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Anon Coin Is The First Of Its Kind




Anon coin is a one of its kind coin that has recently launched in the market. With its groundbreaking policies, it has been the talk of the town since its launch. Anon coin is said to revolutionize trading and break havoc in the world of thugs. Since its launch on 6th May 2021, it has already consolidated capital amounting to three to four million dollars.

What Led To The Creation Of The Coin?

Anonymous BSC founded the Anon coin. It is a group of investors who are working to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency. These investors have been trading in the Binance Smart Chain network. They are aware of how things work in the market. Over the period, they have observed multiple scams in the market. Scams like rinse and repeat, removing liquidity, pump and dump, etc. Such scams have bittered their experience and have also pushed away retail investors.

So they came together to create a coin called Anon coin, which restricts these scammers and prohibits illicit activities.

How Does It Help The World?

Anon coin has a unique mechanism of anti whale and anti-abuse. It makes a safe space for traders in the OTC market. To understand how it helps the traders, we first need to understand the techniques scammers use.

The anti whale is a mechanism to prohibit whales. Whales are traders who hold a large stock of coins in the market. Their actions have a direct effect on the price of the coins. They tend to engage in the practice of rinse and repeat. Through this tactic, they sell a huge chunk of their holdings thereby, creating panic among retail investors. This panic leads them to mimic whales, and they end up selling their holdings. These actions drastically reduce the price of coins. When the price is at the lowest, Whales repurchase the coins. The retail investors end up losing in such a scenario.

Anonymous BSC has provided traders a platform to file a complaint against scammers and malpractices happening in the market. The forum looks into the complaints. They make the records of the scammers public if the complaints turn out to be true.

They are making a difference by doing things that assist investors and community members. They identified a gap in the marketplace and have filled it with Anonymous BSC. Because of it, the investors can enjoy the high of trading with reduced risk.

Aspiration For The Future

Anonymous BSC wants to create a brand and a market standard for all the coins through its business practice. They want to create a space that educates investors through its website and social media platforms.

It aims to become the largest database of educational materials which provides knowledge to both beginner and expert level investors. It also is striving to create a platform that catalogs and exposes scammers. They have trained their team to scan contracts to capture abnormalities and have already exposed 2-3 scammers within a week of Anon coin’s launch.

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