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The Absolute Best Cuts of Beef For Making a Steak




Millions of people enjoy meals based on or around beef. There are several different cuts, and with so many offers on the market, the average consumer tends to get confused. It’s difficult to know which cuts have the strongest flavors, which need to cook the longest, and which offer the most texture.

Knowing which cuts come from which part of the beef can help determine cooking methods and the best type of meat for those on a small purchasing budget.

When a beef is cut, it is divided into quarters and then into prime cuts. Here are the different cuts available for each part of the beef.

Palette Cuts

The front and shoulder of beef produce shoulder or shoulder cuts, which vary in quality and tend to be the cheapest. Because the shoulder area of ​​beef is used so regularly, the cuts are not as smooth as those of other types of meats. For that reason, they are best for steaks used in slow cookers in order to dissolve the fibers of the meat. Examples of shoulder cuts include shoulder top blade, chuck pot roast, shoulder steak, and boneless short ribs.

Leg Cuts

The leg of the beef is located on the front legs. It is extremely tough and full of connective tissue, something to consider when cooking. Leg cuts are best when cooked slowly. The most common cuts in this area are the chambarete or chamorro (shank cross cut) and breast (brisket).


The ribs of beef are the best and tastiest. This is due to the fat distribution and marbling, which makes it tender and juicy. These types of cuts are best processed in dry heat. Some of the popular cuts are rib roast, ribeye steak, back ribs, and rib eye roast.


Lean and flavorful cuts from the loin section are often the most coveted. Tenderloin and porterhouse come from the short loin area and are among the most expensive. Other cuts from that area are top loin and rib steaks (T-bone steaks).

A Sirloin Cut

The sirloin is directly behind the tenderloin and produces some of the least fatty of cuts. The tri-tip steak, tri-tip roast, and top sirloin steak are cuts from that region. These cuts are versatile, but keep in mind that being boneless, these cuts dry out quickly.

Hip or Churrasco Cuts

The churrasco (round) comes from the section of the beef rump. It is a lean area with little fat, which makes it harder than the best cuts. It’s a popular cut, but it can be difficult to cook, and its cuts are best when simmered. Choose from black pulp (top round), square (bottom round), eye round, ball (sirloin tip side steak), and round tip.

Belly and Flank Cuts

These parts of the carcass are located under the belly of the animal. Cuts in this area tend to be greasy and tough. Marinade and simmering soften these cuts of meat. The most common cut taken from this area is flank steak.

Takeaway Message

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Skin Design Tattoos and Robert Pho Take NYC




For over two decades, Skin Design Tattoos has been a leading name in the tattoo industry. Recently, it opened its flagship studio in the vibrant Soho district of New York City. The launch, sponsored by Philipp Plein and Villon, attracted a glamorous crowd, including top figures from New York’s entertainment and tattoo scenes. Notable attendees included comedian Shiggy, members of VH1’s “Black Ink Crew,” and renowned tattoo artist Keith Hernandez. Photographer Josh Sobel elegantly captured the event, which was coordinated by PR professionals Shawn Germain of Tomorrow’s Group and Johnny Donovan.

The studio’s design, featuring sleek lines and raw brick, provides an elegant backdrop for the intricate black and grey realism tattoos that Skin Design is famous for. This aesthetic is echoed in the collections of sponsor Philipp Plein, known for his use of stark lines and intense shading to add depth.

Robert Pho, CEO and Founder of Skin Design, shared his artistic vision at the event, describing his designs as “not just art; they are narratives of life’s stark contrasts, capturing tales of survival, redemption, and transformation.”

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