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The National Periodontal Disease Trend Across America




What you can do to mitigate gum disease prevalence

The prevalence of gum disease or otherwise known as Periodontal disease is imposing health risk and financial strains on the American population. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a large portion of all Americans experience some form of periodontal disease, while a majority, or up to 48% experience mild to chronic levels of gum disease. Around nine to ten percent of those dealing with Periodontal disease are experiencing more severe cases.

This of course has negative implications for both the individual’s oral health and their financial status. The negative health consequences to perio patients that do not get adequate treatment to reverse the progression, begin with gum recession. It then worsens to tooth loss, bone deterioration and some have even associated it with heart and cardiovascular disease. The financial implication is another matter for discussion, and we will delve into this a little further down below. Both the short term and long-term potential cost of gum disease treatment can take a toll on a family’s financial capacity.

Gum Disease Prevention is Key!

According to Mouth Healthy, which is brought to you by the American Dental Association, 47.2% of Americans are experiencing some form of chronic gum disease. With such a prevalence amongst the American citizens, what can be done to reduce this problem?

Prevention is the key, once you become a perio patient, you have to continue your dental visits every 3 months for perio maintenance. The solution to this costly problem is preventative measures, allowing you to reduce the ability to increase your chances of acquiring periodontal disease in the first place.

  • Brush your teeth 2 to 3 times daily.
  • Visit your dentist for a checkup 2 times per year.
  • Floss your teeth at least once per day.
  • Get a cleaning twice per year or a deep cleaning if your dentist recommends it.
  • Eat healthy, studies have shown, healthy foods help reduce the prevalence of gum disease.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day and especially after meals to wash down your meal, to avoid bacteria from developing.

Prevention, prevention, prevention should be your motto as it relates to your oral health. Unfortunately, periodontal disease is such a serious oral issue that once you have it, it will take continuous treatment every 3 months until the day you no longer need the treatment.

Financial Implications of Gum Disease Treatment

The cost to treat gum disease can be awfully expensive over time. At least, the positive side is that once you start the initial treatment, someone without dental insurance could still cover the cost over the separate periods of treatment. The initial cost for all four quadrants of the mouth will be the heaviest cost you will incur.

Below is a list of some of the cost associated with the initial dental treatments:

  • Hygienist does deep cleaning (SRP) of all 4 quadrants. On average you could pay around $344 per quadrant if you do not have health insurance.
  • Laser Treatment for all four quadrants will cost you on average around $55 per quadrant.
  • Anti-Cavity Coating will run you about $10 per side.

Below are the continuous services you will require to maintain the prevalence of gum disease:

  • Every 3 months you’ll require a perio maintenance, which is like a prophy but for gum disease. This is required for treatment & monitoring and will run you on average about $185.
  • If additional laser treatment is needed during this portion of the process, you can look at an average cost of about $75 per treatment.

Where to go from here?

Education is primary in prevention. Without education on the bad habits that can lead to periodontal disease, more and more people across the world will be affected by this it. In an effort to increase awareness, please do us a favor and share this article with your family and friends that may need a little direction to avoid these oral problems.

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4 Ways That IV Therapy Can Make for a Better New Year




Have you made new year’s resolutions? If so, are any of them based on improving your health?

Whether you want to eat more leafy greens, wake up earlier to work out on the treadmill, or even get enough quality sleep at night, you’ll want to enjoy good health over the long haul.

If you wish to take steps to be healthier in 2023, check out four ways IV therapy can help.

1. Rehydrate Your Body

Consuming three liters of water daily can help prevent kidney stones, improve mood, and facilitate bowel regularity. While the ideal amount of water might be more or less than three liters, drinking enough water every day is vital.

About 60% of your body is made up of water. If you’re dehydrated, you might experience symptoms like low urine output, dry mouth, dizziness, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea. IV therapy can replace the fluids your body lacks — and it can also help you prevent the more severe symptoms of dehydration such as seizures. You’ll be healthier this year and beyond if you stay hydrated. If you need a little bit of help on occasion, IV therapy might be the right solution.

2. Lose More Weight

According to statistics, almost one in three adults is overweight, and around one in 11 adults is severely obese. Whether you only need to lose a few pounds or you have a lot of weight to lose, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to get to an ideal weight. You likely know the health complications that can come from being overweight. Exercising, eating the right food, and showing discipline by not snacking will help you reach your weight-loss goals. But you might need more.

One option to facilitate your weight-loss objectives is to seek out IV therapy treatments. It can involve essential supplements like alpha-lipoic acid, carnitine, and lipotropic injections. Going this route can help to jumpstart your goal to be the best version of yourself possible.

3. Cure Hangover Symptoms

If you rang in the new year with partying and drinking with friends, you might have experienced a dreaded hangover. But drinking isn’t limited to the holiday season, so you might occasionally enjoy a night out on the town with friends, co-workers, and even mere acquaintances. But a night of partying hard can leave you with a massive migraine in the morning.

Fortunately, IV therapy can help to alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of a hangover. Common symptoms include, but aren’t limited to, dehydration, stomach ache, nausea, sore muscles, and fatigue. If a hangover is driving you crazy, try IV therapy. You’ll get quick relief as the IV fluids and the electrolytes they contain replenish your body and help you feel normal again.

4. Ease Anxiety

Whenever you skim the headlines in the newspaper on any given day, you’ll see that a lot of troubling things are happening in the world. And the advent of around-the-clock news channels helps to remind everyone that all is not well on planet earth. It’s best sometimes to unplug from the media. Come to think of it, it makes sense to occasionally unplug from technology, take time off work, get a little extra sleep, and spend time with those who matter the most to you.

If you’re feeling a little more anxious than usual, one option is to get IV therapy treatments. You’ll get more energy, and your mind will be more at ease. The IV fluids contain an electrolyte called magnesium sulfate that can, among other things, reduce your blood pressure, lessen your anxiety, boost your immune system, relax your muscles, and even prevent headaches.

Are you ready to have a better year and set the stage for meaningful changes in your life? If so, you’ll want to focus on doing what you need to improve your health. One way to do so is to try IV therapy. Look into it and see if you can find a provider of such services near you.

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