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Grow Your Lead Generation Business With The Million Dollar Baby Yoda Strategy




James Bonadies was an interesting kid. You were more likely to find James in the local library than at the park playing with the other kids. What was James reading? Comic books? Stories about superheroes? No, books on money and marketing, of course.

Growing up with an old-school Italian father, James learned early that the key to success is working hard and saving money. Although this work ethic served James well, he also knew he didn’t want to follow in his dad’s footsteps. James had bigger dreams.

Today, he is still educating himself. James knows that to keep up with the changing pace of technology and marketing, he has to stay current. And he believes it’s even more important to “sharpen the saw” now, since he teaches others how to have a money mindset and how to  make money helping small businesses find customers.

“My clients and students are my #1 priority, so it is imperative to be the best at what I teach,” James says. In fact, he and his partner Jason McKim have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their own lead generation businesses.

Here’s the story of how they built their 8-figure business in less than six years.

How to Know When You’re Good

After college, James became a teacher. He was making $42,000 and living at home with his parents. “It was the smart thing to do at the time,” says James, “but I was working so hard and my salary didn’t reflect my effort or my value.”

Everything changed for James when he met his wife. “I still remember her looking me dead in the eyes and saying, ‘you have so much more to give than being a teacher,’” James says, “that’s when I started searching for a new plan online.”

At first, James was finding nothing but scams and “get rich quick” schemes. But he kept searching for a legitimate online business idea. It helped that James knew what he was looking for:

  • A way to create value for businesses
  • A business with low or zero startup costs
  • A business that fit his skillset
  • A business with a clearly scalable path

In 2014, James saw a Facebook ad for an online course teaching SEO. Bingo! Not only did James learn SEO and discover that he could use his new skills to create value for other small businesses, he also met his business partner, Jason. Together they built their digital marketing agency to 7 figures in less than two years.

James had a hunch he and Jason were onto something. But when their competitors started stealing their funnels and using their marketing strategies, that’s when he knew they were good at what they were doing.

Get Paid For Something No One Can Steal

What do you do if you want to stop your competitors from stealing from you? You have two choices: you spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours dragging them through the court system or you figure out how to get paid for something no one can steal from you.

James and Jason went for the second option. They realized if they sell their knowledge instead

of their services, not only would they be able to protect their intellectual property, they would

actually create a second revenue stream teaching other marketers how to create a predictable business.

Once they realized how “plug and play” their model was for anyone who wanted to learn and implement these marketing strategies, they started mentoring and teaching others to start their own online businesses.

This led to a massive movement breaking the mold of “traditional” online businesses and guiding over 5,500 students to change their financial lives.

Enter the Baby Yoda Strategy. By now, everyone has seen the memes and gifs. Using one of the fastest and most effective marketing strategies in history, James’ students—even those with no experience online—go from being novices to experts very quickly.

This simple strategy removes all the roadblocks commonly seen in the make-money-online world, and truly gives everyone a chance to build a business—an actual real business—using the Internet.

James and Jason teach the Baby Yoda Strategy to all their students and it is the backbone behind their students’ success. Work this strategy and you’ll land your first client within the first 30 days. Curious about their free training? Check out the link below.

James Bonadies & Jason McKim, the Co-Founders of Local Marketing Vault and 8-figure business owners have helped thousands of entrepreneurs make their first thousands online with more than a dozen clients making over $1 million. Click here to get their free training on how to get paid to help small businesses >>>

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3 Pieces of Advice OptionsSwing Inc. Wants to Share With Fellow Fin-Ed Entrepreneurs




Starting any type of business and seeing it grow and survive is hard. Entrepreneurs go into their ventures prepared to see them fail, even though they always have to give their all to stop that from happening. Saying that it’s a gamble would take it too far, but entrepreneurship is nevertheless a risky business.

Still, there are plenty of resources entrepreneurs can use to boost their business’s chances of succeeding. Experiences from their fellow enterprises who have been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale are invaluable.

For entrepreneurs looking to start a financial education company, here are three pieces of advice from the founders of OptionsSwing, the fin-ed company that’s the darling of Instagram users.

Now Is the Best Time to Start

It could be argued that there’s never a better time than right now to get started on a substantial project. In this case, however, the “now” refers to an extremely specific time in the history of the world: the COVID-19 pandemic.

The full effects of the pandemic cannot be known while it’s still ongoing. It will probably take years and years after the world brings it under control until anyone will be able to even assess how much damage and suffering this virus has caused.

Some effects, however, are painfully obvious right now. One of them is that people are becoming either unemployed or underemployed. A number of them have been turning to the stock market in the hopes they’ll be able to use it as an additional revenue stream. Starting a digital subscription business at a time like that is great, but so is sharing the knowledge that can help people stay afloat.

Be Proactive With Tech Investments

In many cases, waiting for something to happen and then reacting to it is the best way to deal with challenges. When there are too many unknowns ahead, trying to cover them all can become impossible, impractical, or simply too distracting from whatever’s going on in the here and now.

Investing in expanding one’s problem-solving capacity is a whole different beast, though. Tech is a great example of it; investing in it early on means that entrepreneurs won’t have to scramble for resources when they desperately need them. The tech will be there, allowing them to focus on the problem they’re having.

Tech might be the most obvious example for laying the groundwork for future problem-solving capabilities, but the same advice can be extrapolated further. Investing in any resource that’s especially useful in critical times is a good use of money.

Trust People to Do Good Work

While it’s possible to see many one-person operations in the world of business, when it comes to scaling and growing, “the more, the merrier” is the correct motto. Talent procurement in startups is a big deal because, often enough, the quality of the talent has to compensate for the lack of resources.

Even entrepreneurs who believe in their singular vision and don’t want anyone to meddle with their ideas could use help now and again. Delegating work to other people and believing that they’ll do a good job might prove to be necessary for the business’s survival. At the very least, it will be a great way for the controlling entrepreneurs to learn to relax, better handle the uncertainty of someone else’s work, and build healthier relationships with the people around them. It’s a win on all fronts.

To keep up with OptionsSwing, follow them on Instagram at @optionsswing.

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