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An Office Cleaner in Singapore is Showing His Passion For Photography




79 years old, Mr. Lui Hock Seng who works as an office cleaner in Singapore, is showing his passion for photography along with his full-time job. In the day, he is a photographer and in the night he is an office cleaner. Every morning, he carries his Nikon camera in his knapsack and walks through different areas such as Redhill and Toa Payoh neighborhoods, in a hope to get some good shots.

Mr. Lui has been working as a cleaner for 14 years and he worked for several commercial daily office cleaning service providers. And currently, he is working in Singapore Press Holding and lives in a four-room HDB flat in Bishan with his son. Mr. Lui became interested in photography as a teenager in the late 1950s when he saw people taking photos. He aspired to learn photography skills.

One of his friends introduced him to the South-east Asia photographic Society, where he became a member of the society for a few years and polished his art of photography. Mr. Lui is the son of a tailor and housewife. He spent decades working as a mechanic after taking out of school.

Mr. Lui met with an accident in his early 40s, which resulted in partial loss of his vision. But the accident did not discourage him from his hobby. Earlier he did not have a darkroom to make prints of the images. He often covered his bathroom windows with a black cloth to make prints. Hence he started working as an office cleaner to arrange some money for his passion and living expenses.

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