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Volvo Introduces an App to Help Vehicle Owners Recover and Repair their Cars




Volvo vehicles have been serving on the roads for many decades, and the company is committed to manufacturing the world’s safest vehicles. It is miserable when you drive a car and meet with an accident, whether it’s your mistake or not. Accidents do happen at any place and time, and they barely can be avoided if your car does not meet necessary safety measures. That is why Volvo’s engineer, Nils Bohlin, who made a three piece seat belt for the first time in 1959, is still famous in other automobile companies.

Though Volvo commits zero death rate of its customers as compared to the others, there has always been a problem that remains for the Volvo vehicle owners after they, unfortunately, meet with a minor or major accident. The Volvo owners face car recovering and repair problems after collisions at foul places. To tackle this problem and to provide hiccup-free service to its customers, Volvo Car USA has introduced an app service which is called, Volvo Car Accident Advisor.

The App helps and guides vehicle owners more easily to recover and repair vehicles after accidents. The app service is free of cost, and it includes features like guided accident documentation, digital insurance claims, repair, and vehicle recovery services. After a collision, information of the accident scene can be shared on the App to enjoy the facilities. Volvo will send vehicle owners a text in the App, which examines accident spot photos and facts. Further, the app sends information to the insurer and nearby mechanic to bring Volvo customers back to the track.

Scot Doering, Vice President of Customer care Volvo USA said, “We work hard with in-vehicle technology to eliminate or reduce the impact of crashes as much as possible, we now have Volvo Car Accident Advisor that can walk Volvo Car owners through the entire process, from data gathering and insurance claim management all the way through collision repair.”

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CDN Security: Protecting Your Content and Users




Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and can cause companies severe disruption and financial loss. On average, IT outages cost companies $5,600 per minute. That’s why providing layered cloud protection is essential to improve organizations’ security. The CDN service guarantees such protection, so today, we will delve into what it is and what advantages it provides to users and organizations.

What is CDN security?

The main task of a CDN is to speed up page loading and improve website performance. Along with that, CDN also helps improve security. CDNs are content delivery networks comprising geographically distributed servers connected and optimized through private global networks. This allows the CDN to avoid overloading ISPs and public networks.

The technology is based on caching, where copies of the content are stored on different data processing servers and local caching servers worldwide. Content is served from edge servers closer to users than from the origin server. This is how technology ensures fast, reliable, and secure content delivery. Almost every popular service you use currently uses such solutions: from Netflix and YouTube to online game providers, large e-commerce companies, and government and public institutions.

How does a CDN improve the security of a website and its users?

A content delivery network uses reverse proxy technology to place its servers in front of websites at the network’s edge. This allows CDNs to prevent threats such as DDoS attacks before they even reach a website. In addition, a CDN can balance the load by efficiently distributing traffic between servers, which helps avoid congestion. It also sits at the network’s edge, filtering threats before they reach a website.

How to choose reliable CDN protection?

It’s worth using an integrated, intelligent CDN security solution, and this is precisely what GCore offers its customers. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • The service must include advanced threat detection capabilities, such as sophisticated bot attacks, malware, and layer 7 DDoS attacks.
  • A CDN must provide encryption to protect against network failures and other threats.
  • Evaluate your network size and security infrastructure to select the optimal service package.
  • Give preference to solutions compatible with the SSL certificates used.

Integrated, intelligent CDN security solutions with analytics and reporting are among the services the GCore team offers. Take care of your online security with GCore before cyber threats become a real problem rather than a potential one.

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