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Next-Gen Sounds Are Being Created By the American Record Producer, Luis Bordeaux




Luis Bordeaux and Non Native are best known for producing  Lil Tjay & 6lack’s “Callin My Phone”. Bordeaux was born to an immigrant couple in the Bronx, NY. Today he has used different cultural influences to create his work and is a self taught American record producer working in collaboration with Non Native.

Bordeaux is 24, and Union City’s Non Native is 20, together they are responsible for giving the world of music some infectious new Drill sound. They have together created 2020 superstars Fivio Foreign, Lil Tjay and the late-Pop Smoke. The duo has also been credited for one of the biggest singles in rap like Lil Tjay’s “Zoo York” and Meek Mill & Fivio Foreign’s “Demons & Goblins”. Even the chart-bursting H.E.R.‘s Saturday Night Live new single, “Hold” has been backed by the duo’s vision.

The self taught music producer, Luis Bordeaux says that his parents were first generation immigrants in America thus for him music became a way of making friends. Music bought all together and he got to learn a lot about different cultures through the music he listened to. All of it influenced his work.

For the dynamic duo, The Neptunes, are the biggest influences in their lives combined with their love for electronic music. All these influences have been a big part of their careers to create their own unique style of music. The works inspired them to create unique, delicate and soulful work.

Their working style is different from other producers. The duo likes to be in the same room when an artist is creating to be in the process completely. Non Native says both of them are in sync with what output they are looking for. He says, “We can flip flop seats at any time in a session and we both know exactly what to do and how to carry the session on.” They are looking at creating impactful work and have the same ambitions making them experiment in all areas of music.

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How did Film Producer Grace Wan’s COVID-19 Documentary Impact People




The globe would be devastated by the novel virus coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), as reports of a respiratory disease began to circulate. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization labelled this severe respiratory illness a global epidemic. The virus’s spread has accelerated, and coronavirus cases have risen sharply all around the world.

This deadly illness has claimed the lives of countless people along its path, which extends from the West to the East. In contrast, it has significantly impeded trade and business, as well as education and transportation. Many people’s careers and everyday lives have been ruined by the deadly pandemic. Impediments to daily duties and chores affect not just those who are sick, but also those who are healthy.

This disease has engulfed the entire planet with its virulent force. Anti-bacterial sprays, anti-bacterial gloves, and surgical masks are among the disinfectants that have become standard issue. Normal lockdown procedures, cancellation of social meetings and activities, and the use of the internet for education and commerce are only a few of the significant changes brought about by coronavirus outbreaks. It’s hard to imagine how an invisible virus could upset the world’s normal course of events. It’s obvious that even after the virus has been eradicated, the effects it had on the planet will remain.

There has been a lot of content created to increase awareness about how to save others as well as yourself in light of the global epidemic. ‘Coronavirus Explained,’ a Vox documentary, was an excellent example of this. ‘The Disease’ is a Netflix original series that launched on April 26th, 2020 and quickly became popular among viewers interested in the fight against the deadly pandemic.

This documentary features the work of many brilliant filmmakers, including Grace Wan. The Canadian filmmaker is a polymath who works in a variety of fields. The woman is multi-talented; she’s a director, producer, writer, actress, musician, singer, and so on… She’s been in a lot of films and has a lot of practical experience in the business. Acts of vengeance, Game Night, and The Lost Wife of Robert Durst are just a few of the films in which Grace appeared. She has also worked on Cruise’s Prime Day Concert 2019, as well as films including Alphamem, Tic Tac Toe, Jia Fu’s Daisy, Friend, Glow, and Inseperable.

There is an in-depth look at the coronavirus pandemic, the measures to combat it, and ways of dealing with the mental health consequences in Coronavirus Explained. This is a three-episode limited series that covers a wide range of topics.

This Pandemic’s first episode, narrated by J. K. Simmons, explains how the virus got started and spread over the world. It provides details on the pandemic’s emergence and spread throughout the world’s nations.

Laura Linney narrates the second episode, “The Race for a Vaccine,” which explores the widespread worries about developing a vaccine. The struggle to find a cure for this pandemic and put a stop to the suffering of the general public.

Idris Elba provides the narration for “How to Cope,” the third episode of the season. While dealing with the stress of a pandemic and a global lockdown, it covers coping techniques. You’ll learn how to maintain a positive outlook while still taking care of your bodily and mental health during the virus outbreak.

In these difficult times, filmmakers like Grace Wan are vital in bringing attention to important issues and disseminating information. They help people stay positive and test negative by producing outstanding visual art. They instruct their viewers on how to be safe from the pandemic while also providing in-depth information on current occurrences.

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