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Ameeta Lohia explains why people in today’s time fail to understand the soul connection




We are very familiar with the saying that humans come on this earth alone and even leave the earth alone. Is that even true? Absolutely not. Humans are incarnated on the earth with a team of spirit guides who help us in achieving our life goals on the earth. Everything on this earth is connected and we are not alone. Spirit connection or we say soul connection is an altogether different experience. Ameeta Lohia who is blessed with some of the special powers has helped many individuals connect to the spirits in the past. She says that spiritual connection is the purest one which cannot be seen but can be felt from within.

Apart from spiritual healing, Ameeta has an intuition power and is an expert in astrology, cosmic connection and the third eye power. She is innate to such special powers and has illuminated positivity across various places and people. While being asked, why people in today’s time do not believe in spirit connection, she said, “The world has become advanced and people are inclined more towards science. Education has taught it to them that way. The existence of the soul and spirit can only be felt after experiencing it. For instance, if there are bad and unexpected incidents happening, it might be because of some evil spirit surrounded there.”

She further even revealed some of the best experiences of the clients who experienced the soul connection. “One client I remember was a doctor whose wife had expired and he wanted to connect to her. I got them connected and it was a surreal experience the doctor felt that day. Another one was with a mother whose son passed away in an accident at a very early age. I made them connect with each other and she finally got the answer about why her son left her at such a young age”, said Mrs Lohia. The 55-year old energy healer has transformed the lives of many people with her miraculous power.

Lastly, Ameeta Lohia cleared how one can identify the spirt around them. She stated that there are not one but many reasons to identify it. Be it intuition power or feeling a presence nearby.

A sense of belongingness towards good or bad helps in identifying the spirits. Besides this, she even revealed that connecting to a soul is one of the strongest emotions. “It’s beyond science and is all within you. Nobody is ever alone as spirits are surrounded everywhere”, she added.

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4 New Hobbies You Can Start From Home




Are you getting bored lately? Perhaps you have stayed at home too much, or your favorite places of leisure are yet to reopen following the lockdown in your area. No matter what the case is, all you need to get occupied again and have fun is a new hobby.

From getting into the world of online gambling to taking your chance on being the next social media start, here are the top four new hobbies that you can try and start right at your own home.

Online casino gaming

Did you know that online casino gaming is taking the world of gambling by a revolution? Gone are the days when someone would need to dress up, drive miles and miles, and personally be present at a land-based casino to play games.

Now, one can play all the classic casino games and more anytime and anywhere–as long as you have your computer or mobile device with you and you are connected to the internet. What’s even better than that is that online casinos let you wager and win real money!

But you might ask—how can I find the best online casino? There are a lot of steps you can take, but one is to read reviews on the best review sites such as There, you can learn on the advantages and disadvantages of each online casino which can help you decide which one is the best for you.


When you think of vlogging, only one platform comes to the mind of most people–YouTube. There are two kinds of people who are new to YouTube. The first are those who have the misconception of YouTube being a platform for easy money, and the second is the people who are just making videos for the sake of sharing what they want.

If you are the first type, then vlogging as a hobby might not be for you. YouTube has become a very saturated platform that getting an audience for new content is getting harder and harder these days. However, if you are only making content for the sake of a hobby, this thing should not bother you at all.


If you are not that confident in front of a camera, why not let your voice carry you instead? You can talk about anything and everything in your podcast. However, it would help if you will decide on a niche that your podcast would be about. You can talk about life, about movies, about music, or even about politics.

Like vlogging, podcasting helps you express yourself by sharing your views, opinions, and knowledge to the world using the internet.


Have you ever heard of the phrase “anyone can write, but not everyone can write?” In case you are not familiar with it, it meant to say that while everyone who had gone through the most basic of education can hold a writing instrument and form words and letters, not everyone can make use of words and letters in an artistic way–thus the art of writing.

However, it is essential to know that writing is a skill, and like all skills, it can be developed by anyone, as long as the person has the willingness and the enthusiasm to do it. So, even you can be w writer, too.

Are you worried that you may not have the best ideas? Write anyway. You think no one would read or want to read your work? Still, write anyway. After all, getting paid or getting recognized is not the main goal of writing. You can express yourself through written words. If you eventually get paid, make a living out of it, or get recognized by others, then consider that as the cherry on the top.

Final thoughts

It’s true what they say–change is never a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with getting a new hobby. There is everything right about it! Whatever your cup of tea may be, make sure to always remember the most important thing in having a hobby–to have fun!

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