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NHL And Adidas Turn Retro For Latest Jersey Designs




All the NHL teams to take part within the next season, will be given the latest new jersey design initiatives by Adidas. Each of the 31 teams will be given a different design with unique re-designs/reconstructions for the previous season designs of the past.

Many exchange bets have already begun across to address which design will be given to which teams, by certain punters. This idea has gained great popularity and interest and it is definitely something to look forward to, despite everything that is going on across the world.

Various sources across the sports media outlets such as CNN and NBC Sport have quoted what NHL officials have had to say about this new design scheme and introduction to the NHL team and community. The NHL believes that the Reverse Retro jerseys showcase the fans passion and interest for the NHL sports teams. This two year process has been in the works for a long time, leaving players eager with anticipation for the final reveal-also including the fans of course. The designs and colour schemes shown are something that has never been seen or done before, and the fact they have incorporated the team colours within each design, makes them that much more of an item of sentimental value.

This design of jerseys will be won over many occasions across the 2020-21 seasons, meaning fans will have plenty of opportunities to witness and see how the designs work each time. There even is a special release of jerseys for the teams that progress into the rivalry matches for the season, with winning teams receiving unique get ups for the final head-to-head matches. The actual designs for these are of course, yet to be released, so players and fans will need to wait for Adidas to reveal the final results. 

The 31 shirts that have been revealed so far, are very quirky with a diverse range of graphic designs and components going into them. There is huge hype already from the fans across social media platforms, who have expressed how they cannot wait to see their favourite players wear set designs. 

The most prominent design from the collections was from the NHL LA jerseys, whereas the Pittsburgh jersey was very subtle and rather simplistic. Still a masterpiece in its own right of course.

Adidas have clearly hit the bullseye creating these, and we are sure that once they are set to hit the online stores, they will whip out of stock, just as fast as they came in. 

From television to the internet platform, Jonathan switched his journey in digital media with Bigtime Daily. He served as a journalist for popular news channels and currently contributes his experience for Bigtime Daily by writing about the tech domain.

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Why USL2 is the Coolest Soccer League in the USA




Soccer continues to grow in popularity in the USA. The most obvious signs of this are in the MLS (Major League Soccer), which has expanded to 28 teams, with two more franchises scheduled to join by 2023. New teams such as LAFC, Austin FC, and Charlotte FC, who broke the MLS attendance record in their first game, have been well received by their local communities. In addition, they have helped to raise the profile of the sport with some clever branding and community engagement.

Cult following

The MLS has also picked up many new fans from abroad. The creation of fan groups, inspired by European “Ultras”, has resulted in a unique atmosphere. At first, this seemed manufactured, but it has taken on a life of its own. Many MLS teams are adopted by the local Hispanic communities, but they have also gained popularity amongst the LGBT communities, with rainbow pride flags now a regular feature in stadiums across the country.

Community spirit

However, it’s not just the Major League that has developed a cult following. In the lower leagues, there are some incredible soccer communities developing. The USL2 (United Soccer League Two) is a hotbed of cult teams, cool branding, and community spirit.

One such team is the Minneapolis City Soccer Club. The club is known as the Crows, and this is reflected in their logo, which was on a shortlist of five in a vote for the best crest in the league. Their Citizens support group are among the most loyal in the division and their groundbreaking soccer shirts are sought by collectors across the globe. The community-run club previously competed in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League), winning the North Conference in 2018, 2019, and 2021. They stepped up to the USL2 in 2022.

A new look for West Virginia

Another new name to appear in 2021 was West Virginia United, which reached the conference playoffs. West Virginia has always lacked any major league sports teams but has a thriving college sports scene. It is also becoming a major destination for sports and casino gambling in the east of the country thanks to its five West Virginia online casinos, which offer online sports wagering. This growth in the gambling sector is expected to have a knock-on effect on the sports scene as more revenue is generated in the region. Like Minneapolis, West Virginia has also nailed their branding with a super cool logo that pays pay homage to the blue ridge mountains. The rebranding coincided with a kit deal with major sports brand Puma.

The team began life as West Virginia Chaos in 2003 before merging with the youth teams of Charleston FC and Fury Soccer Club to form West Virginia Alliance FC in 2018. They joined USL2 in 2019 and it is hoped that the latest change of name will be permanent as the club looks to provide a stable first-team environment in the fourth tier of the US soccer, as well as a development team in the USL Academy system.

Cool branding

Surprisingly, West Virginia United did not make the final shortlist for the best new crest in the USL2 poll. Nonetheless, they were up against some stiff competition, most notably, winners One Knoxville SC who made a brilliant video to show how their crest was designed.

Other teams featured in the vote were Louisiana-based Blue Goose SC, Ballard FC of Washington, and Vermont Green FC, but these teams are about more than just branding.

In the tier above (USL1), there are also some cult clubs including Forward Madison FC, the self-styled “world’s second favorite team.” They made an instant impact after launching in 2019 thanks to their smart social media work and colorful kit designs, but it is USL2 that is leading the way in the fast-growing world of cult community soccer clubs.

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