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The Pirates Bay’s Some Torrents Have Completed 15 Years of Existence




Founded in 2003, entertainment digital content provider The Pirates Bay’s oldest Torrents have completed 15 years of uncertainty. During the past 15 years, these torrents have passed through many turbulences and are still holding steady. Even though the file-sharing software and web technology have been changed, Pirates Bay’s content is always in demand.

Pirates Bay is the oldest online portal, and nobody had predicted at that time that the world wide web service would pass through a drastic change. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was busy in ‘Facemash‘ before he launched Facebook. Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram came into existence years later after The Pirates Bay.

People did not use smartphones and laptops at that time. However, they had used regular computers to buy a DVD of their favorite film from webshops with their normal internet connection. Streaming video on Netflix was unthinkable at that time because Netflix itself sold film DVDs through emails.

But there was only The Pirate Bay which provided an archive of movies and famous TV series. Although some torrents posted in the starting days are unavailable now, there are some torrents on The Pirates Bay which are older than its users. The oldest torrent which was founded in the data of 2004 is a Swedish Comedy show “High Chaparral”, 15 years old. And this torrent is still one of the most shared. Many people download torrents anonymously, and this particular torrent witnessed numerous anonymous downloads. It is quite an achievement.

As these torrents are one and a half decade old, some torrents on the site are doing well while some need help. Piracy has a role in keeping these torrents alive among people, because it made clear to the entertainment industry the demand for online access to media. Hence Netflix, iTunes, and many other video providers started to make the content available online.

From television to the internet platform, Jonathan switched his journey in digital media with Bigtime Daily. He served as a journalist for popular news channels and currently contributes his experience for Bigtime Daily by writing about the tech domain.

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CDN Security: Protecting Your Content and Users




Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and can cause companies severe disruption and financial loss. On average, IT outages cost companies $5,600 per minute. That’s why providing layered cloud protection is essential to improve organizations’ security. The CDN service guarantees such protection, so today, we will delve into what it is and what advantages it provides to users and organizations.

What is CDN security?

The main task of a CDN is to speed up page loading and improve website performance. Along with that, CDN also helps improve security. CDNs are content delivery networks comprising geographically distributed servers connected and optimized through private global networks. This allows the CDN to avoid overloading ISPs and public networks.

The technology is based on caching, where copies of the content are stored on different data processing servers and local caching servers worldwide. Content is served from edge servers closer to users than from the origin server. This is how technology ensures fast, reliable, and secure content delivery. Almost every popular service you use currently uses such solutions: from Netflix and YouTube to online game providers, large e-commerce companies, and government and public institutions.

How does a CDN improve the security of a website and its users?

A content delivery network uses reverse proxy technology to place its servers in front of websites at the network’s edge. This allows CDNs to prevent threats such as DDoS attacks before they even reach a website. In addition, a CDN can balance the load by efficiently distributing traffic between servers, which helps avoid congestion. It also sits at the network’s edge, filtering threats before they reach a website.

How to choose reliable CDN protection?

It’s worth using an integrated, intelligent CDN security solution, and this is precisely what GCore offers its customers. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • The service must include advanced threat detection capabilities, such as sophisticated bot attacks, malware, and layer 7 DDoS attacks.
  • A CDN must provide encryption to protect against network failures and other threats.
  • Evaluate your network size and security infrastructure to select the optimal service package.
  • Give preference to solutions compatible with the SSL certificates used.

Integrated, intelligent CDN security solutions with analytics and reporting are among the services the GCore team offers. Take care of your online security with GCore before cyber threats become a real problem rather than a potential one.

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