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Vitastem Ultra – A Miracle Worker for Wound Care & Infection Prevention




Wound care is a critical aspect of medical treatment, and with the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, innovative treatments are more critical than ever. Vitastem Ultra is a product that has spent decades treating some of the most severe bacterial skin infections and has achieved significant success in healing wounds, preventing amputations, and restoring patient mobility like nothing else currently available to healthcare on the market.

Let’s look a little deeper into Vitastem Ultra, a new & highly innovative topical antibiotic spray and what just be the best wound care treatment available for common skin infections like acne, eczema, and psoriasis, to more severe antibiotic resistant bacterium like staph & MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria). 

Here are three features of Vitastem Ultra’s topical antibiotic spray.

1. Effectively Treats Severe Skin Infections

Vitastem Ultra is highly effective at treating even severe skin infections such as staph & MRSA, while providing a range of benefits such as preventing infection, restoring blood flow to damaged cells, reducing inflammation, stimulating tissue growth, and eliminating bacteria in the affected area. This incredible first aid & topical antibiotic spray is particularly effective in treating surgical wounds, cuts & scrapes, and diabetic ulcers that can occur in individuals with diabetes. 

2. Effective at Treating MRSA & Staph Infections

One of the primary advantages of Vitastem Ultra is that it eliminates all known bacteria tested against, including MRSA and Staph Infections. This is thanks to its dual physical and chemical destruction mechanisms, making it a viable solution for combatting drug-resistant germs. Vitastem Ultra stands out among other wound care medications due to its remarkable healing and tissue regeneration capacity, which no other medication on the market can match. It has been clinically proven to save countless patients from amputations, shortening their hospital stays and increasing life expectancies.

3. Innovative Topical Drug Delivery Methods

One of the primary advantages of Vitastem Ultra is its capacity for transdermal drug delivery of medication. The unique combination of ingredients used in Vitastem Ultra has been designed to transport medicine at strength and depth ten times greater than other products on the market today, allowing medicine to reach affected areas quickly and overwhelm bacteria before they have time to adapt or develop resistance. This is made possible by the formula’s ability to stimulate cells to be 10x more permeable than usual, which allows for significantly more medicine to enter cells, overpowering and killing bacteria in a way that is fast enough to prevent them from adapting and developing resistance.

Vitastem Ultra’s unique combination of ingredients is designed to transport medicine at a strength and depth ten times greater than other products today. This allows the medicine to reach affected areas quickly and overwhelm bacteria before they have time to adapt or develop resistance. Vitastem Ultra patients report seeing results within 24 hours, compared to 5-7 days with other products.

In addition to treating the skin condition, Vitastem Ultra infuses skin cells damaged by infection with vitamins D3 and C. This provides rejuvenation for the skin and stimulates tissue growth, leaving skin treated and looking its best. The antibiotics formulation makes it one of the best transdermal drug delivery systems in the world.

4. No Negative Effects on The Organs

Unlike oral antibiotics, Vitastem Ultra’s topical antibiotic properties do not have the same negative effects on internal organs. Vitastem Ultra is a wound treatment that uses chemical and physical mechanisms to kill and combat pathogens, with its strength in its physical killing mechanism. Its patent-pending combination of ingredients has created a delivery system that allows the medicine to be transported at 10x more strength and depth than other products today.

5. Manufactured in the USA

Vitastem is proudly manufactured in the USA, with unsurpassed pharmaceutical standards and quality at an FDA-registered facility. At a time when a good 80% of antibiotics worldwide are manufactured over in China, and healthcare professionals are increasingly worried about drug-resistant bacteria, Vitastem Ultra offers a very secure and effective wound care solution that is locally manufactured and reduces several dependencies on foreign countries and supply chain issues that may arise due to a plethora of reasons.

A New & Promising Wound Care Solution for Healthcare

With its remarkable success rate in treating a variety of wounds, preventing amputations, and restoring patient mobility, Vitastem Ultra is quickly becoming a go-to solution for healthcare professionals specializing in wound care. The product has also gained popularity among individuals with healing wounds, whether from a simple cut, diabetic ulcer, or surgical wounds.

Unlike other wound care medications, Vitastem Ultra’s remarkable healing and tissue regeneration capacity make it stand out. It has been clinically proven to save countless patients from diabetic amputations, shortening their hospital stays and increasing life expectancies like nothing else. Vitastem Ultra’s unique combination of chemical and physical mechanisms of action makes it more effective than other antibiotics in killing and combating pathogens. This and its topical antibiotic properties make Vitastem Ultra safer and more effective and safer solution than prescription or oral OTC treatments.

Vitastem Ultra’s patent-pending combination of ingredients includes bacitracin, which is transported at 10x the strength and depth compared to other wound care products. The product treats the condition and infuses skin cells damaged by infection with vitamins D3 and C, providing rejuvenation for the skin and stimulating tissue growth. This means that with Vitastem Ultra, patients won’t really ever need to use another general first aid ointment for cuts, wounds, or infections, large or small. This antibiotic is long-lasting too and has a shelf-life of up to 2 years. 

The Bottom Line on Using Vitastem for Wound Care

Vitastem Ultra is a highly innovative wound care treatment and legit miracle worker. It has helped so many patients heal their wounds and ulcers naturally, while avoiding countless amputations. With its innovative mechanism of action, a unique combination of ingredients, and remarkable healing and tissue regeneration capacity, Vitastem Ultra is the go-to solution for infected wound care, particularly for surgical and diabetic wounds. Its topical antibiotic properties, transdermal drug delivery of medication, and safety make it stand out among other wound care medications. It is suitable for anyone with a wound that needs healing. Whether from a simple cut, ulcer, or diabetic wound, Vitastem Ultra has proven to be a safe, effective, and fast solution for the best wound care treatment unlike anything else available to consumers.

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What Interferes with Successful Breastfeeding?




While breastfeeding is ideal, it comes with many difficulties new parents might face.

After experiencing the intensity of labor and delivery, many new parents are left exhausted. Despite this fatigue and surviving pospartum, new parents soon learn the importance of managing the needs of an infant. Putting aside their own desires, parents learn to quickly adapt.

Exhaustion and recovery are not the only things that discourage parents from breastfeeding. There are a variety of other woes that can make it difficult for a lactating parent to continue to choose this option. 

While 83 percent of women breastfeed at the beginning of postpartum, there is a drastic reduction by 6 months, resulting in only 56% of babies still being breastfed. 

Engorged Breasts

When a lactating woman’s milk comes in, she may experience intense pain and discomfort. The breasts typically become overly filled with milk because they have not yet regulated their supply. This engorgement can continue throughout the breastfeeding journey for a variety of reasons.

If the baby’s schedule changes, a woman’s breasts can become overly full. If the parent misses a feeding, breasts can experience discomfor which can lead to breastfeeding infection. If a woman becomes preoccupied at work and does not make time to pump, she can experience discomfort. 

If breast engorgement is not treated properly, milk ducts can become blocked, and if a woman does not work to move the milk through her breasts (via feeding her baby, pumping, or expressing the milk), this engorgement can lead to further problems and may cause clogged milk ducts.


One of the biggest concerns beyond the pain a woman experiences with engorgement is infection. This is known as mastitis, and leads to a woman experiencing not only breast pain and warm breast tissue, but also flu-like symptoms that come with fever, chills, headache, and further exhaustion.

In order to help prevent infection, regular feedings are essential. Often, the best mastitis treatment, at least for early symptoms, is to massage the breast in a warm shower and express the extra milk.

Furthermore, by working with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), parents can have a great resource on how to best deal with, treat, and alleviate these problems. 

Not only is an IBCLC a great resource in helping prevent breast infection, but a great source for your breastfeeding journey to encourage and educate you in best practices. 

The best way to achieve breastfeeding success is to utilize the many tools that an IBCLC offers. 


To exclusively breastfeed your baby can be quite overwhelming and exhausting. Between nightly feedings, cluster feedings, and pumping sessions for working mothers, breastfeeding is difficult to maintain. Unless a woman is properly supported by her family, friends, and workplace, the chances that a woman will continue to breastfeed are significantly impacted.

Culture also impacts the likelihood of a baby being breastfed beyond 6 months. The CDC discovered that parents in the Southeast United States are less likely to breastfeed their children past six months. This was in contrast to the Northwest, where business policies and the culture is more breastfeeding-friendly and supportive. 


Despite the nutritional benefits afforded to a breastfed baby, there are many obstacles that can be discouraging for parents on their breastfeeding journey. From exhaustion to pain to lack of supoort, parents have many reasons to give up. 

To increase your chances of success, surround yourself with supportive individuals, reach out to an IBCLC, also known as lactation consultants, and gain the necessary tools required to provide your child with the healthiest option available – you!

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