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Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto conveyed best wishes to not only all Moroccans but also to His Majesty King Of Morocco Mohammed VI




Rabbi Pinto’s Eid Al Fitr Wishes

The Rabbi presides over Casablanca’s Rabbinical Court. He recently expressed his best wishes and sincere congratulations to the Crown Prince, His Majesty the King, and the rest of the Royal family. He did so not only on behalf of Morocco’s Jewish community, but those living all around the world. Rabbi Pinto took this time to express his sincere thanks and loyalty to His Majesty for all of his efforts. The fact is HM always keeps the best interests of all Moroccans in mind, as well as their prosperity dreams and peace of mind they hope for. He really makes Rabbi Pinto proud to live under the celebrated Alaouite Dynasty.

Previously the media released a statement made by Rabbi Pinto that praised the efforts and instructions The King gave in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Rabbi was pleased that His Majesty worked hard to preserve his people’s security. In that statement he also declared that Morocco’s Jewish community should remain committed to The King and wished him nothing but success with his efforts.

Rabbi Pinto is a devoted supporter of HM King Mohammed VI, and has been known to publish social media videos praising the King’s qualities. The Rabbi considers him a unique King who belongs to the rank of a Saint. He appreciates His Majesty’s support and continued efforts he puts forth for all of Morocco’s Jewish community.

Rabbi Pinto’s Background

The Rabbi was born to a Moroccan family in Israel who were prominent in Morocco’s Jewish community. It was in Israel that he first taught classes on the Torah. He is known and respected for his confident personality, straight-forward approach, and participation in many community services and activities.  He first attended Yeshiva in Kiryat Malakhi, Israel. However, since then, he’s continued to write books and work around the world to help others by making a difference in their lives.

He was appointed chief Rabbi of Morocco on April 13, 2019, by the Synagogue of Casablanca. Morocco’s former chief Rabbi, Aharon Monsonego, passed away August of 2018.

Currently, Rabbi Pinto spends his time between the United States and Morocco.  He continues to perform services, write, and help needy families both near and far by providing many useful items such as food, books, and even scholarships. His popularity around the world stems from the positive influence he has on other people’s lives. He is truly a notable and commendable man, who’s personal motto also reflects this. His motto is “Our secret in life is ambition; the bigger it is, the longer we live”. This is a motto everyone should adopt!

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Fernando Shahpouri – Fresh Take On Politics




Fernando Shahpouri is a name that has been making rounds in American politics lately and for a good reason. His fresh take on politics, moderate views, and new ideas have garnered support from various sections of the American population. Shahpouri, a member of the Democratic Party, believes in balancing economic growth with social welfare, promoting diversity, and increasing inclusion in society.

Shahpouri is a political candidate whose message resonates with voters. Aspiring to increase financial backing for his campaign, his perspectives on government and 4-year plan could shake up the status quo. This article explores his political vision for America and how his achievements and beliefs have shaped it.

Shahpouri is a member of the Democratic party and is widely regarded as a true Democratic-Republican, much like President Thomas Jefferson. He is also a true Lincoln thinker and strives to uphold the Constitution while supporting new ideas. Shahpouri believes in the innovation of new medical procedures, medicine, clinics, and hospitals while keeping rates low to stimulate the American economy. He also recognizes that the Separation of Corporate Establishment and State is implied in the Separation of Church Establishment and State laws detailed in the Constitution.

Shahpouri’s political vision is rooted in equal income/free income and working income for all Americans. He believes in providing free education and healthcare and supports using the Federal Reserve for the good of the people. He also strongly advocates preserving the U.S. Constitution, diplomacy in foreign affairs, and ending poverty and homelessness. As a supporter of higher education, Shahpouri has recognized the importance of corporations in the economy and believes in protecting them from over-taxation or overreaching government. At the same time, he advocates for decriminalizing marijuana and protecting the constitutional rights of medical patients who use cannabis.

Furthermore, Shahpouri supports abortion rights and enforcing the 14th Amendment right upon the justice department and Supreme Court by any means necessary. He advocates for a neutral Ukraine as a sovereign nation and supports economic trade with Russia and North Korea. Additionally, he supports world denuclearization and increasing the budget for Space Force and NASA. Shahpouri’s vision also includes significantly increasing scientific jobs and research, increasing the number of high-end university colleges with broader acceptance, and removing conflicts of interest in the American Bar Association.

Candidate Shahpouri strives to create an Executive Bar Association and Congressional Bar Association to compete with the Judicial Bar Association. Shahpouri’s ultimate goal is to pardon more inmates per capita than any previous President. He supports easy fines and penalties on judges who violate constitutional rights, advocates severe audits and investigations, and stricter laws with fines and penalties for judicial review negligence.

In conclusion, Fernando Shahpouri is a political candidate with a fresh take on politics. His moderate views on government and new ideas are already attracting voters’ attention. His achievements and beliefs demonstrate his commitment to equal rights plus opportunities for all Americans, regardless of their attracting background. As the election season continues, it will be interesting to see how Shahpouri’s vision for America evolves and how loud it rings liberty with the American people.

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