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Survey Apps pay you Money in Various Ways




There are many ways to earn money from a paid online survey website. One can take surveys from home or anywhere they please and have a good internet connection. The top way to earn fast money from GPT survey websites PrizeRebel and InboxDollars is from referrals. A person earns between 10% to 30% of what referrals they make. Nothing is to be done other than referring. The more referrals one acquires, the more money they will make. People earn $500 to $100 a month from referrals.

Then there are people who pay you to watch videos. Survey websites have different types of videos from entertainment, fitness, health, food, and general news that need to be watched and points earned. Watching videos gets you points which can later be exchanged for free PayPal cash from GPT Websites.

You can do multiple tasks and micro jobs requiring speed and accuracy and earn money. The tasks are unlimited in number so how much you earn depends on how many tasks you can manage to complete in a day. There is money in completing offers from survey rewards websites. Certain websites require you to subscribe to a service by making a payment but there is an option to cancel it in one of the stages. These offers have high payouts thus considered one of the best ways to earn from paid surveys and websites.

There are websites like Swagbucks that have their own search engines and pay people to search on it. They randomly reward them with points when the person searches and the points can be redeemed either for free PayPal cash or for Amazon Gift Cards.

The idea of Bigtime Daily landed this engineer cum journalist from a multi-national company to the digital avenue. Matthew brought life to this idea and rendered all that was necessary to create an interactive and attractive platform for the readers. Apart from managing the platform, he also contributes his expertise in business niche.

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Shane Morand: Global Motivational Speaker Inspiring Others To Achieve Success




Shane Morand is a world-renowned business leader and mentor. Shane, founder of Shane Morand Enterprises, is committed to helping people realize and effectively accomplish their goals. Shane has seen early success in life, and has formed relationships with some of the best known motivational speakers, like the late Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, and Les Brown. By the time he was 25, he was named the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a major printing company based in Canada. He has been named a Napoleon Hill Foundation honoree for his influence and contribution to free enterprise, which is fitting since he has been a fan of the “Think and Grow Rich” principles since he was a teenager.

By the time he was in his thirties, Shane was an integral part to the establishment to The Success Channel, which was North America’s very first television network devoted solely to success.

What does he credit his success to? The Victory Book. Shane was inspired to develop Victory Book when he was studying successful business strategies and principles. He realized that in both primary and secondary schools, education on effective goal setting isn’t taught. This carried on to later in life; Shane noticed that so many people who wanted to achieve success and had a lack of confidence in their own self-esteem. So, in response to help others, he honed and developed the Victory Book in his twenties, creating a formula for focus and how to overcome personal blockages to find success.

Shane believes that his Victory Book formula has been powerfully instrumental in his success, and that he wants to share this success with as many people as he can. He says that the formula has changed as he has grown and changed, but that it stays true to empowering people, and paving the way for them to dream bigger. And Shane firmly believes that his book isn’t just for entrepreneurs, but also for individuals and families. Learning about goal setting, and learning how to teach others about goal setting is for any and every age, from children to the elderly,

Shane believes that these principles and practices are key to finding success, all of which he addresses in the Victory Book:

  • Visualizing your goals each day
  • Daily exposure to your dreams and goals
  • Tracking your progress 
  • The 3 guiding principles 

Even during struggling economic times, much like today, Shane found business success. In 2008, during the economic recession, Shane co-founded an international gourmet coffee company. In less than five years, the  company went from being founded, to $1 billion in total sales, selling in 50 countries and to 2.2 million customers. Its products are sold through independent distributors, and is considered an elite international company within the direct-sales industry. 

In September of 2019, Shane was appointed to Kinesis Monetary System’s Advisory board. Kinesis Monetary is the world’s leading gold and silver based monetary system, and in October, Shane launched the new Kinesis referral system. While holding this position, Shane continues to travel around the world to inspire others through motivational talks,hoping to aid others to find success, however it is that they define it.

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