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The Best Ways To Wear And Apply Your Women’s Perfume




Wearing perfume is just like wearing your clothes-you have to be particular and meticulous. Unfortunately, most of us are not familiar that there is, in fact, a certain way to wear and apply our favorite perfumes to make it last longer. Splashing your favorite scent is not just simply spritzing it to your body. Just like your best clothes, there are the best ways to enjoy our perfume more. Here are some of the best ways to apply and wear your favorite women perfume

Apply the perfume on your body’s “warm areas”

Some of us are familiar that the best parts to apply perfume are the pulse points like the neck and wrists, but there is more. The “warm areas” like inside the elbows and behind the knees are great places to have your favorite scents because they can diffuse the aroma across the whole body. Also, body areas like ankles and claves can allow the scent to rise throughout the day that’s why they are also places to put those perfumes on.

Rub Vaseline to the pulse points before spraying the perfume

If you have a dry skin, putting Vaseline prior to the perfume application makes the scent last longer because of its occlusive properties. Moreover, you can also put unscented lotions and moisturizers to achieve longer lasting aroma. 

Spray the perfume after taking a bath

The best time to spray your favorite fragrance is after taking a bath before getting dressed. The moisture from being exposed to the water is a great help to make the perfume lasts longer on the skin. 

Never, ever rub your wrists after applying the perfume

Rubbing the wrists after putting the perfume is the most usual mistake we make about perfume, thinking that it can help the scent to stay longer on those parts. In fact, it triggers to shorten the aroma because it fades the perfume’s top notes faster. 

Walk into the sprayed perfume in the air

This tip should be done if you prefer to have a lighter scent and you do not want to smell that strong. Doing this can help evenly distribute the aroma throughout the whole body, leaving you only with a hint of that fragrance.

Another best part to spray perfume is in your hair

Our hair has distinct features that can aid for a longer-lasting aroma. However, spraying an alcohol-based perfume in your hair is not a good idea because it can be dried and damages. Instead, spray the perfume on the brush and brush it to your hair. Moreover, some perfumes are specifically designed for the hair.

For quick retouches, all you need are cotton buds and sandwich bags!

Yes, you read it right. If you need a speedy touch up, you can lean on to cotton swabs with sprayed perfume tucked inside a sandwich bag. What’s more, it is way more handy than bringing the entire bottle of your favorite perfume. 

Now that you know the best ways to make the most in your perfumes, head on to  buy perfume online in Canada from this site.

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Mistakes to Avoid while Shipping your Car




If you are planning to ship your beloved and precious car, then you can choose from various car transport companies. However, all the companies serve the same services; there might be some or other differences in their service qualities. Therefore, you need to analyze the differences between the various car shipping companies while you are planning for your car shipment.

Do not pay extra money

The cost of car shipment fluctuates from company to company. Moreover, there might be different prices for different types of services by the same company. It may also vary according to your shipping address and location. You have to confirm and take all the details of the exact price rates at your shipping address before you confirm the final booking.

Do all the research to make sure that there are no hidden charges. However, also keep in your mind that cheaper is not always the best of anything. You can easily get the quotations of different companies to easily compare the charges of various shipping companies to select the best out of all of them.  However, if you are in a hurry or you want the delivery on any specific date then you might need to pay a bit more.

Take insurance coverage

The car shipping companies need to have authorized insurance in order to cover any damage to the car they are moving. You can also ask the company to give a copy of the insurance certificate and ensure that you understand exactly what coverage your car will have when it will be shipped to another place. If the insurance coverage of the company is insufficient, you can look into getting additional coverage from your own insurance company.

Collect all the necessary documents

Before shipping your car, most of the companies ask for certain documents before they confirm your shipment booking. The required documents usually include your insurance certificate and vehicle registration, as you have to prove to the company that the car is owned by you. To avoid any chaos, make sure that you have all the demanded documents assembled in the correct order.

Before shipment, the shipping company will do a thorough inspection of your car and make a note of all the issues on the inspection report. All the information gathered at the time of the inspection is very crucial and you have to ensure that the report is precise.

When you get your delivered at the desired location, you should again do an inspection of your car. If you find any patch of damage due to transportation, you must report it to the company and ensure that the transporter signs it.

Remove all the personal items

You must remove all the personal items from your car before shipping it. Although, it seems like a very smart idea to load your car with the stuff and let the stuff move with the car shipment, you should keep in mind that vehicle shipping companies are prohibited by law from shipping any vehicle that contains personal belongings.

However, some shipping companies do allow up to 100 lbs of your personal property to be stuffed in your car. The company won’t take any responsibility for your stuff if it gets damaged or goes missing. Furthermore, if your car was full of your belongings, the insurance company won’t cover any damages that are caused to the car. Hence, it is always great to ensure that your car is completely empty.


The car shipment might be a bit chaotic process but if you avoid some common mistakes while shipping your car then you make the entire shipping task easy and smooth.

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