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Anti-viral Bedsheets: 2021’s Biggest Trend That Is Set to Enter 2022




If there was one thing 2021 taught us, it is that there is no turning back the clock on the pandemic. While things are getting better with vaccinations and herd immunity kicking in, we can never really go back to the old normal. This in turn, gave way to an increased focus on health and newer habits that contribute to better health.

One trend that finally gained its much due moment under the spotlight has been anti-viral and anti-bacterial bedsheets. Right from those looking for designer bedsheets online to others who were keen on bed sheet sets to give their bedroom offices a makeover, shoppers increasingly switched to anti-viral bedsheets while ordering online.

And as we enter 2022, this trend is only set to get bigger and better. So whether you are planning to give your bedroom a fresh look for the New Year, or simply looking for a comfortable sleeping experience, here’s everything you need to know about this bedsheet trend.

Superior technology

First of all, if you have bought bedsheets online featuring anti-viral or anti-bacterial technology, it is natural to be intrigued about how they work. Well, it involves coating the bedsheet fabric with a special layer that helps fights virus. It is created using silver and other metals that are proven to be effective in reducing the growth of virus and bacteria. The technology ensures the layer is effective despite multiple washes. Offered by brands such as SPACES, such innovative technology provides as much as 99% effectiveness to fight the growth of virus and bacteria.

Available in trendy variants

Gone are the days when you had to choose functionality over form. These anti-bacterial bedsheets are available in a wide range of options – designer bedsheets, matching bedsheet sets, kids’ bedsheets, and so on.

In fact, as these have become increasingly popular not just among retail buyers, but also interior designers who are keen to help home owners create safe, hygienic spaces, they are at par with any other designer bedsheets available in the market.

Moreover, you can choose anti-viral bedsheets sets to truly curb the growth of microbes in your bed – where your family spends 1/3rd of their life and hence, requires a highly hygienic environment for good health. In fact, when you opt for regular bedsheets and bed linen, your bed is likely to have more germs than the bathroom handle in less than a week! This is because we shed hundreds and thousands of cells every night, which in turn give rise to microbes.

Premium cotton

If you are wondering that the protective anti-viral layer works on pure cotton fabric since cotton bedsheets are the most comfortable, the answer is, well, yes! When you opt for anti-viral bedsheets online, you can be rest assured about finding a wide range of designer bedsheets and matching bedsheet sets in premium cotton fabric. Such cotton bedsheets ensure you enjoy a good night’s uninterrupted sleep without any discomfort to your skin. Moreover, since it is a natural, breathable fabric, you can be assured of a healthy sleep environment while getting the best of hygiene technology into your home and bedroom.


The trend for anti-viral bedsheets is here to stay and only grow with time. This is because the pandemic has made us more hygiene conscious than ever. And with leading brands offering bed linen solutions that offer a superior experience on all fronts – health, hygiene, designer appeal, premium cotton fabric, and more – there is no reason to not shop the trend.

More importantly, 2022 is the year when we will get busier than usual as we try to compensate for the days and weeks lost in lockdowns over the last two years. This is bound to leave us with little time to regularly launder and care for bed linens. In such situations, anti-viral bedsheets are not only welcome, but a health imperative.

So if you are wondering what is the one home décor trend that you want to invest into for 2022, look no further than anti-viral bedsheets, available in a range of options such as designer bedsheets and as part of matching bedsheet sets.

Rosario is from New York and has worked with leading companies like Microsoft as a copy-writer in the past. Now he spends his time writing for readers of

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What does it really mean to be an Entrepreneur?




We see that word a lot, especially in the business world. Entrepreneurship is an idea that is often tied to the concept of the American dream. An individual chooses to put their head down and work hard to open a business and are now reaping the benefits of investing their time, money, and energy.

For those of us who have a job in the traditional sense working for a company that we do not own, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur can be both exciting and intimidating. Not everyone is built to start a business and pour their soul into helping it grow and become their main source of income. So what does it really look like to be an entrepreneur in 2022?

Betting on yourself

Anyone who has started a business themselves will tell you that the key to success is believing in yourself, as cliche as that may sound. With all of the responsibility of the business falling on your shoulders, there is a lot of weight that you have to carry. Figuring out the product or service itself, marketing the brand online or through your network, and handling the logistics of owning a business are just some of the tasks that will fall on you. Depending on what industry you are in, you may need to take the time to be certified, especially for some trades where a license is required. Getting through “impostor syndrome,” or the belief that you do not have what it takes to achieve your goals, will be key to creating long-term success, but this is only possible if you truly believe in your abilities and your business.

Assuming all of the risk

The scariest part of being an entrepreneur is the inherent uncertainty. Will your business be successful? How long before you start to turn a profit? Will this business be able to support your livelihood both in the short term and in the long? These are questions that you will undoubtedly face as a business owner, especially early on. All of the risk associated with owning a business is yours. The best way to manage this risk is to seek assistance in the areas that you feel uncomfortable in. Don’t understand how to keep track of clients and invoices? Research the best software to help you. Having trouble with taxes? Hire a tax professional to work through the details with you. There will likely be aspects of owning a business that you will not even know exist, so be sure to do your research.

Reaping all of the benefits

While there is significant risk associated with entrepreneurship, there is also the possibility of success. In the event of success with your business, you will reap all of the benefits of your growth. Whether that means achieving financial independence, or simply living out a purpose and feeling fulfilled, you receive the full reward as the owner of that business. This is what most entrepreneurs keep their focus on and what gets them through the long hours and extreme investment of their assets. They look forward to the day when they reach their financial or personal goals, which makes the whole journey worth it. 

The freedom of choice

This factor is especially evident with the wave of new businesses that have started since the beginning of the global pandemic. A huge number of workers have filed applications for new businesses in the last few years, with over 551,000 applications in July of 2020, a huge jump from similar time periods in years past. That trend has continued into 2022, with many workers leaving their regular jobs in order to pursue entrepreneurship. One of the main draws is the freedom of choice. You can choose what type of business to run, what product or service you will sell, what your company culture will be, where to allocate resources, and even what hours to work. People may have left previous positions for any number of reasons such as low pay, feeling undervalued, poor management, long hours, or simply burnout. By starting a new business, an entrepreneur has the freedom to customize the role to suit themselves. Even if there are long hours, the feeling of self-determined fulfillment can override the difficulty of running the business. 

Entrepreneurship should not be taken lightly

As stated before, becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Even if you come up with a great idea for a product or service, you may not have the capacity or the drive to turn it into a thriving business. It is important to spend time in reflection and doing research before taking the leap to make sure that you understand what you are getting into and what it will take to be successful. Lay out your goals, come up with a plan, seek outside advice from people who know you and professionals in the field you are interested in, and then make a decision. If you choose to go for it, then be ready to defeat that impostor syndrome.


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