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Experts Reveal Why and How to Use Chatbots in Business




How do you handle your customers and entertain their anytime query?

With time, technology is upgrading, and advancements are elevating the business to the next level. Chatbots are one such advancement that has made the customer service easy.

Let’s check out why you should consider Chatbots in your business:

Time Efficient: Most of your customers ask common questions which are irritating to respond by a human. However, such pre-defined questions can be answered by Chatbots. Answering such repetitive queries doesn’t waste your time and money. Moreover, it also binds the customer with your services regardless of their query. Chatbot for business is an AI-driven technology that learns through customer queries and develops a smart intelligence to respond to common questions instantly.

Enlarge Your Audience: No business is 100% dependent on a single marketing strategy to serve customers. Instead, it uses the user-data to bestow other services/products to increase user engagement as well as business profit. Similarly, using chatbots helps you collect user-data and enable you to use it for other marketing tactics. AI-based Chatbots can collect the user data smartly.

Zero Negligence: Every customer deserves attention and adequate response to their query. However, a human can’t serve all customers at a particular time. This isn’t a trouble with a chatbot. Chatbots can respond to multiple users at a time, building engagement with them without developing long waiting queues. Moreover, with human service, there are probabilities of error or negligence. A chatbot overcomes these hurdles and offers seamless customer service for your business.

100% Personalized Chat: Chatbots learn user behavior and deliver the most relevant response accordingly. Chatbots are enabled with Artificial Intelligence that allows the chatbots to learn from customers and build a strong understanding. The understanding helps chatbots to answer the customers in a personalized manner. Undoubtedly, a personal touch will help your customers better connect with your services.

Flexibility: Today, chatbots aren’t limited to serving customers for specific queries. Instead, any online business, including eCommerce, healthcare, sales & marketing, etc. can integrate chatbots to their business and entertain their customers better. All in all, using chatbot has a broad scope, which doesn’t apply to a specific niche.

These are some vital benefits of using chatbots in your business. Now, many of you would ask for the right way of using chatbots. So, below are important points to keep in mind.

Identify Your Purpose: The first point is to acknowledge whether your business really deserves a chatbot or not. Does a chatbot fulfill your requirements? Ensure to answer these questions before investing in an AI-based chatbot.

Select Right App: Today, you have comprehensive options to choose a perfect chatbot for your business. WhatsApp is the most used messenger app, also provide AI-drive business API that responds to customer queries. Likewise, Facebook Messanger bot, WeChat, Snapchat, etc. are other options as well.

Choose the Right Platform: Now, you should choose whether to teach a Chatbot via programming or use a chatbot builder. Many chatbot builders are available only to help you get a perfect chatbot in the shortest time.

With this, you can start serving your customers and promote your business.

From television to the internet platform, Jonathan switched his journey in digital media with Bigtime Daily. He served as a journalist for popular news channels and currently contributes his experience for Bigtime Daily by writing about the tech domain.

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Resist Temptation and Get More Productive With Website and App Blockers




From reading the latest news to looking for your next big vacation (or being captivated by social media), the Internet has become a massive landscape of diverse content. With the digital world filled with countless distractions, resisting temptation and being able to focus has become more and more difficult. The development of website and app blockers provides a simple solution to avoid scooting down portal pathways that hinder productivity and, sometimes, lead to negative consequences. 

As a worldwide societal phenomenon, the Internet is rapidly evolving, with entire economies and personal relationships relying on the web. A website and app blocker intentionally restricts access to specific internet sites and apps through software programs. Website and app blocker software can be downloaded as add-ons or extensions for browsers, like website blocking on Chrome. Such blocking can include programs that assist in URL-based blocking, Platform-based blocking—specifically when using search engines, and Domain Name Systems blocking, which all make it difficult to access specified domains and websites on the Internet. 

Many website and app blockers allow you to enter websites and apps that you want to restrict access to for a certain time period throughout the day or a certain length of time. This can be helpful to those who need to focus on studying but keep falling into temptation’s trap, straying away from what needs to be done to engage in unnecessary Google searches or scrolling through Instagram posts. 

However, there are website and app blockers that can permanently restrict access to specified sites and apps. With potentially crucial reasons to restrict access to Internet content, blocking software could improve daily lives. Those struggling with shopping addiction or facing negative consequences at work for an inability to remain focused may find website and app blockers incredibly beneficial. 

Website and app blocking isn’t confined to personal, individual use. It has become a rising trend for many governments to utilize this software when blocking illegal content. Yet, the software can also help parents, guardians, and other family and friends block access to harmful content and inappropriate material for children. 

By restricting access to certain websites or apps, you allow yourself to build new and more productive habits, or keep yourself and your kids safe. Through establishing “forced focus” times for yourself, concentrating solely on your work or tasks at hand becomes easier. Protectivity has many proven benefits. Committing to what needs to be done can help build your self-worth, creating a feeling of accomplishment that is good for your mood. Even if the things you need to focus on and get done are smaller tasks in nature, accomplishing your daily tasks can help ward off excessive stress and anxiety, as well as depression.

NetNanny, BlockSite, and Surfblocker as some of the most effective website and app blocking software. BlockSite is a blocking software used globally by millions of people, and it provides relief from temptation by temporarily blocking websites and apps, so you can focus, be productive, and build self-control habits. 

Whether you are trying to keep yourself in check or your family safe, website and app-blocking software limits screen time while providing customization to users that help tailor usage to individual needs. 

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