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The Richardson Program is a health and wellness organization that has developed a unique methodology for integrating physical fitness, nutrition, and recovery in the greater New York area.Connecting people to themselves, to each other, and to the world is one of the objectives that ,Jeffery Richardson the CEO,  has for The Richardson Program.

Jeffery understands that by emphasizing the above in a holistic manner, there will be a positive effect in the following areas:  diabetes, coronary disease; mortality rates; SAT scores; obesity; sports; and a host of other measurable areas.

Jeffery’s career began after attainment of an undergraduate degree in Physics, from Fisk University in Nashville Tennessee, where he also played football. He is by nature highly competitive as demonstrated by receiving Honorable Mention All Conference accolades as a defensive back during his first year of collegiate competition.

His keen interests in fitness and well being inspired him to acquire the following certifications: NASM & ISSA Personal Training certification; Kettle Bells; Nutrition; Functional Movement Screening; and Pre & Post Natal; CPR & 1st Aid; Lower Body Imbalances; Rotator Cuff Post Rehabilitation; USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach; Performance Movement Taping; Functional Movement Taping (FMT 1, 2, & 3); Myofasial Compression Technique (MCT); Youth Exercise Specialist (YES); and High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist (HSSCS).

Jeffery and his team embodies professional characteristics that effective organizations expect from their coaches and staff: a constant desire for personal education/business development, a collaborative spirit, integrity, and perseverance. They are committed to providing optimal attention to the client needs in achieving and maintaining the best performance. 

There are many more dimensions to The Richardson Program which allow them to have documented continued successes. They care for their clients and work hard to understand their individual goals so everyone can share in accountability for expected results. Jeffery and his team demonstrates consistent professionalism and delivers an extremely high level of customer service which is evident by great client attraction and retention.

Scope of Services:

What distinguishes The Richardson Program from other fitness companies is our ability to cater to varied demographics:

Sports Performance Training: Our Performance Trainers work with the athletes by implementing specific exercises and variables with the end result being an improvement in your chosen sport. Every sport challenges and athletes physical capacity in different ways, so, in return, a good sports performance program will enhance the capabilities of the athletes to perform the skills most necessary to their sports of choice. Our sports performance program will include the following benefits to the athlete: injury prevention; decreased wasted effort due to improper movement; myofascial release; increase postural control; balance and stability; increase muscular endurance; increase total strength; explosive training; deceleration training; elevate maximum power output, and energy system training. 

Adult & Youth Training Program (Ages 12 & Up):  We design and administer training programs that reduce the likelihood of injuries and improve quality of life. More precisely we design training programs that create the desire results in body composition, strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, balance, and power. Our training programs account for bio mechanical and physiological differences among individuals, which takes into account their ages, sex, training status, physical limitations, and injury status. We strive to educate individuals on the importance of good nutrition and it’s role in health and performance.

Post Rehabilitation: We transition you from the care of the physical therapist to our training model, which focuses on regeneration/corrective exercising. Our programming is structured in conjunction with your physical therapist as it relates to movement, range of motion, stabilization and strength training

Nutrition: Here at The Richardson Program we focus on the following pillars of nutrition: eating nutrient dense foods; getting the majority of your nutrients from food, not supplements; eating minimally processed foods; eating healthy fats; and increase intake of water and healthy fluids. Each athlete will have access to the blog section of the website. Within the blog section they will find articles in reference to the following subject matter and more: water intake; our bodies pH; nutrition and how it affects our daily energy; inflammation; Macronutrients (Carbs, Proteins, Fats); Micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals); Nutrient Timing (Per & Post); and much more.

Instagram : @the_rich_program

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