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GearEye- The Best Gear Tracking System in 2022




Do you work with equipment that may prove prone to misplacement and getting lost? You don’t have to worry. What if I told you, you could have a system that tracks all your gears for you? This system will update you if you leave behind gear and still help you manage and plan your equipment before an important job.

If you work from home, too, you may understand the struggle that comes with losing your gear. Working from home makes our minds divided into various tasks, and if you don’t get an assistant tool, it may prove very challenging. On the go, professionals also understand this so well. Nothing will disappoint you more than getting to your destination and realizing you left your gear behind.

This smart gear tracking system called GearEye will help you save your money to replace lost, forgotten or misplaced gear. You will also plan your next trip by planning and recording the gear you will need beforehand.

Product features you will find available in GearEye.

You need to include classic and highly rated product features to make a great working tool. GearEye will be no different. The founder of GearEye, CEO Julia Learner and her team did great work ensuring that this system came with nothing but the best. This gear tracking system has fundamental product features that define its uniqueness.

GearEye RFID sticker tags

When it comes to tracking, you will need an electronically designed sticker or tag that, when sensed, identifies a particular item. GearEye invested in their research and settled on RFID tags that got used on your gear. These tags don’t use a battery, and they have a unique adhesive bond that sticks on your device for quite a long time. You may go for many years before replacing them.

You need to peel the sticker and stick it on your gear. This process proves to be a very simple step when installing your GearEye tracking system. The tag will help identify your gear and will be used to create a customized list of all your gears in the GearEye App.

The radio frequency identification (RFID) technology puts this tracking system ahead of the most available tracking alternatives. The tags get classified into two categories. One category contains stickers that will work will all gears except metallic gears. The other category has only metallic surface stickers. Depending on the material of your gear, GearEye will provide you with the best RFID sticker tags.

GearEye RFID dongle/scanner

If you have a trackable sticker, it goes without saying that you must have a scanner to scan the RFID sticker codes. The GearEye dongle helps identify, recognize, and track these stickers to track your device’s location. Once you tag your gear, your next step will be to connect your scanner to the GearEye app and start tracking. It will be impossible to lose your gear once you have this dongle at your disposal. 

GearEye App

Have you used your phone to track your gear ever again? If not, GearEye brings you this noble chance. Once the GearEye App gets into your phone, you will only need to pair the phone with the dongle device. This connection works via Bluetooth connection. When the App finds the dongle, you start tracking and listing your essential equipment on the GearEye App customized lists.

Customizable GearEye Lists

When you pair your dongle to your phone’s GearEye App, you get a unique chance to have all your gear in your phone. The App has customizable lists that will help you track your gear according to your specific events. These lists will help make locating specific gears for a particular task when you need it most.

How Does GearEye Track Your gear?

When a gear goes missing, the App notifies you. You may then prompt a search, and the App, in conjunction with the GearEye dongle, uses audio guidance to guide you in the gear location. The dongle and the App direct you using a beeping sound that intensifies as you approach the gear location. 

Once you find it, the App makes a tick signifying its availability. This accuracy means you will never leave behind any gear, no matter how busy you may get. For effective identification, let the App run in the background. You will leave and return with all your gears in place.

What are the advantages of using the GearEye smart gear tracking solution?

GearEye saves your time

Most professionals who prefer using GearEye find it very time-saving. This tracking system will help you find and locate hundreds of gears in seconds. If you were doing the tracking manually, you might end up spending a lot of your valuable time. Since time matters a lot when working, this system will help you manage your time wisely since you don’t worry about losing your work items.

Lightweight hence portable

We often fail to track our gears in fear of getting a bulky tracking system. Imagine using a tracking system so bulky you will have to set it up in one place, yet your work involves moving around. It would prove very tiresome and worth getting dropped.

But with the GearEye tracking solution, things will get better and better. This tracking system comes with battery-free RFID stickers and a small-sized lightweight dongle. The only other thing you will need will be your phone. How portable do you find your entire tracking system now? With these devices, you will not get tired of moving, and the stickers stick on your gear. You will only need the dongle and your phone, making the system convenient for all mobile professionals.

Gives value for money

Nothing pisses most people off than a system that costs you a lot of money but ends up being inconveniencing and useless. With a budget of less than $300, you will get the best GearEye package for your equipment. 

The battery-free stickers will serve you for years, and you will have made more than ten times the profit of the cost you incurred in purchasing this tracking solution. We recommend its cost-effectiveness for anyone looking to stop spending money replacing lost gears. Some gears like lenses for professional photographers prove very costly. Track it all with GearEye.

Easy to use

Did you know that running the GearEye tracking system requires no tech knowledge? Once you have the stickers on your gears, you will only require your dongle and phone App to get going. The easy-to-use nature of this system makes it a preferred choice among many.

GearEye signals have a long reach

You will track up to 25 square meters guaranteeing that your gears will be within reach. This wide area coverage guarantees faster searching and tracking if you lose your gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best gear tracking company?

Among most gear tracking companies, GearEye proves to make the list of the best out there.

How do I get the GearEye Kickstarter?

If you wish to try the GearEye Kickstarter, then check here.

How are the GearEye reviews?

Most people who have GearEye to track their gear and equipment have loved how the system operates. With a simple and easy-to-use gear tracking solution, they get to track hundreds of their gears within seconds.

Final Comments-GearEye smart gear tracking solution

If you need a tracking solution and are tired of buying new gear every time you lose one, then track them all with GearEye. You will see all your gears at the comfort of your phone and get a notification in case one goes outside the area coverage. 

You will also keep customizable lists of the gears you need at a specific working time. GearEye will make your profession the best, and you will enjoy working worry-free. 

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Eric Crews: Pioneering Climate Change Mitigation Technology with Design Desk Inc.




Climate change, an urgent and pressing global issue, demands visionary leaders who are willing to push the boundaries of innovation to find effective solutions. Eric Crews, the founder and driving force behind Design Desk Inc., is one such visionary entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to addressing environmental challenges and creating groundbreaking Climate Change Mitigation Technology. Through the lens of applied physics and innovative design principles, Crews and his company have revolutionized the fields of clean energy, sustainable transportation, and environmental protection.

The Visionary Entrepreneur

Eric Crews’ journey in the realm of climate change mitigation technology began with a profound recognition of the urgency of addressing environmental challenges. Long before many fully grasped the implications of climate change, Crews understood that the earth was facing a critical juncture. He was driven by a deep conviction that technological advancements could be a powerful tool in combating the devastating effects of climate change.

Crews’ visionary approach is rooted in the belief that we must embrace innovation to drive sustainable development and mitigate the environmental impacts that threaten our planet. He is not content with the status quo and consistently seeks to push the boundaries of what is possible through applied physics and a deep understanding of compound systems.

A Deep Understanding of Applied Physics

Eric Crews’ journey as a climate change mitigation visionary is inseparable from his profound understanding of applied physics. Applied physics involves the practical application of the principles of physics to create tangible solutions. Crews’ ability to harness these principles and utilize them to tackle a myriad of environmental challenges has set him apart as a true pioneer in the field.

His commitment to addressing climate change is evident in the way he utilizes physics to develop products and systems that address key environmental concerns. These include but are not limited to energy production, water purification, air pollution reduction, and sustainable transportation solutions. By employing the fundamental laws of physics, Crews has managed to make considerable strides in improving the world’s environmental health.

Innovative Solutions for a Better World

One of the core principles driving Eric Crews and Design Desk Inc. is the belief that the protection of the public and the environment is not just a moral obligation but also good for business. This philosophy aligns with the growing awareness that sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions are not only ethical but also financially viable in the long run.

The approach taken by Design Desk Inc. is unique in that it focuses on solving real-world environmental problems that disrupt and endanger the public. This involves addressing issues related to natural disasters, loss of life, and property damage, which are increasingly prevalent due to climate change. Eric Crews’ vision has led to the development of solutions that not only mitigate these problems but also provide sustainable alternatives for the future.

The Birth of Design Desk Inc.

Design Desk Inc. was founded in 2010 and has spent several years in relentless pursuit of logic reduction and innovative thinking. The company’s primary goal has been to conceive over-unity power production systems. Over-unity power production refers to systems that produce more energy than is initially invested, effectively challenging the traditional laws of energy conservation.

Design Desk Inc.’s focus on over-unity power production is a testament to Eric Crews’ unwavering commitment to creating groundbreaking technologies. These technologies have the potential to reshape the way we generate and use energy, significantly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, which are the primary drivers of climate change.

Revolutionizing Clean Energy

Clean energy is at the forefront of the battle against climate change, and Eric Crews and Design Desk Inc. have made significant contributions to this field. Their innovative solutions in clean energy production not only reduce the environmental impact but also increase efficiency. By conceiving over-unity power production systems, they have unlocked new possibilities for generating electricity in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner.

One of their most noteworthy innovations is the application of advanced materials and design principles in solar panels and wind turbines. These technologies, with higher energy conversion efficiency, have the potential to make renewable energy sources more accessible and affordable for a broader range of consumers. This approach aligns with Crews’ vision of making clean energy solutions available to everyone, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Pressurized Hydraulics and Inclined Gear Systems

One of the key technologies employed by Design Desk Inc. involves pressurized hydraulics combined with inclined gear systems. This system utilizes ” counteracting upon” mechanical resistance within the gear system and electrical generator, effectively nullifying it by utilizing stored air pressure within a pneumatic pressure containment vessel.

This tilting motion allows for the generation of angular momentum, which is then harvested as electrical energy. This harvested energy is reintroduced back into the system to drive a cyclical “retained” work capacity.”

Sustainable Transportation Solutions

In addition to their remarkable work in clean energy, Design Desk Inc. has also ventured into the field of sustainable transportation. Eric Crews recognizes that transportation is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and addressing this issue is essential for mitigating climate change. His visionary approach extends to the creation of sustainable transportation solutions that are both efficient and eco-friendly.

One of their pioneering projects is the development of electric vehicles (EVs) that integrate cutting-edge battery technology with regenerative braking systems. These advancements result in EVs that offer a longer driving range and shorter charging times, making electric vehicles a more practical choice for a broader audience. By making sustainable transportation options more accessible, Crews and his team are contributing to a reduction in the carbon footprint of the global transportation sector.

Environmental Protection through Innovation

Beyond clean energy and sustainable transportation, Eric Crews and Design Desk Inc. are deeply committed to addressing environmental protection challenges. Their portfolio of solutions extends to areas such as air pollution reduction, water purification, and disaster response technologies.

One notable example is their work in air pollution reduction, where they have developed innovative air purification systems for both industrial and urban settings. These systems use advanced filtration and chemical processes to remove harmful pollutants from the air, contributing to cleaner and healthier environments for communities around the world.

Their expertise in water purification technologies has also led to the creation of compact and efficient systems that provide safe drinking water in regions with limited access to clean water sources. This technology has the potential to improve the quality of life for millions of people, particularly in developing regions where waterborne diseases are a significant concern.

A Vision for the Future

Eric Crews and Design Desk Inc.’s innovative approach to climate change mitigation technology goes beyond just addressing the symptoms of the problem; it seeks to address the root causes. Their commitment to harnessing the power of applied physics, logic reduction, and innovative design principles reflects a vision of a world where sustainability and environmental protection are not just buzzwords but central pillars of our society.

The urgency of climate change necessitates bold, visionary leaders who are willing to invest time, effort, and resources in developing groundbreaking solutions. Crews’ dedication to this cause, as evident through the work of Design Desk Inc., is a testament to the transformative potential of human ingenuity. With over a decade of experience and numerous innovative solutions, Eric Crews and his team are leading the way in the fight against climate change.

Eric Crews, the visionary entrepreneur behind Design Desk Inc., has become a formidable force in the ongoing battle against climate change. His deep understanding of applied physics and compound systems, combined with an unwavering commitment to addressing environmental challenges, has led to groundbreaking advancements in Climate Change Mitigation Technology. 

From clean energy to sustainable transportation and environmental protection, Crews and his team are pioneering innovative solutions that promise a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. With their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Design Desk Inc. is helping to drive positive change in a world that desperately needs it. Eric Crews’ visionary approach reminds us that the fight against climate change is a battle worth fighting, and innovative solutions are the key to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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