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Matt Sequeira’s Journey As A Songwriter




Matt Sequeira has had a long journey as an independent artist. He was inspired to pursue his music career from an early age after visiting Elvis Presley’s mansion in Graceland, Tennessee. Infected by the visions he saw for himself, Matt knew he wanted to become an entertainer.

Matt’s career as a musician began by making covers of other songs in his bedroom. As a self-taught guitarist and singer, Matt didn’t feel comfortable showing off his talent until he was in high school. During this, he began playing more often and became less afraid to show people his passion. “During school breaks, I would perform to the students around me,” said Matt. Eventually being encouraged to audition for American Idol in 2015, his audition was broadcasted on live TV. Since then, all his goals moving forward have been centered around becoming a musician.

Matt’s career took a big turn when he was invited to work on some records at the famous Capitol Records tower. He tributes his time there as a monumental moment in his career, learning a lot about production. “My greatest achievement as a musician had the opportunity to record several singles in the iconic Capitol Records Tower,” said Matt. “The studio is home to so many number one hit songs and top-charting artists that I truly felt that my career as an artist was not only moving in the right direction but taking huge steps towards success.”

After taking a short break to focus back on his music, Matt got the opportunity to tour the Azores islands of Portugal in 2018. During his time there he played a number of shows and even sold out of merch during his week 1 run. “I lived for 3 months in the Azores islands of Portugal performing many paid shows and sold out on merch within the first week,” said Matt. “It meant a lot to me since it was the first time I felt people connecting to my music.”

In 2019 Matt released a single called “Coming Over” with collaborator Angel Sanchez, making his debut on all major platforms. He didn’t release another track until earlier this past year. “Under The Covers” marked Matt’s first single of 2020, and a turning point in his songwriting style. Stepping away from the electronic pop vibes of “Coming Over” Matt offered up a unique blend of Pop and Punk.

Last month, Matt released his first debut project, a 5 song EP titled “Weirdo”. The extended play lasts about 13 minutes in run time, and offers more PopPunk tunes, showcasing Matt’s growth as a songwriter.

Matt plans to follow up his debut EP with a new PopPunk version of “Deck The Halls” in early December. Check out the links below for more information and to stay posted on Matt’s upcoming releases.

Listen to Matt’s Music here

Follow Matt Sequeira here

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The fundamental features of community festivals’ social implications




Music’s power is an extraordinarily vital and unique instrument that improves the human experience. When combined with a social gathering of individuals from all walks of life who have come to appreciate this art, it creates a force unlike any other. Music allows people to imagine their lives and evoke powerful memories. Music is integral to cultural gatherings, festivals, and belief systems. Sound and rhythm patterns provide a unique insight into an individual’s thoughts on current culture, subcultures, and societal concerns. Community festivals allow people of a community to engage in socialization, entertainment, and the formation of social networks, all of which can contribute to the promotion of community cohesiveness and the development of social capital within a community. 

In addition to bringing people of all colors, races, and ethnicities together, these festivals also play a pivotal role in promoting upcoming artists in the music industry. Festivals have long been one of the most prolific venues for promoting new music and exposing listeners to contemporary artists. The absence of festivals and venues has significantly hampered fresh content and talent exposure. Music is vital during festivals because it creates an instant link among those who attend. Festival music speaks to our human yearning to connect, and music is a means of self-expression that transcends all language borders. Picking up performances at smaller or local music festivals is a terrific method for new performers to get into the live music scene. 

Cultura Fest Las Vegas is organized by Alexis Lopez, CEO of artist-only entertainment in Las Vegas. The first large Latino Music Festival in the heart of Las Vegas, bringing together some of the top Latin artists from across the world to play on one stage, which includes some of the most prominent Latino Artists performing various types of music genres such as Regional Mexicana, Banda, Mariachi, and Reggaeton to create a first-time Latino music festival in the heart of Las Vegas. By reshaping live entertainment into an economic engine for growth and commerce and challenging humanity to live by its highest ideals, festivals have revolutionized the live music industry and become a crucial source of income for the music business. They also celebrate both the power of the individual and the collective masses. 

The upcoming festival to send shockwaves

The festival is scheduled to take place in 2023. With over 20 artists and ten of the biggest Latin DJs and music producers on the stage, bringing Latin Culture together, various Latin food from different cultures, games, contests, and giveaways for all guests to eat and dance the night away.

Cultura Fest will feature Latin music genres such as Reggaeton, Dembow, Mariachi, Corridos, and Banda Regional Mexicana.

Becky G, Dalex, Jowell & Randy, Blessed, Ryan Castro, Luis R Conriquez, Fuerza Reguida, Enigma Norteno, Junior H, Rickstarr, Mr. Fernandez, Christian Nava, Eslabón Armado, Eladio Carrión, Lunay, Sech, Lyanno, Mora, and many more will be confirmed as headliners in 2023.

Through his music promotion venture, Alexis intends to introduce Cultura Fest to other big cities such as Los Angeles, Texas, Chicago, and Miami. 

Introducing new artists to the audience

Alexis works as an A/R in the Latino business with numerous artists and frequently forges new ties amongst artists of various genres. Introducing numerous artists merging both cultures to be able to develop the new sounds of Latin Music, such as Grupo Firme from the Mexican Group and Jay Wheeler from reggaetón.

 About Alexis Lopez

 After suffering three ACL knee injuries, Alexis Lopez decided to hang up his boots and see what the future held for him. Alexis transitioned into music management, working with artists and DJs, and has worked for famous names in the music industry, such as Christian Nava, Rickstarr Baby, and Payso. Lopez has succeeded in every element of his life, and the new chapter of his life was no exception. Alexis Lopez knocked on many doors in his early days and was successful throughout his life. He has completed several missions. Lopez is now taking multiple Artists to South America, Central America, and Canada, such as Grupo Firme, Dos Carnales, Wisin & Yandel, Steve Aoki, Jay Wheeler, Oscar Maydon, Becky G, Luis R Conriquez, and many more Latino artists.

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