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Ten Easy Healthy Lifestyle Tips For All Adults




Are you a part of the new work from home trend? Doing your work from the living room couch is sure very relaxing. But beyond a point, it can have serious implications on your health. A sedentary lifestyle, wrong food choices, along with constant stress and anxiety are the leading causes behind most of the fatalities today.

Take charge of the situation before it is too late. Here are ten simple tips that you can follow for a healthier life:

#Tip 1: Manage Stress

Stress is the single largest factor behind lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart-related complications. Though you may not be able to change the situation in your life, find ways to manage the stress. You can also find out about Delta 8 products such as THC gummies that are extremely helpful in stress management.

#Tip2: Keep Weight in Check

Did you know that by keeping a regular check on your weight, you could detect problems before they take a severe turn! Try to maintain your weight on the lower side of the scale as per your BMI. However, if you are losing weight drastically, do consult a doctor.

#Tip3:  Cut Down On Unhealthy Snacks

It comes as no surprise that proper nutrition plays a key role in healthy living. If you are ditching healthy food for the taste factor, it means you have not done your research right. There are several healthy eating options that are just as delicious as your junk food. Eating healthy food also gives you great satisfaction.

#Tip4: Opt For Right Vitamin Supplements

There are several vital micronutrients that your body needs for proper growth and development. Your diet alone may not be enough to provide you with all of them. So supplement your food with the right multivitamin tablets. You can consult your doctor before opting for them.

#Tip5: Remain Hydrated

Did you know that your body’s minimum requirement of fluids amounts to nearly two liters! This requirement can shoot up in a warmer environment or with increased physical activity. Drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juices, and tea to make sure your body gets the required amount of hydration.

#Tip6: Start Moving 

You cannot get a healthy body if you are always a couch potato. Get up and start moving. Even if you have a desk job, make it a point to engage in quick activities every two hours. At least exercise thrice a week to get noticeable changes from an active lifestyle.

#Tip7: Be Realistic In Terms Of Goals

Many people are disappointed with their fitness goals simply because they are not realistic about the results. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle is a gradual process, and the results too will not become visible overnight. So be patient and stick to it.

#Tip8: Get Proper Sleep 

Are you among those who consider sleep to be a waste of time? Think again. Even when you are resting, your body carries out some vital functions. These functions can get interrupted if you do not get proper sleep. So try to get at least the recommended hours of rest every night.

#Tip9: Treat the Pain

Bad postures and too much time crouching before your computers can leave you with unbearable pain. Treat it before it takes a serious turn. Read more about how does Delta 8 THC get you high as a kite at .  Such nature based products are effective for pain management.

#Tip10: Cut Alcohol Intake

Occasional parties can be a great mood lifter. But if you make alcohol a part of your everyday life, it can have serious health implications. Cut down alcohol intake to the minimal possible amount.

Get Started

Now that you have these tips do not waste any more time. Get started today to feel the change!

Michelle has been a part of the journey ever since Bigtime Daily started. As a strong learner and passionate writer, she contributes her editing skills for the news agency. She also jots down intellectual pieces from categories such as science and health.

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Why Kareem Hassan believes self-employment is the key to true freedom




To those working a 9-to-5, self-employment often presents itself as a daunting choice; there is a considerable risk involved but, at the same time, a lot of freedom to be enjoyed. On the other hand, freelancers and entrepreneurs also have to deal with ‘clients from hell’ at times, making them question whether self-employment was the right choice. According to Kareem Hassan, whatever be your view of being your own boss, you cannot deny the freedom that comes along with it. Here, he explains why he believes self-employment is the key to true freedom.

Kareem Hassan runs a 3D printing service and trades collectibles, which have catapulted him into immeasurable success. From early on, Kareem knew that he wanted to be his own boss; he wasn’t cut out for the 9-to-5 grind. Fueled by his passion for entrepreneurship, he began working to create a business where he could truly love and enjoy what he does.

True success to Kareem means freedom, both financial and time. It also means the freedom to be able to share your knowledge with others and to do what you want, when you want. In addition to running his business, Kareem Hassan has also ventured into creating digital art and investing in NFTs. He says that all this would not have been possible had he been working a regular 9-to-5. Instead, he would be stuck doing the same tasks with minimal returns and an even lower growth ceiling.

Another reason why Kareem Hassan vouches for self-employment is that it enables you to retire early. According to Hassan, being your own boss gives you the freedom to stop when you think you’ve accumulated enough wealth and secured enough investments. Once you achieve what you want and have your financial future secured, you can retire from work and pursue anything you want in life.

When he first got started, Kareem Hassan was not sure where this journey would lead him, but he had a firm conviction to see it to the end. He dropped out of college after two years to take care of his family. He began by investing the little he had in collectibles like comic books, rare items, trading cards, and toys. Seeing an opportunity when the popularity of comic books regained momentum in pop culture, Kareem jumped at it and established his business.

According to Kareem, besides success, freedom is the greatest thing about self-employment. Your time is your most valuable asset, and having time freedom is like having a blank canvas; you can fill it with anything you want and create magic. Knowing this, Kareem Hassan says that he wouldn’t trade that freedom for anything. He also points out that self-employment lets you choose the people you surround yourself with and create diverse networks.

Even as he explains these benefits, Kareem Hassan cautions people against assuming that self-employment is the easy way out. In fact, the entrepreneurial journey can be one of the toughest roads to travel, but it is also worth every sleepless night. Moreover, working at something you are passionate about gives you a broader view of everything, making it easier to navigate these challenges.

Despite the challenges of entrepreneurship, Kareem Hassan says that being your own boss is so much better than working for someone else. “When done right, self-employment allows you to live your dream life,” he concludes.

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