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Wild women Awakening – Rhonda Swan Hosts Largest Women’s Empowerment Summit Of 2021




Women empowerment is the process that acknowledges women’s sense of self-worth and influences them to take their place in a predominantly masculine society. Empowering women is a fundamental human right key to achieving gender equality, thus a more prosperous and peaceful world. 

In the last decades, the world has experienced huge progress by reshaping the narrative of women’s empowerment. The old masculine paradigm is falling behind. But the movement is far from over. The role of women in society, especially in politics and economics, still has a way to go. Promoting women’s rights and women’s empowerment is today a major global movement that will continue until every woman and girl in the world is free from discrimination and violence. 

Thence the importance of celebrating, enabling, and hosting Women’s Empowerment spaces to acknowledge the progress made so far and keep promoting women’s ability and right to influence social change in today’s world. Women Gone Wild Summit 2021 is this year’s largest Women’s Empowerment Summit. Hosted by renowned bestselling author Rhonda Swan, Women Gone Wild Summit will be taking place from September 28- to October 1, 2021. 

Representative Feminine Power

According to a 2017 study made by professional services firm Egon Zehnder, 54% of women have access to senior leaders who act as mentors or sponsors for their careers. Some of these mentors are mainly men who often don’t hear, appreciate nor include women in the entrepreneurial world. This is one of the reasons many women get discouraged as they feel they are at a disadvantage. 

“I believe entrepreneurship is within all of us. By creating a way of living your life or running your family, you are being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is about being there; it’s about being savvy, being able to shift, being resilient, focusing, and making the sacrifice,” says Rhonda Swan. 

In addition to being a bestselling author with her last recently-released book Women Gone Wild: The Feminine Guide To Fearless Living, Rhonda Swan is the CEO and founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency, a renowned international speaker, host to the Rhonda Swan Show, and a business strategist. 

Women Gone Wild Summit is a one-of-a-kind summit that offers a platform that celebrates, empowers, and elevates women to rise above adversity, to abandon that old belief of them being underrepresented, for other women are uplifting the feminine power and willing to assist and support others in finding their own inner strength, independence, and feminine power. 

The Journey of Becoming a Wild Woman

The world is in urgent need of women acknowledging and recognizing their power. In order to face the challenges the future brings, the world needs more women leaders in action. Women empowerment movements have emerged decades ago and will continue to gain new ground in the next few years. Women have been taking the world for a while, and they are now unstoppable, as Rhonda, the “Unstoppable Momma” puts it.  

Elevating women into leadership and empowerment is today more crucial than ever. It is time to leverage female talents, diversity, and equality. 

Today the world is experiencing the rise of feminine energy. Women are finding their voices. They are fed up with being told what to do or what’s their right place in society… “As women, we’re told to be nice. To please others. To fit in. But that’s not you. You’re done being sweet and suppressing your wild feminine power,” expresses Rhonda Swan in her invitation to the Women Gone Wild Summit. 

Women Gone Wild Summit is a 4-day online summit that will empower women by inspiring and boosting their confidence as an entrepreneur, business leader, and overall as a woman through 40 awakened powerful speakers who will be telling their stories of magical transformation and how their journey led them to success.

The space is reserved for acknowledging and recognizing the feminine power that lives inside each one, no matter their background. During the summit, the inspirational speeches by other entrepreneurs and activists will invite women to develop relationships with other changemakers, to learn professional development skills that will boost their business. But mostly they will guide women to take that first sometimes-frightening step into reconnecting with their Divine Feminine and starting their own journey of becoming a Wild Woman. 

“It’s foliage blossoming with women who are breaking free of the masculine matrix of success, impact, and wealth creation,” Rhonda says.

The WILD feminine mindset

Women Gone Wild Summit will have such an in-depth impact in 2021. It will inspire women to connect with their own feminine energy and elevate them to their fullest, at the same time it will promote building a purpose-driven community. The Summit will be divided into 4-day long discussion panels where these 40 awakened women will inspire and challenge attendees through a new WILD feminine mindset. 

Wild stands for the experiences the powerful speakers will be sharing and focusing on these four days. W stands for Wealth, the topic that will be discussed on Day 1: “The speakers will share the tools, practices, and rituals they used to tap into their feminine powers”. 

I is for Inner Harmony that will be discussed on Day 2: “It is the individual journey into the self throughout life that we embark on to reach the same state of calmness, happiness, and acceptance of our present moments and situations.” The discussion will be full of different experiences and perspectives since Inner Harmony manifests differently for each one of us.

Day 3 will focus on the L, Leadership: “Leadership is about showing up for your family, friends, community, the greater good of the world, and most importantly yourself. Our goal is to teach you to lead with the heart in every area of your life without devaluing your worth, self-love, and your greatest passions.” The challenge during this summit is to find the leader that already lives within you. 

Last but not least, day 4 will focus on Diversity, the last letter in WILD: “Hear stories from women from all walks of life who are owning their unique gifts and bringing diversity to the forefront of their businesses.”

Every woman can benefit from this Women Gone Wild Summit 2021 for there will be joy, passion, purpose, and willpower. Together, women are stronger. Together, women become WILD.

Michelle has been a part of the journey ever since Bigtime Daily started. As a strong learner and passionate writer, she contributes her editing skills for the news agency. She also jots down intellectual pieces from categories such as science and health.

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What “Reasonable Person” Standard Is Applicable When Determining Negligence?




In order to determine negligence, the reasonable person test asks if a person’s actions are consistent with what would be anticipated of a generally careful and sensible person in the same situation. Stated otherwise, did the accused act in a way that would have been expected of a reasonable person? 

In Florida, determining who is legally liable for an accident depends critically on the issue of carelessness. The “reasonable person standard” is the foundation of this assessment. Your personal injury lawyer can explain the “reasonable person standard” and how it can apply to your case if you are hurt in an accident in Florida. 

The Reasonable Person Standard: What Is It?

Legally speaking, the reasonable person standard offers a yardstick by which someone’s actions are assessed in cases of negligence. “How would a reasonable person have acted under the same circumstances?” is the central question it poses. Jurors and judges are asked this question in order to assist them in determining whether a person’s acts (or inactions) fall short of the expected standard of care that a reasonably prudent person would follow.

Like in many other jurisdictions, Florida does not base its reasonable person criterion on what an especially cautious or risk-averse person would do. Rather, it represents the behaviors of a composite of what the community expects of each individual. A reasonable individual would, for example, observe traffic laws when driving, heed warning signs, and refrain from needlessly endangering other people.

Utilizing the Reasonable Person Standard to Determine Negligence

The activities of the parties involved in a personal injury lawsuit are rigorously examined in light of this reasonable person standard. If it is determined that an individual’s actions do not correspond with what a reasonable person would have done in the same situation, negligence has been proven.

According to the law, proof of someone’s negligence is insufficient; strong, convincing evidence is required. Your personal injury lawyer is essential to this procedure because they have to painstakingly gather evidence showing how the negligent party strayed from what a reasonable person would have done. Piecing together facts, testimony, and any footage or recordings that can definitively demonstrate that their activities were in violation of the recognized norms of safety and care is more important than simply focusing on what they did or did not do.

This proof could take the form of eyewitness statements that refute the version of events provided by the person at fault or security footage that captures the moment of negligence. Something as small as skipping a scheduled maintenance or ignoring a warning alert might have a big impact. Your personal injury attorney seeks to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that the defendant’s acts were not just improper but directly caused others to be put in danger by providing a thorough picture of their negligence. 

How Does This Impact Your Case for Personal Injury?

In a personal injury case, knowing the reasonable person standard is essential. In the event of an accident, this standard might assist you in proving liability if you think the other person was careless.

You should be aware that your activities will be evaluated in comparison to the hypothetical reasonable person’s behavior in situations where you might be held culpable. It doesn’t matter what you meant or thought was appropriate; what matters is what the community would anticipate from someone in your situation.

Although navigating the complexities of the reasonable person standard might be challenging, Florida’s negligence law heavily relies on this standard. A fair appraisal of the facts is essential when seeking justice following an injury accident, and comprehending this criterion is crucial.

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