the plant. The pineapple is a very popular tropical fruit that we can find nowadays pretty much everywhere in the world. The pineapple is rich in antioxidants, as well as fibers and enzymes that help digestion, reduce inflammation, and regulate intestinal transit. Pineapples are even recommended for people who want to lose weight because of their properties.

Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from the pineapple. It can ease digestion and help you get rid of inflammation, and these benefits have been clinically demonstrated. Bromelain can improve the amino acids absorption process, with a systemic impact in all metabolic processes where proteins are involved. Bromelain can help with muscle formation, joints recovery, skin cell renewals, and improve blood circulation. Studies show that taking bromelain supplements leads to an improvement in the skin aspect, mainly by reducing cellulite and swollen hands and feet. 

This enzyme can dissolve the internal scar tissue caused by inflammation in the body. Aside from calming the swollen area, it can also help the body recover after surgical interventions and other sickness. Studies also show that Bromelain can have a positive impact even on patients getting anti-cancer treatment. More than this, some research also demonstrated that Bromelain is antiviral and antibacterial, so it can be efficiently used to treat bronchitis and pneumonia and boost the immune system. And this makes it an ideal supplement for this period marked by the Coronavirus pandemic. 


This is a polyphenolic compound that can be found in nature in different fruit and vegetables. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid, a group of antioxidants that are also pigments. They fight free radicals and help the body on several levels. Among the effects of the quercetin, we’ll mention just a few:

– Anti-allergic effect;

– It can reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood;

– It can support the optimal function of the cardiovascular system;

– Anti-tumor action;

– Beneficial effects at the level of the eyes.

But we’re discussing quercetin now because it has been proven to have positive effects fighting Coronavirus. There are recent studies showing that quercetin can help keep the virus at bay. It has an inhibitory effect on this virus, acting against one of the key proteins that are essential for the virus multiplication. What happens is that quercetin blocks the enzymatic activity of the 3CLpro, hence having an inhibitory effect on the growth of the coronavirus, and can also lead to its destruction. 

Spinach, pears, red apples, kale, blueberries, onions, green chili pepper, and other fruits and veggies are good natural sources of quercetin. However, to make sure you get the daily recommended dose (500 to 1000 mg per day), you might want to get a quercetin supplement. 

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