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An Pei’s astute skills, knowledge and result-driven digital marketing course, have turned the lives of many people into successful journeys.




As a young digital marketing professional from the US, he exudes every bit of becoming the next big professional in the digital space.

Often we come to know about people who radiate very different energy and vibe and showcase how being different has helped them in their respective journeys towards attaining the success they desire. These people instill so much more hope in others and also inspire them in ways more than one to take on their dreams and work towards the same relentlessly to make it happen in whichever field they wish to be. However, all our lives, we have been taught that only earning a good degree will help us to create massive wealth and success in life. This stands absolutely false in case of many individuals who have made their success stories from the ground up, without depending on any school or college degree. The best example today is of An Pei, who as a dropout went ahead in becoming a leading digital marketing professional and an online mentor through his online course in digital marketing. 

This course by the name The Digital Agent System Course, also known as is all about helping people attain the level of success they desire by teaching digital marketing and the various aspects related to the same like the basics, advanced Facebook ads, advanced SEO and email marketing, WordPress, how to negotiate to earn 6 figures salary and how to get paid thousands of dollars per month, amongst various other topics.

An Pei specifically mentions and has maintained this statement ever since he dropped out of college and got into the corporate world of the digital sector and started his career that a college degree alone cannot help a person become the success story he/she desires. To reach a certain prominent position in life, one needs to give day and night and learn relevant skills of the industry.

An Pei landed up with his first job within six months of dropping out of college. He also went ahead in earning a 6 figures salary because his first employer discovered the innate skills and talents of this youngster and also his abilities to grasp things easily and quickly. Even after having no degree, An Pei mentions that the company still hired him as they saw he was the only one proactive enough to self teach. However, the young professional advises others, wishing to be part of the digital marketing industry and attain success like him that they must learn from a mentor like him, who has done it already. Individuals must also learn from the mistakes and before wasting any more time, work upon their skills to become a better professional. He did the same and today helps people find a well-paying career without being in debt.

He repeatedly says that instead of wasting years in getting a degree and then trying to get a well-paying job, individuals must get into robust courses like his online digital marketing course and sharpen their skills in the industry to get that well-paying job much earlier. An Pei recalls that if it weren’t for his persistence and his constant hunger to become successful in life in the area of his interest and the risks he took earlier on in life, he wouldn’t have reached the influential position he enjoys today.

To gain more inspiration from this youngster, follow him on Instagram @a.n.pei.


Rosario is from New York and has worked with leading companies like Microsoft as a copy-writer in the past. Now he spends his time writing for readers of

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SamBoat Makes Waves in the US




The sharing economy’s massive popularity has led to the creation of blockbuster companies like Airbnb, VRBO, eBay, Uber, and Lyft, to name just a few. According to a report by Proficient Market Insights, the size of the sharing economy was $113 billion in 2021 and is predicted to reach $600 billion by 2027.

One of the newest companies to enter this space, SamBoat, now enables the owners of sailboats and motorboats to offer their vessels for rent. Because yachts are expensive to buyand maintain — in many cases, more expensive than purchasing and maintaining a home — yacht owners can offset some of their costs by listing their craft on the platform.

Those who may not be able to afford their own boat can still experience life on the water, however. No knowledge of boating is required, as many charters include the possibility of hiring a skipper.

The inspiration for SamBoat

When young French entrepreneurs Laurent Calando and Nicolas Cargou met, a friendship, as well as a new venture, was born. Cargou was an avid Airbnb user, and Calando had grown up sailing with his family. Throughout the course of their conversation, they realized that the sharing economy covered a lot of bases, but it didn’t include boating, which they were both passionate about.

The pair sensed an opportunity, which quickly led to action. In April 2014, they officially launched SamBoat in the Bordeaux region of France.

“SamBoat’s marketplace exploded in Europe over the next few years,” explains Robert Harrington, SamBoat’s US Country Manager. The company offers yachts throughout the Mediterranean, Aegean, and other popular travel destinations.

As evidence of the popularity of the boat-sharing model, SamBoat grew by over 70 percent in 2022. Since its founding, the company has enabled more than a million people to take to the seas. Now, the platform is rapidly expanding its listings throughout the US.

Where SamBoat operates in the US

SamBoat has already — albeit indirectly — served its American customers for quite some time, as American vacationers have often rented boats in Greece, France, Italy, or Spain through its platform. But now, the company is beginning to serve Americans on the other side of the Atlantic, right here at home.

SamBoat rentals are currently available in many American ports. The marketplace currently offers hundreds of boats just in the state of Florida, where the fleet extends up the Keys to West Palm Beach, and throughout the west coast, including Tampa, Clearwater, Naples, and Ft. Myers. SamBoat also has many boats in Chicago and Seattle, as well as throughout New England.

In the near future, the company will expand its offerings in San Diego and Los Angeles. SamBoat also plans to open in Lake Tahoe, Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Havasu, and Lake Champlain by mid-summer 2023. It also aims to have fleets available in Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket by the same time.

“Our goal is to offer thousands of boats to rent throughout the United States by the end of the year,” Harrington says.

How SamBoat expands

SamBoat operates anywhere boat owners choose to list their craft for rent. “Just because the marketplace might not already have a whole regatta in a given port doesn’t mean it can’t or doesn’t operate there,” Harrington says. “Listings grow organically, cropping up wherever opportunity calls boat owners to take advantage of existing demand.”

For instance, while SamBoat only officially launched in the United States this past year, the platform was open to US-based boat owners and renters last year. From January 2022 compared to January 2023, the platform experienced a 500% increase in US-based business.

This means that, if you own a boat, you can bring SamBoat to your home port. All you have to do is go to SamBoat’s website, follow a few simple steps, upload photos of your boat along with its relevant details, and respond to rental inquiries.

“Now is the right time for boat owners to get in early and beat the rush,” Harrington says.

The secret to SamBoat’s success

American consumers have responded enthusiastically to SamBoat’s arrival for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the platform offers the very same boats as other companies, yet their prices are on average 10 percent cheaper.

The reason for this is simple: unlike most other yacht and boat rental services, SamBoat doesn’t charge its customers inflated “junk” fees.

In addition, SamBoat makes renting a yacht simple and easy. Generally speaking, other boat-sharing websites outsource customer service to the owners of the listed yachts. They will only answer the phone or attend to you if you are booking something of a high dollar amount, while the average boat rental costs under $1,000. This can lead to a very frustrating process for someone who has questions but can’t seem to get a response from a boat’s owner.

At SamBoat, however, a real human being answers every inquiry. “Sometimes, that person is me,” Harrington says. This makes it much easier for people to rent the perfect boat that will meet their individual needs.

SamBoat fulfills a long-awaited need for sailing and boating enthusiasts worldwide. With the arrival of SamBoat in the US, it’s an even more exciting time for Americans to participate in the sharing economy.

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