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Amidst the Fear of Coronavirus, Merchants are Playing Dirty; Products Over Priced, Dubious Medical Claims




As coronavirus has hit the world, the demand for the prevention products have risen. Many stores are running sold out boards outside their gates. Now shoppers are looking towards online retailers to order face masks, hand sanitizer, hazmat suits and other items to protect against the coronavirus.

Various e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay are now offering these products that are otherwise sold out at traditional retailer. The surge in demand has created an opening for third-party sellers. As per the reports from, some are giving offers on the products but some are using it to grow their businesses. Many companies are now benefitting as the fear of this virus is rising.

Merchants have flooded the online marketplaces with overpriced goods and items. Not only this but these same merchants are making dubious medical marketing claims. CNBC has reported that they have found needful products during this time of crisis like face masks being sold with markups as high as 582%.

Some online retailers are making misleading claims about the coronavirus or overcharging for products that have spiked in demand. Last week, Amazon stated that it removed more than 1 million products for violating its policies related to price gouging and coronavirus claims. Still many listings are showing up across various online shopping sites.

As coronavirus and its fear and panic surrounding it continues to spread like wild fire there are many stores stocking up the products both in the stores and online. As of Friday (at the time of writing this article), there are 100,243 confirmed cases of the virus around the world. Out of which at least 3,408 are reported dead. In the U.S. there are 233 total confirmed or presumptive positive cases and 14 people have succumbed to coronavirus.

Jenny is one of the oldest contributors of Bigtime Daily with a unique perspective of the world events. She aims to empower the readers with delivery of apt factual analysis of various news pieces from around the World.

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New Zealand – a World Leader in Vaping Legislation




New Zealand’s Ministry of Health and other organisations are striving to reduce the number of New Zealanders who take up smoking, and they are actively encouraging existing smokers to quit. One way many people are succeeding in their quest to quit is via a transition to vaping.

For smokers who are committed to quitting, visiting a reputable NZ vape shop to source nicotine-based smoking products is the first step in their journey to better health and a smoke-free future.

Smoking in NZ

Rates of smoking in NZ dropped from 25% to 12% between 1997 and 2018. While there are still almost half a million adult smokers in NZ, double that number have quit. Yet 15% of young adults aged 18-24 still smoke, as do 31% of Maori adults (this is particularly concerning as Maori traditionally did not smoke, and they suffer the health consequences of smoking more than other population groups) and 21% of Pacific Islanders. Men are more inclined to smoke than women, and people aged between 35-44 are most likely to be smokers.


A vape is an alternative to cigarette smoking. It is an electronic device which heats a liquid to a vapour or aerosol. The user inhales this vapour. It requires no burning of tobacco – which is the most physically harmful (and socially unacceptable) aspect of cigarette smoking.

Vaping delivers nicotine in a less harmful way than cigarettes. It is not completely harmless – but it is a significantly safer alternative than smoking. Vapers also have the option of selecting the strength of nicotine in their vape – enabling gradual weaning from nicotine itself and also from the physical and psychological habit of smoking itself.

While it is not intended for use by non-smokers, vaping has the potential to effectively help smokers quit their habit.

Vaping Legislation in NZ

New Zealand now leads the world in vaping legislation. On August 6, 2020, landmark legislation passed in The Smoke-free Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Bill.

This Bill addresses concern within the community about the use and accessibility of vaping products, which are strictly regulated or even banned in many other countries worldwide. This new legislation strikes a sensible and effective balance between providing access to vaping as a regulated alternative to smoking cigarettes for existing smokers, while actively discouraging its use by children and teenagers.

It is an offence to sell nicotine or vaping products to any person under the age of eighteen years.

The New Zealand government has placed itself as a world leader in recognising the need for adult smokers to have access to not only information and advice, but also to viable alternatives to cigarette smoking.

Vapespot is the leading online Pod Based vape shop in NZ. Founder “Sunny” states, “Vapespot is the easiest way to “switch it up”. We provide a curated selection of nicotine-based products to support a person’s lifestyle and commitment to stop smoking cigarettes. We make it easy to reduce the reliance on cigarettes and ultimately quit smoking altogether”.

Smoking compromises health, shortens lifespans, and costs individuals, families, and communities money. Smoking also harms the environment – 4.5  trillion cigarette butts are discarded onto the ground and into our waterways globally every year.

Quitting is hard. For many people seeking to quit smoking, transitioning to vaping is an important and effective first step. New Zealanders now have this option at their fingertips.

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