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Heal Your Lower Back Pain with Revolutionary Exercise Therapy Program




Lower back pain does not let you move freely, but now you can heal agony of lower back pain with a revolutionary Exercise Therapy Program. This is a natural program that frees you from lower back pain, and is readily available at your fingertips with a PDF format and supplementary video. Almost four Americans out of five suffer from back pain. If you are one of them, you will surely take benefits from this program. With this easy exercise program, you will be able to heal back pain from muscle imbalance, dysfunction, and improper use.

Most of the lower back pains are due to muscle failure. Improper muscle activity is the leading cause of muscle failure that causes nerve disease and structural issues. It is good news that you can get solutions to back pain or issues with this exercise therapy program. You can fix your back pain with a simple and easy four-step exercise program.

The clear video demonstration with four easy steps will show you how to do each and every move so that you can be confident in your exercising. There is also a descriptive PDF that outlines everything you need to know about each step. The complete program will ensure that your back gets on the road by healing as fast as possible.

Back pain unbalances the lifestyle of a person. This not only includes the physical pain but the sadness of not being able to participate in the physical activities also produces stress. Transform and eliminate your back pain by using this powerful exercise therapy program PDF and demonstration video.

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Getting to the Root of It! Lebanese Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Mohammad Waizani Explains Root Canal Treatments




Did you know that more than 15 million teeth are treated and saved every year? One of the most common treatments received are root canal treatments. At Dr. Mohammad Waizani’s clinic in Beirut, he specializes in making sure anyone who comes in with a root canal, leaves with a bright smile! 

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure in which the soft center of the tooth called a ‘pulp’ is removed. The pulp is made out of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. In these cases, the pulp is infected after being exposed to bacteria that causes a lot of pain. The crown of the tooth is usually still intact despite the pulp being dead. 

Root canals can be caused by several reasons such as a chip or cracked tooth, deep decay due to cavities that are left untreated, an injury to the tooth, and multiple procedures on the same tooth. 

Some of the signs of root canal infections include the following:

  • Constant toothache 
  • Heat sensation and swelling of gums
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold 
  • Swollen jaw
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Pain with applied pressure 

Dr. Waizani explains how this surgical procedure works to remove the pulp and ensure the tooth doesn’t get infected. He starts by applying anesthetics to the gum and around the infected tooth. Next, the pulp is removed through a small opening at the top of the tooth. After the procedure is done, his patients’ recovery includes antibiotics to ensure that that infection does not flare up post-procedure. This is followed by a temporary filling. 

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, there is no need to panic. Contact Dr. Waizani to schedule your appointment! 

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