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From Amazon to PR, Entrepreneur Scott Bartnick’s Expertise Helps Others Scale Their Brands




For entrepreneur and PR expert Scott Bartnick, it all started with $10 and a dream. The $10 was a daily eCommerce goal, and the dream is now what he gets to do every day.

His consulting company, The Five Day Startup, initially grew from an internal need. Says Scott, “every time I had to do something for my own business, my goal was to get so good at it, I could offer it as a service. That motivated me to slow down and really learn the process…I want to be the resource I wish that I had.” Becoming that resource has led Scott to launch Otter PR, a public relations service, as well. 

Scott Bartnick is now a mid-six-figure Amazon seller who is working towards breaking a million-dollar goal by the end of 2020. But the road to success has had many paths–and setbacks. 

Mistakes he would make without having his own mentor or consultant then turned into skills that he would then use to help others, with Scott as the needed consultant. The time and effort he spent building the best website and network, testing software, and honing the right sales pitch would then be perfected for his own clients. The result would eventually be his own company, and later, a PR firm.

When starting out, Scott realized that if he could reach a $10-a-day eCommerce goal, he could live comfortably off of his earnings and then travel through South East Asia. This would eventually allow him to leave a top engineering job and pursue world exploration, all the while building his career simultaneously. His 40K following on Instagram allowed for plenty of potential clients and, along with his other online presence, Scott ended up accruing almost half a million followers. After stepping away from the automation side of things, he then had to focus on new ways of finding customers, including word of mouth, great content, and email marketing. 

Months and rapid business growth later, he created The Five Day Startup, a company focused on serving other Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs like Scott. 

Scott then began to work on four successful brands, and has been able to consult with and help grow hundreds of companies and see more than half a million units sold. He’s been able to save his clients millions and is set to achieve an almost seven-figure estimation this year. 

Today, The Five Day Startup specializes in online offerings for entrepreneurs around the world who are growing their brands. Scott manages the full supply chain and analytics process, with 300% YOY growth, all built on the foundation of professional online eCommerce and Amazon private label selling. Scott assists new entrepreneurs in setting up third-party eCommerce platforms, complete with private consulting, video classes, and project implementation.

For eCommerce and PR work, Scott has found, “that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for one product or brand may not work for others…you have to find a mix that works best for you and leverage each channel properly.”

A large part of his success is in working with clients every step of the way, and being available for one-on-one mentoring. His diverse background and vast network allow him to be an asset to every team, whether he is providing PR services or walking new clients through the necessary steps of the eCommerce process. 

Today you can find Scott online, honing his craft and building new brands while helping others cultivate their Amazon businesses. 

To book a free consultation, meet Scott at! 

The idea of Bigtime Daily landed this engineer cum journalist from a multi-national company to the digital avenue. Matthew brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the platform, he also contributes his expertise in business niche.

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Interview with Omar Choudhury: The 22-Year-Old Million Dollar Business Growth Expert




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How Did You Do It?

Having generated millions of dollars for his first agency, Omar began to consult other 7-9+ figure entrepreneurs on their social media branding and growth strategies. From talking with these high-net-worth individuals, Omar realized that their mindset was completely different from the clients who were scared to even invest $1K into his service.

 So he sought after the highest ticket service he could sell and formed Connects Clout – The top media and PR consulting agency for the world’s elite entrepreneurs, businesses, and influencers. With their inside information and connections, Connects is able to help these individuals create the top 1% of social media pages. 

What Keeps are You Going?

Despite being known for his work ethic, Omar’s internal values and morals are what often made him stand out in the marketplace. A man of God, and with his main goal in life to ensure his Mother is taken care of in his early twenties, Omar has inspired many others to look outside of just making money for themselves and start to do things for their soul. 

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