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Important Things to Know about a Car Insurance




Most of the car owners are always confused with some of the misconceptions as well as the unfamiliar term. Here are some of the things related to the choice of the best coverage for the vehicle on the best possible price. Let us have a quick look.

The payment of Car insurance has two factors to decide such as the make and model of the car. It is always a complex process to buy car insurance whether it is online or by an agent. Although it has become easy with the internet to compare various policies as well as prices and pick up the right one as per the vehicle. The process of decision making is almost clouded with different misconceptions and myths related to the working of the insurance.

For instance, a lot of people have a myth that the insurance cost of a red-coloured car is more as compared to other cars.

An insurance company considers a lot of factors while finalizing the amount of premium for the vehicle such as the make and model, age, body type, size of the engine, the repair cost and likelihood that it may be stolen. But it does not include the colour of the car.

Every insurance company has using their formulas to calculate the premium prices but they only use the basic factors. Some factors are already mentioned above and other include the age of the driver, gender, experience, the area where the driver live and the credit score of the driver.

When it comes to choosing the car insurance through, then the prevalent area of confusion is the collision and comprehensive coverage. About 70 per cent of the Americans do not understand the difference between both. Firstly, the protection against the theft, damage, fire, flood, vandalism, hail, falling rocks, hitting a deer is covered under comprehensive coverage. However, the collision coverage includes the damage from hitting other vehicles or objects such as tree or guardrail.

It is vital to understand what insurance will cost for the different models when you are shopping for a new car or vehicle. It might be possible that the claim rates of SUV are better as compared to another lower-priced car.

Several ways are there to decrease the bill of insurance; it means a reduction in coverage packages. To exemplify, you might want to opt for comprehensive coverage to the old car. Discounts are also offered by insurance companies for the low mileage, more than one car, and safe drivers and to the students by the insurance companies.

Driving a personal vehicle for business purposes is excluded from a lot of coverage. It may lead to the cancellation of your insurance policy if the insurance company realized that you are doing this.

Last but not least, the auto insurance follows the car and not the driver. If you lent your car to someone, then you only lent your car along with the insurance policy and nothing else. For more information, visit,

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