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Approval Rating of Donald Trump Drops: Lowest of any Modern President




Pakistan brings in diplomats following Trump’s allegations of harboring Bin Laden

As the US Economy is heading towards a recession, every US Citizen is facing doubts about the capability of Trump to be the next President. This slump in the economy isn’t a good news for Trump because it caused a slump in his approval ratings for this election.

The ABC News Poll had shared cold hard facts to serve to President Trump. It surveyed 1003 adults and found that his approval rate was only 38%, which is clearly an all time low.

His rating remains the lowest for any modern president taking the office. It is a first that a US president did not have a majority approval. It is actually shocking.

Trump receives a lot of hate for his economic stewardship. Even though 43% of Americans believe that his term has brought recession than increase in the economic policy, Trump might win.

If you look at the facts, the inversion in economy happens after 10- 36 months. It is just bad timing that Trump has to handle this. Even the bond investors were concerned about the economy data. And the trade war between US and China doesn’t create a positive influence on the voters.

Trump is confident though and the economic slump didn’t seem to faze him. He said that he always finds a way to win and he declared that “The greatest political movement in the history of our Country will have another big win in 2020!”

He also did not take the results of the poll well. He said that the ABC Washington Poll was the “worst and most inaccurate poll of all polls taken prior to the election”. He blamed the media outlets for circulating inaccurate and fake information.

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North Carolina Candidate Wins with Help from President Trump




In North Carolina, the special election had about 190,000 voters. But the election reflected the great divide among the voters. And it has been impossible to miss since the election of President Trump.

Dan Bishop is the man who won the seat by two points, by beating the Democrat Dan MccReady. But with Trump’s new strategies, the once central voters are now in the sidelines. The upper middle class voters now aren’t an important part of the voters.

But now, that the main voters aren’t that important it may cost President Trump his victory. Even though Dan Bishop pulled off a victory for Trump it is bad news.

Trump needs as much support he can get, but he isn’t getting much from the upper middle class. Even though Trump and the party celebrated the win of Bishop, the Washington Post ABC Poll doused their expectations.

The survey that took place predicted a trial heat between Joseph R Biden Jr and Trump. But all he Trump believers think that Trump has another victory card up his sleeve and can manage the Electoral college victory.

Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina said that ”Their run to the left is the great opportunity for us to get back the majority and for the president to get re-elected”.

The party believes that there are Two Americas. One are the privileged tooling around in BMWs. And the others who have the blue collared jobs. And they have to play along the margins to make the win possible for the party.

Trump can only score a win if he plays along the margins. Mr. Miller who is an old Democrat of North Carolina said that he was saddened by the sudden change in North Carolina. He expressed how disappointed he was that the state has “gone so republic”.

Everyone believes that it is time the election campaigns threw the old way out and adopted new ways to win this election.

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