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Vikki Gerrard Shares How To Start An Eco-Friendly Home Composting System




The world is facing a major environmental crisis, and it’s our responsibility to do what we can. We can do our part by starting an eco-friendly home composting system. Composting is a simple and effective way to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden. The expert, Vikki Gerrard La Crosse WI has some tips for you. This blog post, La Crosse WI, will share nine ways to start an eco-friendly home composting system.

Choose a Composting Method That Works for You:

Several composting methods include traditional composting, vermicomposting, and hot composting. Each method has pros and cons, so choose one that works for your needs and lifestyle. For example, if you have limited space, vermicomposting (using worms) might be better than traditional composting. Therefore, carefully considering which method would work best for your home is essential.

Gather the Right Materials:

For a successful composting system, you’ll need a few basic materials such as organic materials like food scraps, leaves, grass clippings, and animal manure; a bin or container; and a supply of air. Depending on your composting system, you may need additional materials, such as bedding, for vermicomposting.

Pick the Right Location:

Your compost bin needs to be in a location that is easily accessible but also out of the way. You don’t want it in a high-traffic area, but it also needs to be convenient enough that you’ll use it regularly. It should also be in a spot that receives sunlight but isn’t too hot.

One way to get started is by sectioning off a corner in your yard using wood or plastic bins.

Add the Right Materials:

Composting requires a mix of “green” and “brown” materials. Green materials include vegetable and fruit scraps, while brown materials include leaves, sawdust, and newspaper. It’s important to add the right mix of materials to your compost bin to keep it balanced. Too much of one type of material can lead to a smelly, slow-to-mature compost.

For example, adding too much grass clippings can create an environment that’s too wet and lead to mold or fungus growth.

Stir Regularly:

For your compost pile to break down efficiently, you’ll need to stir it regularly. You don’t need any special equipment – a pitchfork or shovel will do the trick – but stirring helps move oxygen throughout the pile, which helps to break down the materials and create compost faster.

You can also add water to your compost pile, but be careful not to overdo it. Too much water can create an environment that’s too wet, leading to mold or fungus growth.

Avoid Certain Foods:

While many food scraps are great for composting, there are some foods you should avoid. These include meats, dairy products, oils, and fats. These items can attract rodents and other pests, and they can also slow down the decomposition process.

On the other hand, you can add eggshells, coffee grounds, and tea bags, as these are all excellent sources of nutrients for your compost.

Maintain Your Compost Bin:

To keep your composting system running smoothly, you’ll need to maintain your compost bin. This means turning the compost regularly to help it break down more quickly and adding water to keep it moist. You’ll also need to keep an eye on the level of your compost bin – if it’s too full, you’ll need to start a new bin or find ways to use the compost you already have.

Use Your Compost:

Once your compost is ready, you can use it to fertilize your garden. This nutrient-rich soil is excellent for plants and can help reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. You can also use it for potted plants or give it to friends and family.

Another way to use your compost is by donating it to local farms. Many small-scale farmers require nutrient-rich soil and would be happy to take your compost off your hands.

Troubleshoot Common Problems:

While composting is a relatively simple process, there can be some issues you’ll need to troubleshoot. These can include problems like odors, pests, and slow decomposition. To troubleshoot these issues, you may need to adjust the mix of materials you’re adding to your compost bin or change the location of the bin.

Additionally, you may need to ensure your compost pile is getting enough air or add some water to help speed up the decomposition process.


Vikki Gerrard La Crosse WI understands that starting an eco-friendly home composting system doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these nine tips, you can create nutrient-rich soil for your garden and do your part to reduce waste. Remember to choose a composting method that works for you, add the right materials, avoid certain foods, maintain your compost bin, use your compost, and troubleshoot common problems. You can contribute to a healthier planet with little time and effort.

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How Dan Helmer is Inspiring Virginia’s Next Generation




Virginia’s future depends on nurturing and empowering its next generation of leaders. Dan Helmer is the visionary leader committed to mentoring and supporting future leaders to ensure a brighter tomorrow for all Virginians. With his extensive background in military service and public office, Helmer brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and a passion for guiding young talent.

Mentoring and Supporting Future Leaders

Dan Helmer’s approach to leadership emphasizes the importance of mentorship and support for the youth. His policies focus on providing educational opportunities, fostering innovation, promoting civic engagement, and creating pathways for young leaders to thrive.

A Proven Mentor and Leader

Helmer’s distinguished career in the United States Army, where he served in Iraq and Afghanistan, has equipped him with a profound sense of duty, resilience, and leadership. These qualities have been instrumental in his work as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, where he consistently champions initiatives that empower and inspire young Virginians.

Educational Opportunities for All

Education is fundamental to Helmer’s vision for a prosperous Virginia. He advocates for increased funding for public schools, competitive salaries for teachers, and expanded access to early childhood education. Helmer also champions vocational training programs that equip students with practical skills for high-demand jobs. By prioritizing education, Helmer ensures that Virginia’s youth are prepared for future challenges.

Investing in Educators:

  • Helmer believes that teachers are key to the success of the education system. He supports policies that provide educators with the resources they need to excel, ensuring that students receive the highest quality education possible.

Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Helmer understands that fostering innovation is crucial for future success. He supports initiatives that encourage young entrepreneurs, provide access to startup capital, and create mentorship programs. Helmer’s vision includes modernizing infrastructure, expanding broadband access, and investing in emerging industries to create opportunities for young innovators.

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs:

  • Helmer is dedicated to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. He advocates for policies that provide financial assistance, reduce regulatory burdens, and offer resources for innovation and growth.

Promoting Civic Engagement

Helmer believes that civic engagement is essential for a healthy democracy. He encourages young Virginians to get involved in their communities, understand the political process, and take on leadership roles. Helmer’s initiatives aim to foster a sense of responsibility and active participation among the youth.

Engaging Youth in Politics:

  • Helmer supports programs that educate young people about civic duties and encourage them to participate in local government, ensuring they have a voice in shaping their communities.

Creating Pathways for Leadership

Helmer is committed to creating pathways for young leaders to emerge and succeed. He supports mentorship programs, leadership training, and opportunities for youth to engage with experienced leaders. Helmer’s vision includes building networks that connect young talent with mentors who can guide and support their development.

Leadership Development Programs:

  • Helmer advocates for programs that provide young people with leadership skills, practical experience, and the support they need to become effective leaders in their communities.

Inspiring Virginia’s Future Leaders

Dan Helmer’s leadership is characterized by his unwavering commitment to mentoring and supporting the next generation of Virginians. His progressive approach to governance and dedication to youth empowerment set him apart as a leader who truly understands the importance of investing in future leaders. Helmer’s focus on education, innovation, civic engagement, and leadership development reflects his deep commitment to the well-being and success of all Virginians.

As Virginia looks toward the future, the need for leaders like Dan Helmer is clear. His blend of military discipline, public service dedication, and visionary thinking makes him the ideal candidate to inspire and guide the next generation. Elect Helmer, and his leadership promises not just to address immediate challenges but to create lasting, positive change that will benefit generations to come. With Dan Helmer at the helm, Virginia is poised for a future defined by strong leadership, innovation, and opportunity for all.

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