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Wild women Awakening – Rhonda Swan Hosts Largest Women’s Empowerment Summit Of 2021




Women empowerment is the process that acknowledges women’s sense of self-worth and influences them to take their place in a predominantly masculine society. Empowering women is a fundamental human right key to achieving gender equality, thus a more prosperous and peaceful world. 

In the last decades, the world has experienced huge progress by reshaping the narrative of women’s empowerment. The old masculine paradigm is falling behind. But the movement is far from over. The role of women in society, especially in politics and economics, still has a way to go. Promoting women’s rights and women’s empowerment is today a major global movement that will continue until every woman and girl in the world is free from discrimination and violence. 

Thence the importance of celebrating, enabling, and hosting Women’s Empowerment spaces to acknowledge the progress made so far and keep promoting women’s ability and right to influence social change in today’s world. Women Gone Wild Summit 2021 is this year’s largest Women’s Empowerment Summit. Hosted by renowned bestselling author Rhonda Swan, Women Gone Wild Summit will be taking place from September 28- to October 1, 2021. 

Representative Feminine Power

According to a 2017 study made by professional services firm Egon Zehnder, 54% of women have access to senior leaders who act as mentors or sponsors for their careers. Some of these mentors are mainly men who often don’t hear, appreciate nor include women in the entrepreneurial world. This is one of the reasons many women get discouraged as they feel they are at a disadvantage. 

“I believe entrepreneurship is within all of us. By creating a way of living your life or running your family, you are being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is about being there; it’s about being savvy, being able to shift, being resilient, focusing, and making the sacrifice,” says Rhonda Swan. 

In addition to being a bestselling author with her last recently-released book Women Gone Wild: The Feminine Guide To Fearless Living, Rhonda Swan is the CEO and founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency, a renowned international speaker, host to the Rhonda Swan Show, and a business strategist. 

Women Gone Wild Summit is a one-of-a-kind summit that offers a platform that celebrates, empowers, and elevates women to rise above adversity, to abandon that old belief of them being underrepresented, for other women are uplifting the feminine power and willing to assist and support others in finding their own inner strength, independence, and feminine power. 

The Journey of Becoming a Wild Woman

The world is in urgent need of women acknowledging and recognizing their power. In order to face the challenges the future brings, the world needs more women leaders in action. Women empowerment movements have emerged decades ago and will continue to gain new ground in the next few years. Women have been taking the world for a while, and they are now unstoppable, as Rhonda, the “Unstoppable Momma” puts it.  

Elevating women into leadership and empowerment is today more crucial than ever. It is time to leverage female talents, diversity, and equality. 

Today the world is experiencing the rise of feminine energy. Women are finding their voices. They are fed up with being told what to do or what’s their right place in society… “As women, we’re told to be nice. To please others. To fit in. But that’s not you. You’re done being sweet and suppressing your wild feminine power,” expresses Rhonda Swan in her invitation to the Women Gone Wild Summit. 

Women Gone Wild Summit is a 4-day online summit that will empower women by inspiring and boosting their confidence as an entrepreneur, business leader, and overall as a woman through 40 awakened powerful speakers who will be telling their stories of magical transformation and how their journey led them to success.

The space is reserved for acknowledging and recognizing the feminine power that lives inside each one, no matter their background. During the summit, the inspirational speeches by other entrepreneurs and activists will invite women to develop relationships with other changemakers, to learn professional development skills that will boost their business. But mostly they will guide women to take that first sometimes-frightening step into reconnecting with their Divine Feminine and starting their own journey of becoming a Wild Woman. 

“It’s foliage blossoming with women who are breaking free of the masculine matrix of success, impact, and wealth creation,” Rhonda says.

The WILD feminine mindset

Women Gone Wild Summit will have such an in-depth impact in 2021. It will inspire women to connect with their own feminine energy and elevate them to their fullest, at the same time it will promote building a purpose-driven community. The Summit will be divided into 4-day long discussion panels where these 40 awakened women will inspire and challenge attendees through a new WILD feminine mindset. 

Wild stands for the experiences the powerful speakers will be sharing and focusing on these four days. W stands for Wealth, the topic that will be discussed on Day 1: “The speakers will share the tools, practices, and rituals they used to tap into their feminine powers”. 

I is for Inner Harmony that will be discussed on Day 2: “It is the individual journey into the self throughout life that we embark on to reach the same state of calmness, happiness, and acceptance of our present moments and situations.” The discussion will be full of different experiences and perspectives since Inner Harmony manifests differently for each one of us.

Day 3 will focus on the L, Leadership: “Leadership is about showing up for your family, friends, community, the greater good of the world, and most importantly yourself. Our goal is to teach you to lead with the heart in every area of your life without devaluing your worth, self-love, and your greatest passions.” The challenge during this summit is to find the leader that already lives within you. 

Last but not least, day 4 will focus on Diversity, the last letter in WILD: “Hear stories from women from all walks of life who are owning their unique gifts and bringing diversity to the forefront of their businesses.”

Every woman can benefit from this Women Gone Wild Summit 2021 for there will be joy, passion, purpose, and willpower. Together, women are stronger. Together, women become WILD.

Michelle has been a part of the journey ever since Bigtime Daily started. As a strong learner and passionate writer, she contributes her editing skills for the news agency. She also jots down intellectual pieces from categories such as science and health.

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Hardwood Floors Refinishing: Top Care Tips for a Lasting Shine




Revamping your hardwood floors requires both a time and financial investment, yet the returns are evident in the enhanced aesthetics and functionality of your residential or commercial area. However, the longevity and durability of these newly refinished floors are contingent upon proper maintenance. This detailed guide is designed to offer expert guidance on how to preserve the quality and look of your newly refinished hardwood floors. We’ll cover a variety of subjects, from the science of wood aging and types of wood that need more frequent treatment, to top tips for floor upkeep. Your investment in hardwood floor refinishing need not be short-lived; with the correct care, it can be a long-term enhancement to your property.

Tips for Ensuring Durability in Your Newly Refinished Floors

After you have spent money on hardwood floor refinishing, maintaining their condition becomes a top priority. Here are strategies to prolong the lifespan and appearance of your updated flooring.

1. Regular Cleaning

A clean floor is a happy floor. Use a microfiber mop or cloth to pick up dust, dirt, and grime daily if possible. For a deeper clean, opt for cleaning products specifically designed for hardwood floors. Make sure to read the labels and opt for pH-neutral cleaners that are free from abrasives or harsh chemicals. Weekly or bi-weekly, consider a gentle vacuuming with a hardwood-friendly vacuum cleaner to remove debris that may have settled between the wood planks.

2. Use Protective Pads

One of the most effective ways to prevent scratches and dents on your hardwood floors is to place felt pads under the legs of furniture. This simple step can go a long way in preserving the smooth finish of your floor. You should also replace these pads every few months, as they can wear down or accumulate grime, reducing their effectiveness.

3. Control Humidity

Fluctuating indoor humidity levels can wreak havoc on hardwood floors. Excessive moisture can cause the wood to swell, leading to issues like cupping or buckling, while too little moisture can cause wood to shrink, leading to gaps between planks. Invest in a quality hygrometer to measure your home’s humidity level, and aim to keep it between 30% and 50%. Use a humidifier during dry months and a dehumidifier during humid months to maintain optimal conditions.

4. Proper Spill Management

Accidents are inevitable, but the way you handle them can make all the difference. Whether it’s water, juice, or wine, if you spill liquid on your hardwood floor, wipe it up immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid using paper towels as they can disintegrate and get stuck in the crevices of the wood. Also, never let liquids sit on the wood, as they can seep in and cause staining or warping.

5. No Shoes Policy

Implement a ‘no shoes’ policy to preserve your floors. Shoes can bring in dirt, gravel, and other harmful debris from outside. If a full-blown ‘no shoes’ policy isn’t realistic for your household, at least insist on no high heels or sports cleats, which can cause dents and scratches. You might also consider placing a high-quality doormat at entrances to trap dirt before it gets to your floor.

6. Regular Inspections

Every three to six months, set aside time to inspect your hardwood floors meticulously. Use natural light or a bright lamp to look for scratches, dents, or areas where the finish might be wearing off. If you catch these issues early, you may be able to address them with a simple touch-up rather than a full refinishing job.

7. Refresher Coats

Although your newly refinished floors look amazing now, they won’t stay that way forever without some upkeep. Consider applying a ‘refresher’ coat of finish every two to three years. This isn’t as invasive or time-consuming as a full refinishing project. Instead, it’s more like a topcoat that adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your floors looking vibrant and shiny.

8. Scheduled Expert Cleaning

A yearly cleaning session by professionals can dramatically enhance the condition of your hardwood floors. Specialized machinery and products are used to eliminate tough dirt, renew the wood’s natural shine, and smooth out minor imperfections. This process not only rejuvenates your flooring but also prolongs its lifespan, maintaining its fresh appearance for an extended time.

Advantages of Consistent Upkeep

Routine care for your restored hardwood floors does more than maintain their visual appeal; it also prolongs their durability, augmenting the long-term value of your property. Floors that are regularly cared for can endure for many years, negating the need for frequent, costly refinishing. In addition, a structured care regimen lessens the likelihood that small defects will escalate into serious issues, thus promoting a cleaner and more healthful living area. In summary, regular maintenance serves as a long-term financial benefit and a means of sustaining your home’s elegance.

When To Seek Professional Help

If you notice persistent issues like deep scratches, stubborn stains, or any form of water damage, it’s best to seek professional help. Specialists in hardwood floors refinishing can assess the situation and provide targeted solutions. Companies like 1DayRefinishing offer an extensive range of services that can effectively address these problems. Notably, the company specializes in a one-day turnaround, making them a convenient option for those in need of quick yet high-quality refinishing solutions.

Finding Trustworthy Services for Floor Refinishing

If you’re in a location with scarce local options, consider exploring 1 DAY Refinishing. Their seasoned experts offer complete solutions for maintaining and refinishing hardwood floors, helping to keep them pristine for the long haul.

Final Thoughts

The decision to invest in refinishing your hardwood floors is a significant commitment to enhancing your home’s aesthetics and overall value. By diligently following proper maintenance routines, your refinished floors can continue to elevate your home’s ambience. Every effort, from regular cleaning, to hiring professionals, adds to the resilience and visual allure of your hardwood floors. Stick to these essential care guidelines, and your floors will maintain their lustre for an extended period.

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