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Reasons to Celebrate the Last Decade for Interim Partners




Interim Partners has become one of the largest suppliers of interim managers throughout the UK. Over the past decade, it has achieved unprecedented success, enabling the business to expand on an international level.

Today, the brand operates globally and has over 50 employees working within the company. Here, we’ll look at some of their key achievements over the past decade that have enabled them to become one of the largest interim suppliers worldwide.

How it all started

Interim Partners was set up in 2003 by Doug Baird. It was designed to offer exceptional interim managers to distressed, private equity backed and leveraged businesses. Now, the company offers a wider range of solutions, such as IR35 private sector advice. They now support both the public and the private sector.

As well as their excellent work to deliver experienced interim staff to businesses, the brand also focuses on giving back to the community. They even launched an employee volunteer program in their Harrogate and London branches in 2015. They have helped numerous charities since they began and continue to fundraise and help out the local community.

A breakdown of the brands achievements

Over the past decade, Interim Partners has racked up a number of awards and achievements. These include:

  • Director of the year finalist – Doug Baird
  • Entrepreneur of the year finalist – Doug Baird
  • Number one provider of Interim managers
  • 14th best small company to work for
  • New London office

In 2011, Doug Baird was nominated as a Young Director of the year finalist by the IoD. The following year in 2012, he became a finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst and Young. The same year, Interim Partners was awarded Investors in People – Silver Standard.

A year on in 2013, the company went on to become listed as the Number One provider of Interim Managers by the Institute of Interim Management. This was one of the brands most prestigious awards to date.

In 2014, the company also ranked as the 14th best small business to work for by the Great Place to Work. Their impressive success led to a new office being opened in London in 2016. In 2017, they once again won the Number One Provider of Interim Managers by the Institute of Interim Management.

These are just some of the most notable awards the company has won since it started. As we enter into a new decade, the brand continues to go from strength to strength. Businesses today require more flexible options such as interim managers. No other company in the sector has achieved the same level of success as Interim Partners, so quickly.

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