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Beauty Influencer Melina Taj’s Beauty Master Class Attracts Massive Turn Out and Sponsorship from Leading Brands




Shabnam Tajik, popularly known as Melina Taj to her 1.4 million followers on Instagram, is an Iranian beauty influencer, makeup artist, and makeup creator. She has been setting trends in beauty and the art of makeup for several years. Her video tutorials are easy to understand. They range from Melina teaching her viewers how to apply makeup, whip-up homemade face masks, and maintain healthy-looking skin. It’s little wonder then that her first-ever master class in Istanbul, Turkey, attracted a massive turn out and sponsorship from leading global brands.

Her first event outside Iran held at the majestic Ritz Carlton, Istanbul had Melina demonstrate her makeup skills, tips, and techniques to a packed audience. Reminiscing the good times on Instagram, she says, “The Master class in Istanbul at the Ritz Carlton Hotel was an immensely enjoyable experience. I will never forget the energy in that room. I hope to conduct more masterclasses like this in the future.” Her soaring popularity can be judged by her legion of loyalists and the vintage of some of her sponsors. Notable brands like Victoria Secret, Huda beauty, Nyx Cosmetics, Clarins, Tart Cosmetics, and several other revered icons sponsored the event. They were eager to associate with Melina for her master class, which was indeed a roaring success.

The Melina Taj infused beauty craze is garnering quick momentum in Iran. Captivated by her easy manner and ability to take the art of beauty to the next level, her audience dotes on her and encourages her to keep experimenting. An avid Instagrammer, Melina owes her success to her followers. Melina explained, “I have a very close and intimate relationship with my followers.” On the one hand, has Melina shares interesting ideas for makeup, and on the other, has millions of fans gushing over her expertise, talent, and charisma. She has collaborated and gained sponsorship from some of the most iconic fashion and beauty brands.

Like most YouTube stars, Melina too likes to keep reinventing the rules of her game. Her eyes are set on the skies. She has already collaborated with the likes of Swaroski, Nars, and the incredibly famous Bobbi Brown. She hopes to associate with other artists and bands that are equally well-known and globally recognized. She’s redefining the Iranian woman’s image and taking the power of beauty to the global stage. With her first master class proving to be a crowd-puller, it’s safe to say this is just the beginning. 

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