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Half-Term Hacks: 7 Cheap Family-Friendly Activities




With half term coming up, you may be racking your brain for fun activities that will keep the kids entertained. But if you’re on a tight budget, this is easier said than done. While there’s always the option of considering your funding options to pay for family activities, you may wish to choose cheaper alternatives to save money wherever possible. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best cost-effective ideas that all the family will love.

  1. Explore a museum

You’d be surprised how many free museums there are across the country. Wherever you’re based, there’s likely to be great galleries, exhibitions or art centres that you can explore with the kids. Not only will this keep them occupied, but it will educate them too.

  1. Take a walk in the park

Are your kids more interested in sitting in front of a screen than going outside? Then it’s a great idea to take them to a local park or gardens for some fresh air. Pack a lunch and take some fun ball games to incorporate some exercise into your day!

  1. Watch a film

If the weather isn’t kind to you, set up a family movie afternoon. This could be as simple as finding a film on Netflix and buying in some bags of popcorn. Or you could head to the cinema as there’s lots of offers for kids at the Odeon, Vue and Cineworld. Tickets can cost as little as £2.50 for the little ones!

  1. Do some cooking

Teach your kids essential culinary skills by adorning your aprons and getting to work in the kitchen. There are lots of cheap, family-friendly meals online that can cost just £1-£2 per person and are quick and easy to make. Plus, it means you have some help making dinner!

  1. Get crafty

Another great option if the weather is bad is to set your kids a craft task and watch their creativity flow. There are lots of fun ideas to choose from, such as drawing or painting, making dreamcatchers, experimenting with playdough and more!

  1. Enjoy some sports

There are plenty of sports that you and your kids can enjoy on a budget. Take them to their local park to play football, ride your bikes down a cycle path or get competitive during a game of tennis at your nearest sports centre. The Lawn Tennis Association operates many free tennis lessons across the UK, which are well worth investigating if money is tight.

  1. Go to a free event

With plenty of free events for families across the country, both the kids and your bank account will be happy. For instance, Hobbycraft and Dobbies Garden Centre do free workshops for kids in their UK stores. The National Trust also runs events throughout the year and have plenty of play areas and indoor adventures to enjoy.

We hope this has given you plenty of inspiration for the upcoming half term holiday!

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