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Los Angeles Dessert Innovation Takes Over The Middle East (And The Rest of The World) at 3rd Street Donuts Shop




If you’re ever catching yourself asking where you can find a piece of America in the Middle East, look no further. 3rd Street Donuts is where you can find a list of over a dozen specialty coffees and a one-of-a-kind, secret donut recipe that is directly imported from one of the finest American bakeries in Los Angeles, California.

The shop carries over 120 flavors of donuts, rotating from 40 to 50 flavors a day. They are made fresh daily and decorated beautifully in-house with a wide variety of colorful toppings for every occasion. The shop also offers a wide variety of artisanal hot and iced coffees that resemble those at your typical American coffee shop.

Mundhir al Alawi, founder and owner of 3rd Street Donuts, visited local, family-owned donut shops practically everyday while living in Los Angeles, California. He quickly fell in love with the dessert and the many distinct ways it could be prepared, depending on its unique recipe. Needless to say it didn’t take long for his newfound love of the fluffy treat to trigger the idea of a potential business endeavor.

But in order to remain as authentic as possible to his favorite donut shops in L.A, Alawi knew he’d have to create an American-style donut recipe for his small business. He proceeded to hire an executive pastry chef, and, in collaboration with an American bakery, designed the perfect donut recipe that would later become the secret signature staple of 3rd Street Donut Shop.

Thanks to the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Oman, the shop’s top-quality ingredients for its secret recipe are imported from California whilst remaining completely duty-free. Since the innovative recipe requires special ingredients from both countries in order for the dessert to remain perfectly soft and fluffy, fellow competitors in the area using local ingredients have tended to fall short in competition.

There are currently three 3rd Street Donut Shop branches in Oman and more to come within the following year. By the end of 2021, the shop will be making its way into Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and Bahrain. The business has also recently started accepting franchising applications which can be found on

And if a delicious secret donut recipe imported overseas isn’t enough to bring you into the shop, its excellent customer service will do the trick. The shop’s owner made sure to put the customer’s experience at the forefront of his business by training staff to provide both innovative products and a wonderful dine-in experience. Each 3rd Street consumer is meant to be a friend and a lifetime companion of the business. “We are innovative in everything we do, but we always make sure to put the customer first,” owner and founder Mundhir al Alawi explains. “It’s always about making them feel like 3rd Street Donuts is a part of their home, and that whenever they walk into our shop, they understand that they are the most important.”

Join the 38,000+ members of 3rd Street Donuts’ digital family by following @3sdonuts on Instagram and follow their journey on their new locations coming soon. For more information on business opportunities, visit their website.

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