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The Best Ways To Wear And Apply Your Women’s Perfume




Wearing perfume is just like wearing your clothes-you have to be particular and meticulous. Unfortunately, most of us are not familiar that there is, in fact, a certain way to wear and apply our favorite perfumes to make it last longer. Splashing your favorite scent is not just simply spritzing it to your body. Just like your best clothes, there are the best ways to enjoy our perfume more. Here are some of the best ways to apply and wear your favorite women perfume

Apply the perfume on your body’s “warm areas”

Some of us are familiar that the best parts to apply perfume are the pulse points like the neck and wrists, but there is more. The “warm areas” like inside the elbows and behind the knees are great places to have your favorite scents because they can diffuse the aroma across the whole body. Also, body areas like ankles and claves can allow the scent to rise throughout the day that’s why they are also places to put those perfumes on.

Rub Vaseline to the pulse points before spraying the perfume

If you have a dry skin, putting Vaseline prior to the perfume application makes the scent last longer because of its occlusive properties. Moreover, you can also put unscented lotions and moisturizers to achieve longer lasting aroma. 

Spray the perfume after taking a bath

The best time to spray your favorite fragrance is after taking a bath before getting dressed. The moisture from being exposed to the water is a great help to make the perfume lasts longer on the skin. 

Never, ever rub your wrists after applying the perfume

Rubbing the wrists after putting the perfume is the most usual mistake we make about perfume, thinking that it can help the scent to stay longer on those parts. In fact, it triggers to shorten the aroma because it fades the perfume’s top notes faster. 

Walk into the sprayed perfume in the air

This tip should be done if you prefer to have a lighter scent and you do not want to smell that strong. Doing this can help evenly distribute the aroma throughout the whole body, leaving you only with a hint of that fragrance.

Another best part to spray perfume is in your hair

Our hair has distinct features that can aid for a longer-lasting aroma. However, spraying an alcohol-based perfume in your hair is not a good idea because it can be dried and damages. Instead, spray the perfume on the brush and brush it to your hair. Moreover, some perfumes are specifically designed for the hair.

For quick retouches, all you need are cotton buds and sandwich bags!

Yes, you read it right. If you need a speedy touch up, you can lean on to cotton swabs with sprayed perfume tucked inside a sandwich bag. What’s more, it is way more handy than bringing the entire bottle of your favorite perfume. 

Now that you know the best ways to make the most in your perfumes, head on to  buy perfume online in Canada from this site.

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A Closer Look At CBD Vapes: Have You Been Missing Out?




The current climate in America is filled with tension, fear, and anxiety thanks to the global pandemic we’re all trying to make it through. Many of us are desperate to go back to our regular routines, but most of the country is on mandatory lockdown. This goes back to those feelings of apprehension, and more importantly, a quick and easy method of relief….CBD vape pens. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding both CBD and vape pens, but today, since we have time, we can dig into the topic. Obviously, some companies put a little more time and effort into their products, and vape pens are no exception. There are some great companies out there! You just have to find them. CBDfx is the safest CBD company that I know of, and I would suggest any of their products, but especially their vape pens! When you order something from them you know that the quality is there because they provide full transparency with the lab results of all the procuts. There are definitely some misconceptions about CBD vape pens so let’s take a closer look.

The Basics

There are a variety of different vape pens you can use. You have the option of purchasing a standard 510 universal battery and getting refills of your favorite cartridges to simple screw on and screw off when it’s empty. You would have the option of grams and half grams as far as the cartridge is concerned and have to recharge your battery when needed. 

Alternatively, you could opt for a disposable vape pen. This is what a lot of people are gravitating towards due to the convenience of it. The pen comes fully charged and ready to go out of the box and you toss it out when it’s done. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get the dose of CBD you’re looking for. It’s really all about your preference. 

Types Of CBD Oil For Vape Pens

I know most people relate CBD and THC together, and sure, there are some combinations like that, but you don’t have to choose that for yourself. When it comes to CBD, you have combinations of CBD/THC, full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate. The CBD/THC combination will have some chance of having psychoactive effects depending on the THC content, so steer clear from that if you don’t want to get high. 

If you strictly want the effects of CBD you can choose full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. The full spectrum is the whole plant basically crushed into an oil, broad spectrum is the same process except the THC is actually extracted from it so there won’t be any trace amounts of THC, and the isolate is just basically 99% pure CBD oil. So, just make sure to pay attention when purchasing a vape pen so you know what you’re getting. 

What To Look For In A CBD Company?

Unfortunately, all CBD companies aren’t created equally, and you have to do some research. If the company is top notch, they should be very transparent with their ingredients, process, and third party lab reports. When you look at those lab reports (aka certificate of analysis) you will be able to see everything that went into that product and the percentage of that ingredient. If you don’t recognize an ingredient just google it because sometimes companies like to use botanical names or maybe you might be stumped by a nasty chemical or toxin you don’t recognize. 

How Can CBD Vape Pens Help You?

CBD is helping people deal with a variety of health issues on a daily basis. As I mentioned earlier, many people are feeling stressed out and anxious with everything going on. Vape pens are a reliable and effective way to deal with that anxiety when it creeps up on you. CBD has also been proven to help stabilize mood, improve focus, alleviate aches and pains, relieve arthritis, and much more. I believe everyone could benefit from CBD whether they realize it or not. The best part is that it provides relief pretty quickly because it’s going straight into your system so the bioavailability is very high. So, it really comes in handy to keep one in your purse or in the car for any unexpected “bumps in the road”, and don’t worry, hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.3% THC so it’s legal in most states! 

CBD is still the new kid on the block. Still trying to make its way into conversations around the globe, but people are catching on, and people are loving it. When you have something this amazing providing people with an alternative to traditional medicine there will always be opposing opinions, but that’s why you form your own and go from there!

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