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Everything About Non-Thermal Cutting Technology




Thermal Cutting is a family of processes in which heat of an electric arc, radiation energy, or an exothermic reaction is utilized to melt or oxidize a metal at an accelerated rate to achieve a cut. Several processes use the arc’s heat to cut metals, including shielded metal arc, air carbon arc, plasma arc, gas tungsten arc, and gas metal arc.

Electron beams and laser beams use radiation energy to achieve the Cutting of metals. Oxy-fuel gas flame in conjunction with oxygen jet is utilized to initiate and sustain an exothermic oxidizing reaction which generates enough heat and affects the parting of metals, low carbon ferrous alloys. Out of these processes oxy- acetylene, air-carbon arc, and plasma arc are the three major thermal cutting processes used in the industry.

Conventional machining processes – and several more high-tech methods – can apply stress on the part, creating microcracks, geometric or thermal distortion, and even changing the material’s composition. These processes also stress the tool, which increases machining time, and costs and decreases the repeatability of the part.

Finepart’s micro abrasive waterjet is not heat-based and introduces no substantial thermal load on the part, eliminating the influence of thermal stresses on the piece. 

On the other hand, machining processes such as electric discharge machining (EDM) and laser cutting or machining use heat to shape the workpiece. This heating creates recast layers, heat-affected zones, and microcracking – all detrimental to the part performance. 

Even conventional machining processes such as milling, turning, and grinding can introduce unwanted heat into the part. The non-thermal process preserves the material’s makeup and the intended shape of the piece and prevents compromising its strength.

One company that has been in this line of business for quite some time is Finepart. It is known for producing small parts with non-thermal cutting technology that provides the ultimate precision, quality, and cutting speed in virtually all materials. Unlike many companies working in the same line, they use flexible machine tool designs that can be placed in any CNC workshop.

Making sure that the earth’s environment is not affected by making our lives easy is one thing we need to keep in mind. Eco-friendly cutting technology is one of the reasons why Finepart is more suggested to get the services done. Less material waste and higher cost savings are other examples of such reasons.

  • Superior surface finish and edge quality 
  • Ultra-high Precision
  • 3D Cutting
  • Non-thermal Cutting
  • It cuts virtually any material 
  • High cutting depth to jet diameter ratio
  • Possibility of ablation
  • Easy to use and low-cost setup

Above mentioned are some bullet points that Finepart keeps in mind, and all these things are eventually helping this company reach heights of success. 

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