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Dental Crowns: Understanding their placement




Crowns are a common dental procedure. Your dentist might recommend you for a crown when you have a weak or fractured tooth. However, you must search for the best Hilliard crowns treatment to ensure you get the best treatment possible without causing any hassle in the procedure. 

What is a dental crown?

Crowns are prosthetic devices that are cemented to the existing tooth. They are non-removable and cover the natural tooth entirely. They are made with exact measurements so that they fit your tooth perfectly.

When do you need crowns?

Your trusted dentist will recommend you a crown when:

  • You have a weak tooth.
  • Your tooth is fractured.
  • You have a restoring dental implant.
  • The discoloration is visible in your teeth.
  • Your tooth is in bad shape.
  • Your root canal needs to be covered.
  • You have a decayed tooth.

Placement procedure for dental crowns:

  • The process of fixing a crown is very modest.
  • Firstly, the dentist will numb the affected tooth and the surrounding gums using local anesthesia.
  • Using a dental drill, he will then remove the decayed parts and clean the entire area.
  • If necessary, the dental surgeon will also remove extra corners to ensure that there is enough space to fit the crown.
  • Then using a digital scanner, he will take measurements of the affected tooth.
  • If the dental clinic has an in-office milling machine, he will install the crown in just a few minutes, and your crown will be fitted in just a single setting.
  • However, if your clinic practices the old method, he will fit a temporary cap in the first set. He will send your tooth measurements to the laboratory, where your permanent crown will be made. If your crown is made of porcelain, the dentist will choose the shade that closely matches the color of your other teeth.
  •  After a few weeks, the temporary crown will be replaced by the permanent one.
  • The dentist will use a special cement or glue to seal the crown-making sure that it remains in the same position for numerous years.

Types of dental crowns:

Crowns are made of different materials like porcelain, ceramic, metal, resin, or a combination of other materials. Your dentist will consider your tooth’s location and visibility when you smile before selecting the perfect type for your teeth.

The procedure of dental crowns is not painful or discomforting at all. They are durable and last up to 15 years. Dental crown treatments treat your damaged tooth, giving you a better smile and confidence.

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Frog Fuel Collagen Protein Supplements: ‘New Year-New You’ Health Resolutions Demand New Tactic for 2023




Engaging the tradition of New Year’s resolutions can be conflicting, discouraging, exhausting—and predictable.

Year after year after year, many of us indulge in excess when it comes to eating, drinking and holiday revelry during the month of December.

Then, come December 26, we’re focusing much of our energy on convincing ourselves that when the coming New Year arrives, as soon as that clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, in fact, everything is going to change for the better. We will once again be exercising, eating well, getting plenty of sleep and avoiding unhealthy food and drink.

So, uh, how’s that been working for ya so far in 2023? That’s what we thought.

The team at OP2 Labs, developers of Frog Fuel, a clinically-proven, high-quality, nano-hydrolyzed collagen protein supplement, embraces the whole, “New Year-New You” approach to new beginnings for your health. In concept, on paper, it’s all good stuff. 

But OP2 Labs is a cutting-edge company that launched as a startup and has been ranked three years running as one of the nation’s 5000 fastest-growing companies.

As such, the team spends too much time on the core mission of Frog Fuel—boosting athletic performance by expediting recovery from workouts and injuries—to get bogged down in New Year’s resolutions mired in old patterns that revolve around the failed philosophy of, “We do things this way because we’ve always done things this way!”

Your “New Year-New You” strategy for health and wellness demands an upgrade. It demands Frog Fuel.

“What you want to be trying are the newest things, the most up-to-date products, based on the most up-to-date science—to get you where you need to be as far as resolutions, your health, your outlook for the coming year are concerned,” said OP2 Labs Chief Marketing Officer Aaron Saari. “You don’t just want to use a nutrition plan from the 1920s, or even the 1990s. You want to use a nutrition plan that someone created in the last year, based on the most up to date studies.” 

Frog Fuel has been fortified to be a complete protein, unlike other collagen supplements. And unlike a powder supplement, Frog Fuel is ready-to-drink and highly-concentrated, with four times more protein per liquid ounce than a protein shake. 

Frog Fuel is also fully-digestible within minutes of consumption, which is important for anyone striving to keep those New Year’s resolutions. Athletes who incorporate Frog Fuel into their exercise and competition regimen—including gym rats and those who compete in professional football, MMA and triathlons—are left with less sloshing around in their stomachs during and after workouts. 

All of this leads back to the promise—or futility—of that New Year’s resolution.

“If you had a hard time doing it last year, or for many years, don’t just try the same thing again this year,” Aaron said. “Try collagen protein instead of whey protein or plant protein; try a ready-to-drink protein instead of a powder; try a company that actually has science backing their products, instead of one that just has some big name tied to it. You have to think far beyond just, ‘New Year-New You.’ You need a new tactic.”

Frog Fuel is your new tactic. 

“Frog Fuel is what people are using to reach their goals in 2023,” Aaron said. “It’s what they weren’t using in 2022.”

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