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Jamad Usman – The Story Behind His Successful Career




Success is often said to be the yardstick to measure how well you compare to your previous best. This means that to be successful, one needs to strive to better themselves constantly. However, this is not always easy. There will be days when everything may seem to be going wrong, and it can tempt you to give up. It is important to remember that there are some bad days, and they should not convince you to shun your ambitions to achieve something great. Successful people are those who are determined and take every opportunity with both hands that come their way. They look for the best in every situation and use every setback as a learning opportunity. With this positive approach, you can ensure that you are always moving forward and heading in the right direction – towards success.

Jamad Usman, one of the world’s most well-known entrepreneurs, started his career from scratch. He has established multiple enterprises from the ground up, and his business ventures are now valued at millions of dollars. He is known for his innovative thinking and ability to identify chances that others miss. 

From Middle-Class Malabar To CEO Of UAE’s Leading Emirates First Group 

Jamad Usman was born in Kuttichira, a suburb of Kozhikode, and was raised in a Malabar family, where he started sharing responsibilities at a young age. Since his studies and career were inextricably linked, he began as a salesman for Maliakal jewelry while he was still pursuing his undergraduate degree.

Jamad had the opportunity to travel to Bengaluru as a sales professional for Malabar Gold and Diamonds, thanks to his perseverance and the good fortune that came his way within a year. While in Bengaluru, his new acquaintances helped him develop English language skills. Because Jamad never steered away from taking on new responsibilities, he put in a lot of effort and was quickly promoted to Sales Manager at Malabar Gold and Diamonds. Due to these added responsibilities, he was compelled to relocate to Hyderabad, where he became proficient in sales and Hindi.

Later, Jamad went to Dubai to attend his friend’s wedding. And with that, a brand-new chapter of his life began to unfold. Jamad decided to stay in Dubai and eventually started working as a Business Development Executive for the car seat maker Welfit in Ajman. In this position, he coordinated and collaborated with networks, made connections with many local Arabs, and gained an understanding of the business environment in the UAE. After leaving this company in 2016, Jamad Usman found himself at a crossroads.

“There was no requirement for sizable initial capital expenditure, and I had the advantage of having begun operations during Dubai’s period of rapid growth. In a broader sense, the United Arab Emirates and its leadership have historically shown their support for Indians, notably Keralites.”, says Jamad, while recounting his experience of how Emirates First Business Service LLC came into being.

Jamad Usman is a prosperous businessman who has established Emirates First as the preeminent brand for investment consulting services. He has also carved out a certain persona in the industry. Because of his extensive understanding of the UAE investment market, he could provide cutting-edge investment solutions for his customers, which resulted in his capturing the attention of his target audience. Because of his charming personality, generous nature, and in-depth knowledge of the investment market, he established himself as an industry influencer. His organization has a significant base of satisfied customers who are more than willing to trust the quality of his work.

He is a successful businessperson, as well as an investor who is both knowledgeable and seasoned in his field. He is in a position to provide his customers with a fresh viewpoint on how to expand their businesses. Jamad Usman’s unwavering commitment has made him one of the most sought-after people in the business world. He offers investment consultancy services to both well-established companies and aspiring enterprises alike. Because of his expertise, Emirates First has evolved into a brand that provides exceptional business development and investment consultancy services. 

The company is valued at $26 million, employs 85 employees, and has 3500 customers. Emirates First operates in six locations, including two E First Global locations. Emirates First aspires to be worth $50 million by 2023, with $30 million in annual sales. The brand has gained global recognition with its expansion to Canada, the United States, India, and, most recently, the United Kingdom.

Jamad Usman’s journey to the top was not an easy one. He started working in a jewelry store, where he rapidly learned the ins and outs of the trade. From there, he moved on to other businesses, always looking for new opportunities and ways to make a name for himself. This determination eventually led him to success. 

Today, he is one of the UAE’s most well-known and respected entrepreneurs. Jamad has always been a strong supporter of entrepreneurship, and he firmly believes that anyone can achieve their dreams if they are willing to work hard enough. This is a lesson that he has learned firsthand, and it is one that he wants to share with others. Thanks to his experiences, Jamad is uniquely positioned to help aspiring entrepreneurs take their first step toward success.

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Wisdom and Youthful Energy Combined: Tax Attorney Lance R. Drury




Research done by The American Psychological Association indicates that the average person starts feeling old at the age of 47. This was the most cited age in a survey of 2,000 Americans over 40, with respondents also noting that they begin to worry about age-related bodily changes around the age of 50. Concerns about mental decline and memory loss are prevalent, with a significant percentage of participants expressing fears about their cognitive health deteriorating as they age. Interestingly, fewer people are concerned about losing their youthful looks compared to worries about mental sharpness and staying socially connected.

But at the young age of 70, Tax Attorney at Law Lance R. Drury embodies the belief that age is just a number — not a measure of one’s capabilities. With a career spanning several decades, the spunky lawyer continues to defy societal expectations, showcasing that one can maintain both wisdom and youthful energy well into their later years. Drury’s happy-go-lucky, quick-witted personality offers a refreshing perspective in a world where age often dictates one’s pursuits and achievements.

Lance R. Drury is the founder of the Law Office of Lance R. Drury, a firm renowned for its exceptional tax resolution services. With over 35 years of legal experience, his practice specializes in tax planning, litigation of tax disputes, and negotiation of settlements with tax authorities. Drury’s personalized approach to each case ensures that clients receive strategies tailored to their unique situations.

His offices are located in Ste. Genevieve and St. Louis in Missouri, Nashville in Tennessee, and most recently, San Antonio in Texas. Drury’s practice emphasizes understanding clients’ specific needs and navigating the complexities of tax law to provide clear, actionable solutions. Through his dedicated work, he built a longstanding reputation for his legal acumen and commitment to upholding the highest standards of the legal profession, ensuring that each client receives attentive and effective representation.

We sat down with Drury to discuss his perspective on age and how it influences his dynamic approach to life and work.

All In Your Head

Drury’s response to the question of retirement was profound.

“People often suggest I should retire,” he shared. “But staying active keeps my mind sharp and my spirit youthful.”

His days are filled with interactions that span generations, which he believes keep his mind young and engaged.

“Age is just a sequence of numbers that has no bearing on what you can achieve. The only limits are the ones you set for yourself,” Drury emphasized.

Maintaining Purpose and Connection

Drury highlighted the importance of maintaining a sense of purpose. While retirement for some means relaxation and leisure, for Drury, it’s about continual engagement and growth.

“You don’t retire from life; you move towards new opportunities,” Drury pointed out. “It’s essential to keep forging connections and pursuing goals that keep you connected to the world around you.”

He actively engages with people daily, from colleagues to younger individuals, enriching his social life and broadening his perspectives. This engagement, he noted, is key to feeling connected and vibrant.

The Psychological and Social Benefits of Staying Active

Staying engaged in work and social activities has profound effects on mental health. Drury observed that his professional engagements keep his mind sharp and give him a sense of purpose every day. This routine, he suggested, can benefit everyone, regardless of age. The social interactions that come with staying active help prevent the loneliness and isolation often associated with aging.

“Staying active is crucial for keeping your mind sharp and your spirit engaged,” Drury noted.

A Rebellious Stance on Aging

Drury’s approach is rebellious. Especially in the field of law, defying societal expectations that dictate slowing down with age is unexpected. He finds liberation in continuing his work and enjoying life on his terms. This rebellious stance is about acknowledging the aging process while embracing it with vigor and a clear sense of purpose.

“Rejecting the typical narrative of aging doesn’t mean denying the process of growing older. It means embracing it with enthusiasm and a resolve to live fully every day,” Drury passionately shared. “I encourage others to live joyfully and defiantly, irrespective of age.”

Drury’s narrative is a powerful reminder that age should not limit our dreams or capabilities. Whether it’s continuing a career, engaging with diverse social groups, or simply finding new reasons to enjoy each day, his life exemplifies the power of living without age boundaries. Drury’s advice encourages us to look beyond societal expectations and craft a life filled with engagement, purpose, and connection, no matter how many years we have lived.

In a world that often equates aging with decline, Lance R. Drury stands out as a beacon of enduring vitality and purpose, inspiring all of us to rethink what it means to grow older!

About The Law Office of Lance R. Drury

The Law Office of Lance R. Drury, founded in 2006, has been a leading legal practice in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, San Antonio, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee specializing in tax law matters. With over 35 years of experience, Lance is a nationally-recognized tax resolution attorney providing innovative solutions to IRS tax dilemmas with a team that is dedicated to providing clients personalized and effective solutions for tax planning, dispute litigation, and tax resolutions. For more information, please visit 

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