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Common Types of Car Accident Injuries




According to stats, 3 million-plus people get injured yearly through road accidents. This is likely to skyrocket in the future. It’s also important to more than injuries come in various forms. The following are common types of car accident injuries.

Soft Tissue Injuries

A soft tissue injury occurs when the body’s connective tissue gets damaged. It affects the muscles, ligaments, as well as tendons. And this is the most common type of injury associated with car accidents.

The muscles and ligaments might get stretched due to sudden movements imparted the head and neck during a collision. Car accidents usually cause mid-back as well as low-back muscle sprains.

Scrapes Injuries and Cuts

During a car collision, loose objects inside the vehicle become projectiles thrown up and down. Some of these items include cell phones, purses, coffee mugs, eyeglasses, dash-mounted GPS systems, and books. If you get hit by any of these objects, you may experience skin cuts and other types of injuries. At times, these scrapes and cuts are less severe and require no medical treatment. However, serious injuries might result in loss of blood and will require some stitches.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can take several forms, some minor and others severe. A vehicle’s unexpected stop or direction change can subject the heads of the car occupants to sudden and unnatural movements. And this can cause muscle strains on their neck and back.

In severe cases, the head itself can also get injured. Impact with the car’s steering wheel or side window can cause scrapes as well as bruising to the head. Plus, the fluid and tissue inside your skull might get damaged due to the sudden movement. Closed head injuries can also cause concussions and brain damage.

Chest Injuries

Car accidents might also result in chest injuries. And these injuries often take the form of contusions as well as bruises. However, severe cases might lead to broken ribs and other internal injuries. Car drivers often experience chest injuries due to their position behind the steering wheel that allows limited freedom of movement. If your body gets thrown forward in a collision, the chest area is more likely to experience a greater level of force against the seat belt or shoulder harness, and these could cause severe bruising.

Arm & Leg Injuries

During car collisions, arm and leg injuries might also occur. If your vehicle suffers a side impact, you’re more likely to have your legs and arms thrown against the door. And while seated as a passenger in a public or private vehicle, your legs typically have little room for movement. Your knees can hit the dashboard or front seats, resulting in severe injuries.

The Bottom-Line

Understanding different types of injuries are important. One, it will help you seek the right medication. Two, it will make your work easy when it comes to seeking compensation. Three, it will assist biomedical forensic professionals to gather the right facts for any legal proceedings. The above are common types of car accident injuries.

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Wisdom and Youthful Energy Combined: Tax Attorney Lance R. Drury




Research done by The American Psychological Association indicates that the average person starts feeling old at the age of 47. This was the most cited age in a survey of 2,000 Americans over 40, with respondents also noting that they begin to worry about age-related bodily changes around the age of 50. Concerns about mental decline and memory loss are prevalent, with a significant percentage of participants expressing fears about their cognitive health deteriorating as they age. Interestingly, fewer people are concerned about losing their youthful looks compared to worries about mental sharpness and staying socially connected.

But at the young age of 70, Tax Attorney at Law Lance R. Drury embodies the belief that age is just a number — not a measure of one’s capabilities. With a career spanning several decades, the spunky lawyer continues to defy societal expectations, showcasing that one can maintain both wisdom and youthful energy well into their later years. Drury’s happy-go-lucky, quick-witted personality offers a refreshing perspective in a world where age often dictates one’s pursuits and achievements.

Lance R. Drury is the founder of the Law Office of Lance R. Drury, a firm renowned for its exceptional tax resolution services. With over 35 years of legal experience, his practice specializes in tax planning, litigation of tax disputes, and negotiation of settlements with tax authorities. Drury’s personalized approach to each case ensures that clients receive strategies tailored to their unique situations.

His offices are located in Ste. Genevieve and St. Louis in Missouri, Nashville in Tennessee, and most recently, San Antonio in Texas. Drury’s practice emphasizes understanding clients’ specific needs and navigating the complexities of tax law to provide clear, actionable solutions. Through his dedicated work, he built a longstanding reputation for his legal acumen and commitment to upholding the highest standards of the legal profession, ensuring that each client receives attentive and effective representation.

We sat down with Drury to discuss his perspective on age and how it influences his dynamic approach to life and work.

All In Your Head

Drury’s response to the question of retirement was profound.

“People often suggest I should retire,” he shared. “But staying active keeps my mind sharp and my spirit youthful.”

His days are filled with interactions that span generations, which he believes keep his mind young and engaged.

“Age is just a sequence of numbers that has no bearing on what you can achieve. The only limits are the ones you set for yourself,” Drury emphasized.

Maintaining Purpose and Connection

Drury highlighted the importance of maintaining a sense of purpose. While retirement for some means relaxation and leisure, for Drury, it’s about continual engagement and growth.

“You don’t retire from life; you move towards new opportunities,” Drury pointed out. “It’s essential to keep forging connections and pursuing goals that keep you connected to the world around you.”

He actively engages with people daily, from colleagues to younger individuals, enriching his social life and broadening his perspectives. This engagement, he noted, is key to feeling connected and vibrant.

The Psychological and Social Benefits of Staying Active

Staying engaged in work and social activities has profound effects on mental health. Drury observed that his professional engagements keep his mind sharp and give him a sense of purpose every day. This routine, he suggested, can benefit everyone, regardless of age. The social interactions that come with staying active help prevent the loneliness and isolation often associated with aging.

“Staying active is crucial for keeping your mind sharp and your spirit engaged,” Drury noted.

A Rebellious Stance on Aging

Drury’s approach is rebellious. Especially in the field of law, defying societal expectations that dictate slowing down with age is unexpected. He finds liberation in continuing his work and enjoying life on his terms. This rebellious stance is about acknowledging the aging process while embracing it with vigor and a clear sense of purpose.

“Rejecting the typical narrative of aging doesn’t mean denying the process of growing older. It means embracing it with enthusiasm and a resolve to live fully every day,” Drury passionately shared. “I encourage others to live joyfully and defiantly, irrespective of age.”

Drury’s narrative is a powerful reminder that age should not limit our dreams or capabilities. Whether it’s continuing a career, engaging with diverse social groups, or simply finding new reasons to enjoy each day, his life exemplifies the power of living without age boundaries. Drury’s advice encourages us to look beyond societal expectations and craft a life filled with engagement, purpose, and connection, no matter how many years we have lived.

In a world that often equates aging with decline, Lance R. Drury stands out as a beacon of enduring vitality and purpose, inspiring all of us to rethink what it means to grow older!

About The Law Office of Lance R. Drury

The Law Office of Lance R. Drury, founded in 2006, has been a leading legal practice in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, San Antonio, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee specializing in tax law matters. With over 35 years of experience, Lance is a nationally-recognized tax resolution attorney providing innovative solutions to IRS tax dilemmas with a team that is dedicated to providing clients personalized and effective solutions for tax planning, dispute litigation, and tax resolutions. For more information, please visit 

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