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How to Travel in Your Car with your Dog




Transporting a dog from one place to another can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re travelling over a very long distance. It’s undeniable that certain cars are better suited to canine transportation than others. And if your dog is considered a fully-fledged member of the family, as so many are, then their needs should be accounted for before any purchasing decision.

For those considering a new car, ZenAuto have penned an article which identifies a few important considerations. Most of what they’ve identified can be distilled into a few key categories.


The first consideration should be space in the rear of the car. You’ll want enough of it to accommodate a dog in a fixed cage, along with all of the luggage you might want to transport. Moreover, the boot should be low enough to the ground that the dog can easily jump in and out without banging their legs on the lip.


Cars which rattle around the moment they encounter the slightest bump are going to be stressful for your passengers – and especially for your dog, who might not be accustomed to sudden unexplained vibrations. For this reason, opting for something with decent suspension is often worthwhile.

How can I adapt an existing car?

Even if you’re travelling in a vehicle you already own, there are a few choice additions you can make to make travel safer for your dog. According to rule 57 of the highway code, dogs travelling in cars should be ‘suitably restrained’, in order that they not be flying loose around the passenger compartment in the event of a collision or sudden stop, and so that they can’t distract the person driving. This might mean installing a fixed cage in the rear of the vehicle.

You might suppose that your dog is well-trained enough that they won’t react poorly to such an event, but since there’s no way of knowing this in advance, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

One thing that your dog is likely to introduce into the boot of your car is mud, and lots of it. Go for a long walk through the countryside, and you may well end up with a dog that’s covered in mud – especially if yours is the sort of dog who loves nothing better than to splash through every mud-puddle that life throws at it. If you’d like to avoid muddy pawprints covering the inside of your nice new boot, then invest in a boot protector. These devices are often custom-made to fit the contours of a specific vehicle. When you get how, you can simply take them out of the car, wash them, and then replace them.

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