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Mohamed Said Guedi – An African Businessman, is Inspiring the Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide




The African businessman, Mohamed Said Guedi has been in the news for running many successful businesses owing to his excellent business planning skills. He has been an inspiration for all the young entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to achieve something big in their lives. He has over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner with his expertise in many areas covering from FMCG to Telecommunications as well as Distribution & Logistics.

Along with participation in business activities, he also loves to become a part of philanthropic activities to help deprived people in meeting their basic needs.

Mohamed Said Guedi – A Leader in Entrepreneurship

Mohamed Said Guedi has been a leader in the world of entrepreneurship and business. He is getting a lot of popularity for running successful businesses in East Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Using his strategic business planning, the African entrepreneur has grown several businesses from startups to million-dollar values.

With the use of creative sales techniques and innovative marketing, Mohamed Said Guedi has been boosting many businesses from different areas.

Runs Successful Ventures

As mentioned above, Mohamed Said Guedi has been running many successful businesses in his business career with the use of his exceptional business planning. He has been recognized for his contribution to the business world. He has also received many rewards for his excellent piece of work. The veteran businessman founded the MSG Trading ETS in the year 1981. And it is running successfully in the field of export and import. With the passage of time, he founded Independent Tobacco FZE, Dubai in the year 2004.

In addition to this, he has been leading many companies namely Somcable LTD, Somaliland, and other companies as a part of the MSG Group of Companies. His company, Independent Tobacco FZE, is a growing international tobacco company. This company manufactures, markets and distributes various brands of cigarettes to people in different corners of the world.

Mohamed Said Guedi

Mastery in Business Skills

Mohamed Said Guedi has got many effective business skills due to his outstanding communication and presentation abilities. He provides resourceful business solutions using his deep knowledge and experience in the business world. The African businessman also has skills in persuasive presentations and profitable negotiations to run businesses successfully.

After taking inspiration from him, many young entrepreneurs have been diving into the business world with their start-ups. His works fill the young people with enthusiasm to start their business with a high level of energy.

In addition to running many successful businesses, Mohamed Said Guedi participates in philanthropic activities on a regular basis. He has been running many charitable contributions in the deprived regions of Africa. Guedi donates a fixed share of his company’s profit for funding road projects. He also contributes to setting up education funds for less fortunate students in Somaliland and Djibouti.

He has funded many water projects across Somaliland including the construction of water reservoirs and water crossings. His MSG Group of Companies also play a crucial role in helping people at the time of natural disasters and calamities. The entrepreneur also provides affected families with food and water to help them meet the basic needs of life.

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